We have brought you the Soul Tide guide with some of the best tips and tricks that will help you have smooth gameplay.

Soul Tide is a Japanese role-playing game that was previously only in the Japanese language. There’s action, intrigue, a compelling plot, and everything that a great role-playing game should have. In this two-dimensional RPG, you’ll meet new characters, fight new monsters, defend your community, and travel throughout the world. 

The game’s size varies depending on the device you’re using, but according to the information provided, it will begin downloading 1.5GB after installation. It is suggested that you have adequate space on your smartphone before downloading it; otherwise, it can cause your device to slow down. So, to start the game you will need some help, and we are here with our Soul Tide guide to assist you with some of the best tips and tricks.

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Soul Tide Guide: Physical attribute

Bleeding stun: Each layer’s effect is that you will be damaged by 2% of the attacker’s strike power at the end of each round. The maximum number of bleeding layers is unknown, although it currently exceeds 200. It is primarily utilized to augment the damage of the character Ye Yinliu’s ultimate move. Hidden Liuli’s ultimate damage rises by 5%, the top limit is 30 layers, or the current best long-axis play with Nicolette and Kelu Xueer as the core, overlaying hundreds of layers of bleeding for output.

Soul Tide Guide: Thunder Attribute will be beneficial for you

Shock: When the stack reaches four layers, it will absorb all of the shock layers and deal 120 percent of the attack power in electric shock damage.

Electric shock: This can gain Lily Elliott’s arcane resonance’s distinctive electric shock damage bonus, whether it can obtain the general lightning system damage bonus, the creator is unknown, and must be checked.

Game characters
Game characters (LemcnSun Entertainment)

Soul Tide Guide: Boundary Point

The witches’ realm requires the puppet master to explore, solve riddles, and battle his way to the “boundary point” of each level in each chapter. The realm of witches and new worlds is the “boundary point” discussed above. The Moon Continent’s connecting and communication point is also the endpoint of each area. The level may be formally concluded after the puppet master reaches the boundary point, and a great number of puppet development supplies, gold coins, presents, and other items can be collected.

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Play with a clear mind

As the complexity of the level map grows, various options such as roads, portals, and hidden passageways will be introduced to the exploring path. Keeping a cool mind, not being scared of the darkness and fog, defining the objective, and working hard to go ahead are all things that the puppet master must accomplish on a regular basis.

There is a lot to know about Exploration

Island in Soul Tide
Explore the island (LemcnSun Entertainment)

When the puppet master discovers a new node, event, or battle marked by a compass while exploring, the exploration degree displayed in the top left corner steadily increases. When the exploration degree reaches 100 percent, the level is considered accomplished.

You can finish the settlement when the exploration is done; if it still does not reach 100%, please ask the puppet master to carefully check whether there are any hidden organs or crucial props around you, or if you overlooked something in the fork option.

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Prepare your combat strategy

Throughout the exploration phase, a number of complicated layout strategies assist you in overcoming obstacles. Additionally, the strategic layout in front of the station puts your tactical strategic layout to the test. A good match is a key to victory.

Soul Tide combat strategies
Combat strategies against monsters (LemcnSun Entertainment)

Sort by their qualities

When a rookie contemplates teaming up, a combination of characters with the debuffs should be given top attention. A combination of one attribute should contain at least three characters from the same attribute.

Weaknesses in monsters

Soul Tide Gameplay
Gameplay (LemcnSun Entertainment)

When the number is 0, the weak place is revealed, and the monster suffers +100% damage (including burning damage), which lasts until the conclusion of the following round. Breaking the weak spot at the same moment will restore the team’s rage.

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Your level will pass even if exploration is incomplete

The level will be recorded as passed if the exploration degree is not completed, but the “border point” for settlement is successfully achieved. The puppet masters do not need to be concerned because becoming stranded in a level will have no effect on following exploring expeditions.

Burn your enemies with the burning attribute

game cutscene
Game Cutscene (LemcnSun Entertainment)

Each layer damages 0.5 percent of the carrier’s maximum HP at the completion of each round, up to a maximum of 10 layers. It damages, with a maximum damage per layer of 15% of our average attack power.

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