Pokemon Go Stadium Sights features plenty of challenges and rewards. Find out everything about the new event.

With the arrival of Pokemon Go Shared Skies season, trainers can unlock new Pokemon via special events and field research tasks. The first big event of the next season is revealed and it’s titled as Stadium Sights. Right from wild counters to bonuses, everything will be available during the battle days of Stadium Sights.

Pokemon Go World of Wonders season is ending soon and players have another chance to catch legendary Pokemon like Mega Pidgeot and Stakataka during the raid days. Stadium Sights event will feature lots of tasks and exciting rewards and it will only be available for some days. Here’s all about Pokemon Go Stadium Sights event, raids and rewards.

Pokemon Go Stadium Sights 2024

Pokemon Go Stadium Sights

Stadium Sights event will coincide with the Go Fest 2024 where players can encounter ultra beasts and Necrozma. The Pokemon Go Stadium Sights event will be available between June 1 – June 4, 2024. Here’s everything that will be available in this event,

Wild Encounters 

Once the Stadium Sights goes live, you can catch these pocket monsters and their shiny forms in the wild,

  • Doduo
  • Zubat
  • Pidgey
  • Hitmontop
  • Meditite
  • Gligar
  • Staravia
  • Emolga
  • Mienfoo
  • Cutiefly
  • Noibat

The spawn rate for these wild Pokemon will be boosted and you can catch these pocket monsters and complete their evolution as well. Shiny Emolga will make its debut in this Pokemon Go event.  Catching a wild Pokemon is simple as you have to utilize berries and make curve throws. This event features lots of wild spawns and you can maximize your pocket monsters in the Pokedex.

Eggs (7 KM)

  • Galarian Farfetch’d
  • Riolu
  • Emolga


  • x1.5 Candy for hatching Pokémon
  • x1.5 Stardust for hatching Pokémon

Field Research Tasks 

Field Research Tasks will be back for the next Pokemon Go season. During battle days of Stadium Sights, you can take part in field research tasks and catch these units,

  • Emolga
  • Doduo
  • Zubat 
  • Pidgey

Paid Timed Research Tasks

Event-exclusive paid Timed  Research Tasks will be available throughout the event. Trainers can explore locations and cover distance to unlock rewards. Primary rewards for this paid timed research tasks are,

  • Encounters with Emolga
  • One Super Incubator
  • 20 Emolga Candy

Pokemon Go Fest 2024

The first phase of Go Fest event 2024 takes place in Sendai City, Japan. The next two phases of Go Fest will take place in Madrid and New York City. Necrozma or otherwise known as the Prism Pokémon will be available in Pokemon Go Fest. Apart from these, many rotating habitats will be available. Pokemon Go Fest will feature wild Pokemon and bonuses like Eggs, Trades, Candy and Stardust. Trainers can claim Raid Passes by spinning at Gyms. Lure Modules will be available in all Go Fest regions as well.

How to Catch Pokemon in Stadium Sights?

During battle days, Pokemon Go trainers will have the best chance to catch rare wild Pokemon. Using battle items and berries will also increase chances for encountering a shiny Pokemon. Walking with buddy Pokemon helps you hunt down more pocket monsters in the wild during all battles days.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Stadium Sights event, rewards and raids. You can dominate boss raid battles and trainer battles with simple strategies. The next Pokemon Go season will feature plenty of raids and new flying Pokemon will be available as well.


How to Get Unlimited Candy in Pokemon?

Candy is an in-game resource and currency in Pokemon Go. Trainers can earn unlimited candies by completing PvP raids, boss raids and five-star battles. Using berries to catch Pokemon doubles candies and you can evolve Pokemon to get more candies. With candies, you can evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Catching Pokemon is the best method to farm candies.

Is it difficult to catch Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Pokemon rarely spawns in the wild. The spawning rate for these forms are low when compared to the normal wild Pokemon. But you can use berries and incense to boost your chances of getting a shiny Pokemon in the game.

What’s the Strategy to Win Pokemon Boss Raids?

Using a legendary Pokemon is important. Also, you have to utilize the strongest skills and battle items for Pokemon. Hidden abilities can be used as well. Pokemon with high stats and CP will be a great pick to defeat bosses in raids. You have to counter the opposing Pokemon with elements that they are vulnerable to to get an advantage.

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