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As a humanoid enemy, Juno Hoslow, Knight of Blood, appears in Elden Ring. As part of the Volcano Manor questline, you can invade Juno Hoslow, a hostile NPC. The knight is equipped with a whip and wears black and silver armor. You can become a bounty hunter in the Elden Ring Hoslow Quest if you kill Juno Hoslow and join the Volcano Manor’s group. Read our complete guide below that will teach you how to get Juno Hoslow in Elden Ring.

Fight with Juno Hoslow
Fight with Juno Hoslow (YouiTube)
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Hoslow Quest 

The Petal Whip and the armor set from Hoslow’s set of equipment make this an excellent voyage to start out on. It also helps you to acquire a bit more skill to help you overcome some of the tougher fights ahead. 

Several steps need to be completed before this battle can be won, so when you’re done with the final steps, make sure you return to the Volcano Manor and complete another mission. In addition to killing Old Knight Istvan, you might also have to kill Rileigh the Idle and then you can go for Juno Hoslow. 

As the name implies, Hoslow’s Set is a set of silver armor with crimson accents. The armor has been a family heirloom for generations. The Volcano Manor invited Juno Hoslow, but he politely declined. In an Elden Ring set of armor, there are four armor pieces: helms, chest armor, gauntlets, and leg armor.

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During the Volcano Manor Questline’s last contract, Juno Hoslow dropped it together with his Petal Whip. As soon as you complete the questline, Juno Hoslow will appear as a hostile NPC. A rune bearing his invasion message can be found in the northern Mountaintops of the Giants, east of the Shack of the Lofty.

How to get Juno Hoslow: Things to do first

You can say that the Volcano Manor’s final quest is Juno Hoslow. Obtaining all of his weapons and gear is only possible by joining Volcano Manor’s resistance organization. The first thing you need to do is locate Volcano Manor, which is in the northwest corner of the Altus Plateau. 

To get to the castle door, it would be best if you used ladders to climb to the top of the mountain and ignored a wormlike boss at the top. From there, you could jump to the other side of the mountain and then follow the path to Volcano Manor.

Tanith, a female NPC who will welcome you to join Volcano Manor, will be waiting for you inside. If you accept, you will be handed a key that will open almost all of the manor’s chambers. A letter can be found in one of the rooms. After you’ve opened your map, take the letter from it. Limgrave should now have a new red sign. You’ll start your bounty search there.

Talking with the NPC for Juno Hoslow quest
Talking with the NPC (YouTube)

To enter the bounty’s domain, touch the red symbol on the ground at the red point on the map. If you return to Tanith after killing him, you can collect your prize.

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How to get Juno Hoslow

Return to the same room to select a new letter. The Altus Plateau is still on the lookout for bounty hunters. Red Letter, your final mission at Volcano Manor, will require you to murder the bounty. To accomplish this mission, you must kill Juno Hoslow, who may be found in the Giants’ Mountaintops.

Beginning of the Juno Hoslow quest
Beginning of quest (YouTube)

There is a red marker on your map indicating where Hoslow can be found at Shack of the Lofty. To obtain Juno Hoslow’s armor and weapons, you must attack his realm and kill him when you’ve located him. For the questline to be completed, you need to speak with Tanith at Volcano Manor.

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  • Hoslow’s Petal Whip
  • Hoslow’s Helm
  • Hoslow’s Armor
  • Hoslow’s Gauntlets
  • Hoswlow’s Greaves

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