Mega Pidgeot raids are back in Pokemon Go. Find the best ways to catch and defeat this Pokemon.

In Pokemon Go, some pocket monsters only spawn during special events. Mega Pidgeot, the Normal and Flying Pokemon, only appears rarely in the game. The World of Wonders season is about to end and many wild Pokemon are spotted. Mega Pidgeot, the boss Pokemon appears only during mega Raid days.

The final events and special challenges for World of Wonders season are out and the mega raids return as well. Players can catch Pidgeot through the Mega raids. Pidgeot is a Kanto region Pokemon and one of the best units for Go Battle Leagues. Here’s all about Pokemon Go Mega Pidgeot raid, counters and skills.

Best Ways to Catch Pokemon Go Mega Pidgeot

Pidgeot Pokemon

The first step before unlocking Mega Pidgeot is to catch a normal Pidgeot. Trainers can use battle items like berries and increase the chance of catching a Pidgeot in the wild regions. The other method is to complete Pokemon Go Mega raids to unlock the Pidgeot Pokemon.

Once you unlock the normal Pidgeot form, you have to collect 100 Mega Energy. These resources are needed to Mega Evolve Pidgeot. You can obtain Mega Energy from mega raids and the other option is to walk with Pidgeot as your buddy Pokemon. The first Mega Pidgeot evolution can be completed with 100 Mega Energy. Once the first is done, trainers have to spend 20 Mega Energy to complete the evolution again.

If the spawn rate for Pidgeot is low, you can catch Pidgey and evolve it into Pidgeotto with 12 candies. By spending 50 candies with Pidgeotto, the Pokemon will evolve into Pidgeot. This makes the Mega evolution process easy for Pidgeot.

Best Counters to Beat Mega Pidgeot Raid

Mega Pidgeot is strong in attacks. The Pokemon doesn’t have high defense and will be vulnerable against Electric, Ice and Rock units. Using Bug and Grass Pokemon is dangerous against Mega Pidgeot as it’s highly resistant to their moves. Here are the top counters and moves to win the Mega Pidgeot raid,

Shadow Mamoswine 

An ice and ground Pokemon will be a beast. Shadow Mamoswine launches enormous attacks. The Shadow form of Mamoswine becomes dangerous in raid battles and can be used during Snow and Sunny weather. Even with low defense, Shadow Mamoswine is a heavy tank.

Best Moves – Powder Snow, Avalanche, High Horsepower, Mud-Slap

Shadow Alolan Golem

The Rock and Electric Pokemon can shock targets and inflict heavy damage. Shadow Alolan Golem blows the targets with its best moves. Shadow Alolan Golem gets boosted stats during Partly Cloudy and Rain weather. Known as the best dps in Pokemon Go, Shadow Alolan Golem will be a destructive unit against its targets.

  • Best Skills – Wild Charge, Rock Throw, Rollout, Volt Switch

Mega Aerodactyl

Mega Aerodactyl is one of the best all-rounders in the game and has dominated five-star tier raid battles. The Pokemon attacks harder and will be menacing during Partly Cloudy and Windy Weather. Mega form of pocket monsters have always been menacing against enemies and bosses.

  • Best Skills – Rock Throw, Rock Slide

Shadow Rhyperior

Shadow Rhyperior pummels targets with its best skills. This Ground and Rock Pokemon is highly rated by Pokemon Go players. With high ATK and Sta, Shadow Rhyperior is a top counter to beat the Mega Pidgeot raid.

  • Best Skills – Rock Wrecker, Mud-Slap, Smack Down

Shadow Rampardos

Known as the best Rock-type Pokemon, Shadow Rampardos is lethal against Normal and Flying units. The skills of Shadow Rampardos debuff targets and will grant buffs to self.

  • Best Skills – Smack Down, Rock Slide

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Mega Pidgeot raid and the best ways to catch the Pokemon. The next Pokemon Season is titled as Shared Skies and it will feature new flying Pokemon and ultra beast as well.


How to Get Candy in Pokemon Go?

Candy is an in-game resource and currency in Pokemon Go. Trainers can earn unlimited candies by completing PvP raids, boss raids and five-star battles. Using berries to catch Pokemon doubles candies and you can evolve Pokemon to get more candies. With candies, you can evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Catching Pokemon is the best method to farm candies.

How to Beat Pokemon Ultra Beasts?

Ultra Beast are legendary Pokemon. You can defeat these bosses with S-ranked Pokemon, best skills and strategies. Pokemon with dual powers and high cp can be used. Also, you can join with other trainers to win against these legendary Pokemon.

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