We have brought you a guide on Lost Ark free mounts and also the method to unlock them. Read the guide carefully and unlock the best free mounts.

Since Smilegate released Lost Ark in South Korea in 2019 so many years ago, the game technically has been around for a few years now. The MMOARPG, however, is now gaining traction internationally thanks to its westernization by Amazon Game Studios.

Arkasia will have companions such as furry creatures and mounts, as is the norm with most MMOs.  Many mounts are available in Lost Ark which can be purchased and used once you decide to use them. The Lost Ark has mounts you can ride, given their various skills and abilities. Because of the abilities and skills that some mounts possess, they can be used in activities or they can be used as part of a photoshoot. In our guide, we will help you to get lost Ark free mounts.

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Lost Ark Free Mounts: Yudia, Loghill, Dyorika

Every player who has finished the prologue has this mount, which they may use to ride any of the three horses available: white, black, or brown. It’s the default mount given to players when they arrive in Prideholme, the game’s first city. You may make the horse jump by hitting the Space bar, which increases its speed for a short time.

Lost Ark Free Mounts: Terpeion of Shadow

This mount will be given to all players that log in at least once before March 2nd. They have the option of choosing between white and black. It’s an interesting mount, especially because it flies when you hit the Space bar for a speed boost.

Shadow Wolf

Shadow wolf mount (YouTube)

The Shadow Wolf is a dark variant of the Frost Wolf mount. It may be obtained through building your rapport with the NPC Poppy, who can be found in Shushire’s Icewing Heights. He’s presently the only NPC who gives you a mount if you have a high Rapport level with him.

Red Mane Wolf

The Red Mane Wolf is a random mount found in gold portals in Chaos Dungeons. You can’t obtain it any other way but to farm those dungeons and hope for the best. However, it is still unknown what the drop rates are. When it comes to the remainder of the loot, doing them solo gives you a better chance of earning it.

Gray Stripe Raptor

This mount, which has a distinct appearance, may be obtained by completing the North Vern continent to a 30% completion level. Players will often get entry to this zone once they reach level 50.

Frost Wolf

The Frost Wolf is another mount that players will acquire organically as they go through the game. It will be unlocked after achieving level 50 in the Shushire region and will be awarded for finishing the main quest. As a result, you’ll have to wait.

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Moss Turtles: Azure, Green, Yellow

Turtle mount (YouTube)

This mount is becoming increasingly popular. It takes a long time to obtain it, but the quest that leads to it pays you with a lot of money and other items, so it could be worth it. To begin the quest, you must be level 50. It may be found on Turtle Island, which is west of Anikka. 

To get there quickly, purchase a cruise to Changhun Port and manually sail to the Island. Follow the stages of the lengthy questline to the purple exclamation mark. After that, proceed to the Vern Castle and chat with the Luxury Goods Merchant on the city’s southern outskirts. In exchange for the award you obtained for finishing the questline, he’ll offer you a mount.

Cloud Steed

The majority of the secondary missions were neglected by players who just wanted to achieve level 50, and there wasn’t much to persuade them to do so. The one that awards the Cloud Steed, on the other hand, is one of the ones worth finishing.

A Dying Horse is the name of the task. It will lead the players to the completion of The Mane of the Azure Wind, which will result in the prize of the horse. It may be found on the Azure Wind Island, east of Rohendel.


Neugier mount (YouTube)

Because it’s a limited-time mount, it’ll only get more precious with time. The mount was made to commemorate the release of Raiders of the Lost Ark in the West. Fans can acquire it before March 2 if they watch Twitch live streams of the game.

After four hours of viewing a broadcast with this particular drop enabled, you will receive this mount as a drop. On the Campaigns tab, look for the suitable channels and your status. When summoned, this horse emits an electrical sound, and players may trigger a speed increase by holding down the Q hotkey.

Dawn Chamkuri

You may have already seen people riding this horse, which is also known as the “chicken mount,” and is one of the most recognized in the game right now. To advance through your Rohendel questline after Shushire and Vern, you’ll need an average item level of 460. Completing one of the major objectives will automatically give you the prize.

Borea Courser

This second horse may be claimed if the Adventurer’s Tome from the East Luterra area has been completed to 40%. To do so, hit N and then pick the tab for the region. Then you must press the Claim button.

Ladybug Mount

Ladybug mount (YouTube)

Following the main missions unlocks the Ladybug mount. You’ll naturally unlock it as you go through the game, but be aware that because it’s the size of a real ladybug, you won’t be able to use it in most of the game’s regions. You can unlock it in any color you like, but you won’t be able to unlock both of the others.

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White Scarab

The Adventurer’s Tome of one region must be completed in order to get this insect mount. You’ll get a token you can use to purchase this mount when you complete the quest. Since you must slay monsters to unlock them, it will take time. However, you will get unique and epic items that can only be unlocked through looting randomly from the monsters of the region.

Keep these things in mind about Lost Ark free mounts

The majority of the quickest mounts are not available for free. You can still purchase them on the Auction House if you have a lot of gold in your account, when people who bought them for Royal Crystals sell them. Keep in mind that all the mounts, as well as the exact methods for unlocking them, have yet to be uncovered. 

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