Are you struggling to win Pokemon Go boss raids? Find out the most effective strategies to defeat the raid battle bosses 

Pokemon Go is an amazing adventure game with plenty of battles and thousands of Pokemon. The challenges in Pokemon Go keep getting difficult at higher difficulty levels. Be it a PvP raid or gym battles, you always have to unleash the Pokemon with high CP along with top-tier movesets in the game. The monthly raid battles will feature raid bosses in different types of challenges.

The primary raid battles are one-star, three-star and five-star raids. Also, you can take part in Mega, Elite, Ex and Shadow raids against different raid issues. With the best team composition and strategies, you can defeat all raid bosses and win these raids in Pokemon Go. Here’s all about Pokemon Go raid boss guide, strategies and more.

Pokemon Go Raid Boss Battles – Tips & Tricks 

Pokemon go boss raid
Boss raid in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go raid battles, you can use fast and charged attacks along with the dodgin mechanics. The legendary raids in Pokemon Go feature the top-tier Pokemon in the game and you can only best them with the best strategies. Here are some simple tips and tricks to conquer the Pokemon Go raid bosses in all difficulties,

  • Join with trainers around the world to complete the most challenging raid battles like Mega and Shadow raids
  • Before the raid begins, you can look for the color of the egg as this helps you to find the difficulty level of the upcoming raid battle. By finding the difficulty tier for raid battles, you can prepare for the battle with different strategies
  • Use charged and fast moves. These are special skills in Pokemon Go that will increase your damage and grant bonus buff as well. These two skills increase your chances of winning in battle raids 
  • Make use of the weather change as some Pokemon can perform better during a particular weather. The weather boost feature in Pokemon Go helps you dominate a period of time in a battle. Some Pokemon dominate raids in snow weather and some will attack faster during rainy weather. You have to utilize weather to your advantage to win raids battles
  • The dodging technique can be used in raid battles. This is a battle mechanic in Pokemon Go and you can simply swipe left or right to avoid attacks from opponents. Dodging is the primary battle technique and you have to use it with the right timing to avoid attacks
  • Use Pokemon that has high CP and best moves. Pokémon with the best moves and stats are crucial to win raid battles
  • You can trade Pokemon with friends and get the best ones during the raid boss day. To conquer raids in battle days, you have to unleash the strongest Pokemon from your party. Utilize the trading feature and get the best Pokemon from other trainers
  • You have to master all battle techniques. The key is to make a perfect throw. Be it normal or curve throws, you have to master them. Also, you can use Premier Balls and Berries to increase the chances of beating legendary bosses
  • For the difficult tier level 1 boss raids, you can go solo. These challenges are easier and you can simply win with a Pokemon that has a high CP
  • Patience is the key to defeat raid bosses in Pokemon Go. With the best counters, moves and strategies, you can conquer these legendary raids in the game. If you are defeated, you can join the lobby and go for the challenge again without using the raid pass as well.

Are there Rewards for Pokemon Go Raids?

Yes, all raid battles in Pokemon Go offer different rewards like Rare Candies, Fast TM, Charged TM, XP, Potions and Golden Razz Berries. You can use these rewards to power-up your Pokemon in the Pokedex.

That’s everything you need to know about the best tricks to win Pokemon Go boss raids.


How to Win Raid Battles against Bosses in Pokemon Go?

You have to use the key battle techniques and unleash the best counters to win the boss raids in Pokemon Go. Also, you can use Pokemon with mega evolutions as these units have enhanced skills and stats.

How to counter Primal Groudon Raid Boss?

Primal Groudon is one of the challenging raid bosses in Pokemon Go. You can use counters like Primal Kyogre, Mega Garchomp, and Shadow Gyarados to win this challenge.

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