Which Pokemon features in the Pokemon GO community day in June 2024? Can you get a double xp bonus? Find out everything.

Exciting events and challenges in Pokemon Go make this an engaging adventure. Pokemon Go Shared Skies, the next season, will go live in a couple of days. Niantic has announced upcoming events for the next season. Stadium Sights will be one of the best events for the Shared Skies season. The Community Classic will return once the new Pokemon Go season begins.

Every year, Pokemon Go Community Day Event will feature classic special research tasks and a Pokemon will be featured as well. Pokemon Go Shared Skies community event 2024 will feature Cyndaquil as the main Pokemon. Trainers can catch Cyndaquil and its shiny form as well. Here’s all about Pokemon Go June Community Day 2024, Cyndaquil and rewards.

Pokemon GO June Community Day 2024

Pokemon go June community day
Cyndaquil Pokemon

Pokemon Go Classic Community Day for 2024 will be available as a single day event on June 7, 2024. Trainers can catch the featured community day Pokemon, Cyndaquil, and its shiny form throughout the day in the wild. Cyndaquil is not a legendary Pokemon, but the pocket monster can be used for PvP raids.

You can evolve Cyndaquil to Quilava for 25 Candy and Quilava can be evolved into Typhlosion for 100 candy. Once you complete the evolution of Cyndaquil, you can learn the Charged Attack, Blast Burn and this is a top-tier skill.

Pokemon Go Cyndaquil Classic Community Day Event 2024

The Community Day Event featuring Cyndaquil offers bonuses and raids. Here’s everything you can explore during the event day,


  • x2 XP for catching Pokémon
  • x2 Stardust for catching Pokémon
  • Lure Modules activated will be available for three days
  • Incense activated will be available for three days
  • Trainers can take snapshot  on the  Community Day and unlock a surprise

Field Research Tasks

Field Research tasks will be available in the Community Day 2024 event. Players can explore the wild and catch Cyndaquil to unlock rewards including,

  • Stardust 
  • Great Balls
  • Cyndaquil Encounter

Event Bundles

Trainers can purchase bundles during community day. Two bundles are available for the event,

  • 1,350 PokéCoins – x50 Ultra Balls, x5 Super Incubators, Elite Charged TM, and x5 Lucky Eggs
  • 480 PokéCoins – x 30 Ultra Balls, Incense, x3 Super Incubators, and Lure Module

These are the featured challenges for Pokemon Go Classic Community Day 2024. Also, players can visit Pokèstops for showcases. The Pokemon Go Web Store will be available at US$4.99 and this includes an Ultra Community Day Box that includes 10 Ultra Balls, Elite Charged TM, and Special Research story ticket.

That’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon Go June community day event, Cyndaquil raid, bonuses and rewards. This limited-time event will be available along with other main events in Pokemon Go.


Can you easily catch Cyndaquil in Pokemon Go?

Cyndaquil is a fire-type Pokemon that rarely spawns in the wild. Finding this Generation 2 Pokemon from the Johto region is hard. During battle days, Cyndaquil will appear regularly and you can utilize battle items to catch the pocket monster.

How to Catch Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Pokemon rarely spawns in the wild. The spawning rate for these forms are low when compared to the normal wild Pokemon. But you can use berries and incense to boost your chances of getting a shiny Pokemon in the game.

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