The Ultimate Guide to Catching Necrozma in Pokémon GO Fest!

The Pokemon Go Fest 2024 will see the arrival of Necrozma. Find out everything about this upcoming Pokemon.

Pokemon Go World of Wonders has tons of challenges, special research tasks and weekly events. The regular monthly events feature new raids for trainers and rare Pokemon make their way to the wild. The makers have just dropped the announcement of the biggest event for Pokemon Go fans. The Pokemon Go Fest 2024 has been revealed for all locations and trainers can take part in new challenges and claim exclusive rewards.

The highlight of the Go Fest glimpse is the most awaited Necrozma has been showcased. Pokemon Go developers announced the debut of Necrozma in a creative way as players can spot the Silhouette of Necrozma from the Ultra Worm. Pokemon Go makers revealed Necrozma through the Solar Eclipse and the Pokemon was teased in the regions of North America and Canada. Here’s all about Pokémon Go Fest 2024, Necrozma Raid Boss and Shiny Necrozma.

Pokemon Go Fest 2024 – Is Necrozma Finally Arriving?

Necrozma Pokemon Go

The arrival of Necrozma is confirmed. After making an appearance in 2022, Necrozma has been featured in a new glimpse as well. Necrozma will make its debut through the Pokemon GO Fest event 2024. “The Pillager of Light” from the Sun and Moon will mark its entry in the world of Pokemon Go and Necrozma will be a legendary Psychic-type Pokèmon.

There’s no confirmed news regarding the arrival of all forms of Necrozma. The normal form of Necrozma will be unleashed through the GO Fest event 2024 and the Pokemon doesn’t have a shiny form.

Is there a Necrozma Boss Battle?

Necrozma Raid Boss will be available once the Pokemon makes its debut. Players can catch Necrozma from the wild, defeat it in a boss raid and use its abilities. Pokemon Go trainers can catch Nextozm within 20 km distance.

Is Necrozma Good in Pokemon Go?

Necrozma is a Generation 7 Pokemon from the Alola region. The Psychic-type Pokèmon is a lethal monster. Necrozma is a raging all-rounder and gets boosted during windy weather. Pokemon Go trainers can utilize it for PvP raids, gym battles and master leagues. As of now, the movesets for Necrozma have not been revealed.

How to Catch a Shiny Necrozma in Pokemon Go?

As per the latest news, the shiny form of Necrozma is not available. But during Pokemon Go special events, trainers can encounter a Shiny Necrozma in the wild as a regular catch. There’s no evolution for Necrozma. The other forms of Necrozma in Pokemon Go are,

  • Dawn Wings
  • Dusk Mane
  • Ultra

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Necrozma, Go Fest and Shiny Necrozma. You can prepare for the Ultra League with these top-tier units.


Is there a trick to get infinite candy in Pokemon Go?

Candy is an in-game resource and currency in Pokemon Go. Trainers can earn unlimited candies by completing PvP raids, boss raids and five-star battles. Using berries to catch Pokemon doubles candies and you can evolve Pokemon to get more candies. With candies, you can evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Catching Pokemon is the best method to farm candies.

Is Pokemon Go Free-to-Play?

Yes, Pokemon Go is a free-to-play AR and RPG adventure for Android and iOS. In this colorful Pokemon game, you will play as a trainer and explore locations in the wild and real-world to catch different types of Pokemon to your party.

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