Is Mild Nature Pokemon gold for battles? What’s the mild nature trait? Scroll down and find.

In Pokemon games, there are tons of features. Every Pokemon game has unique content and in-game mechanics. Right from evolution, skills and battles, everything is different in the Pokemon universe. Nature is a trait that’s introduced from Generation 3 Pokemon games. Nature is a mechanic that increases a Pokemon’s stat and also reduces another stat.

A Pokemon’s trait also affects its likes and dislikes on berries and other battle items. Mild Nature is one of the available features in Pokemon games. Pokemon with mild Nature will receive both buff and nerf. The nature trait is advantageous to many Pokemon as some units get the required buffs. Here’s all about Pokemon Mild Nature trait, benefits and more.

Pokemon Mild Nature Trait – Everything You Need to Know

The Nature feature in Pokemon games will raise one stat and lower the other. In the Pokédex, there are thousands of Pokemon and every Pokemon has a nature. Mild Nature trait increases the Sp. Atk for a Pokemon and it also reduces the Defense. A Pokemon that excels in Sp. ATK with poor defense will get benefited through this trait.

Mild nature Pokemon

 Fairy, Ghost and Rock Pokemon get the best results through this trait. Mild Nature Pokemon prefers dry items and berries and they dislike sour items. The Debuff to defense for Pokemon with the Mild Nature trait doesn’t affect your progress as you can use other battle items to increase the defense. Also, you can utilize the Sp. Atk buff and launch your attacks for a long time.

Pokemon With the Mild Nature Trait

Many Pokemon in the Pokedex have Mild Nature. Here are the best Pocket Monsters that can use this trait to their advantage,

  • Mewtwo – The Psychic-type Pokemon excels in Attacks and Special Attacks. Mewtwo has a weak defense and this trait doesn’t affect the unit in any way. Mewtwo has always been an excellent country to win battles raids and will be the best Pokemon to use this trait.
  • Growlithe – Growlithe is a fire-type Pokemon with excellent HP and Sp. ATK. It also has a good defense and the Mild Nature trait doesn’t seem to be a threat. Growlithe is also an excellent counter for PvP raids and boss raid battles. A fire-type Pokemon is a strong offensive unit and Growlithe is one among them.
  • Jigglypuff – Jigglypuff, the pink Pokemon is vulnerable to attacks. But this balloon Pokemon can counter targets with its strong offensive skills. Jigglypuff also has some powerful hidden abilities and this Normal and Fairy Pokemon is not affected by the trait
  • Misdreavus – The ghost Pokemon from Generation 2 is an all-rounder. Misdreavus, the Screech Pokemon, screams and stuns targets. The Mild Nature trait will not affect Misdreavus as the unit has the best skills in its kit.

That’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon Mild Nature trait and uses. In Pokemon games, Nature like Mild and Impish are some of the best traits in Pokemon games.


What’s Nature in Pokemon Games?

Nature is an in-game mechanic in the Pokemon franchise. This feature was added as a trait to Pokemon. Units have different natures and this trait will increase and decrease a stat.

Is the Nature Trait advantage for Pokemon?

Every Pokemon has a nature trait. A Pokemon’s nature can be advantage and disadvantage as well. Some Pokemon lack attack and some doesn’t have defense. The nature trait will grant both buffs and debuffs and you have to use it to the Pokemon’s advantage.

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