The Pokemon Go Shared Skies season updates have arrived. Scroll down and find everything.

Pokemon Go is an engaging AR battle adventure game. The current season, World of Wonders, will end. After many weekly events, special research tasks and raids, trainers will start a new season. The next season of Pokemon Go will start soon and it’s been titled as “Shared Skies” and it will have tons of raids and rewards for trainers.

Once a new Pokemon Go season arrives, trainers anticipate new Pokemon including both Wild and Shiny units. There will be exciting rewards and boss raid battles. The Shared Skies season will feature tons of challenges and exciting content for fans. Be it special research tasks, timed research tasks or tier raid battles, everything will be a limited-time event in the game. Here’s all about Pokemon Go Shared Skies season, new raids and more.

Pokemon Go Shared Skies Season 

Pokemon Go shared skies
Wild Pokemon

Pokemon Go Shared Skies season has been revealed at the Los Angeles Regionals tournament 2024. The new season’s logo was also launched at the LA regionals and fans expect this Pokemon Go season will feature Flying-type Pokemon and moves based on the name. The PvP mode will reach great heights in the season of Shared Skies with new top-tier skills and meta Pokemon.

Some moves will be updated and pocket monsters will receive new moves for the Shared Skies season. The next season will feature new content and fans can explore everything. Here are all skills that will be updated in the upcoming Pokemon Go season,

  • Spark (Electric) – Power will be reduced to 6 from 5 for trainer battles
  • Seed Bomb (Grass) – Power for trainer battles will increase to 65 from 60
  • Scald(Water) –  Chances of lowering the target’s attack will reduce
  • Swift (Normal) – Power will reduce from 60 to 55 and the energy cost will be reduced as well

Pokemon Go Shared Skies – New Moves, Mega Rayquaza, Necrozma & Ultra Beasts

The Shared Skies will feature Mega Rayquaza and trainers have to complete raid battles to catch this Legendary Pokemon. Mega Rayquaza is a Dragon and Flying Pokemon and a beast that can tame multiple units with high stats and raging skills.

Necrozma, the psychic type legendary Pokemon will make its debut in the Shared Skies season. Necrozma will feature in the Go Fest event 2024 and players have to complete tier raids to add this Pokemon to their Pokedex. Ultra Beasts will return to Pokemon Go and players can catch these legendary units from Ultra Space through five-star raids and boss battles.

New moves will be available to Pokemon for all Go Battle Leagues. Here are all moves that you can unlock for Shared Skies Go Battles,

  • Swift (Normal) – Clefairy, Ursaluna, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Wigglytuff, Teddiursa, Ursaring, Clefable and Jigglypuff
  • Fly (Flying) – Swanna, Swoobat, Fearow and Salamence
  • Thunder Punch (Electric) – Lucario, Typhlosion, Riolu,  Pawmot, Scraggy, Scrafty, Chesnaught, Pawmo 
  • Counter ( Fighting) – Lokix
  • Power Snow ( Ice) –  Cetoddle, Cetitan
  • Dragon Claw (Dragon) –  Naganadel

Will Shared Skies Feature New Pokemon?

Yes, Pokemon Go Shared Skies season will feature a couple of new Pokemon through events and special research tasks. Rumors indicate new Flying-type Pokemon will be added to the game once the season begins. Also, players can hunt down tons of fighting Pokemon in the wild once the season starts. Wild spawns will be higher than previous seasons of Pokemon Go.

Will Shared Skies Season Feature Shiny Pokemon? 

Yes, the upcoming Pokemon Go season will feature lots of shiny Pokemon and the spawn rate will be boosted during events. Catching a shiny Pokemon is always challenging as you have to use battle items to get them.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Shared Skies season, new Pokemon and moves. New raids and weekly events will be available once the next season begins.


How to Get Pokemon Go Candy?

Candy is an in-game resource and currency in Pokemon Go. Trainers can earn unlimited candies by completing PvP raids, boss raids and five-star battles. Using berries to catch Pokemon doubles candies and you can evolve Pokemon to get more candies. With candies, you can evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Catching Pokemon is the best method to farm candies.

Is Pokemon Go Free-to-play?

Yes, Pokemon Go is a free-to-play AR and RPG adventure for Android and iOS. In this colorful Pokemon game, you will play as a trainer and explore locations in the wild and real-world to catch different types of Pokemon to your party.

What’s the Strategy to Win Pokemon Boss Raids?

Using a legendary Pokemon is important. Also, you have to utilize the strongest skills and battle items for Pokemon. Hidden abilities can be used as well. Pokemon with high stats and CP will be a great pick to defeat bosses in raids. You have to counter the opposing Pokemon with elements that they are vulnerable to to get an advantage.

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