All Boss Fights in Elden Ring – Ranked

We have a list of Elden Ring Boss Fights that are the most difficult for you to beat. Read the list and see which boss is the toughest.

Elden Ring provides quite a bit of difficulty in defeating all of its bosses, so that shouldn’t surprise anyone. Anyone who has played past FromSoftware games will recognize it since it frequently requires parrying and dodging in order to score a few decent blows. In addition to your combat skills, you can find various ways to defeat even the most challenging bosses if you are willing to use the various summons and other useful tools available to you.

If you prefer melee combat, however, you’ll find many of the bosses far more difficult than those in other FromSoftware titles. Since Elden Ring has a format that allows players to leave a boss battle anytime they like and returns at a later time, you can come back stronger and take on the boss again. In the below guide, we have ranked all Elden Ring Boss Fights.

Elden Ring Boss Fights

There are lots of bosses in Elden Ring. Elden Ring has a lot of bosses to battle because it’s a Soulsborne game. A minor or major boss may be found in almost every location, bringing the total number of bosses to well beyond 50.

While the majority of bosses are simple, a handful will pose a challenge to users. Because this is an open-world game, FromSoftware made sure that the difficulty is appropriately adjusted so that players don’t have to spend a long time attempting to complete it. Below are some of the most difficult bosses you will face in the game.

Rennala: Queen of the full moon

Rennala Queen of the full moon
Rennala Queen of the full moon (YouTube)

As you may know, Rennala is a boss fight that involves puzzles. During the first phase, the goal is to work out the gimmick and execute it enough times to consistently move on to the second phase, which is where the real fight takes place. That being said, the first phase is so straightforward that you may let your guard down, only to become overwhelmed in the second phase. You shouldn’t do this, and you should spend as few healing items as possible in this phase. This puzzle boss fight makes it difficult to win.

Red Wolf of Radagon

Red Wolf of Radagon In Elden Ring
Red Wolf of Radagon (YouTube)

The Red Wolf of Radagon is a fast-moving enemy with a specific attack technique that Dark Souls players will immediately recognise. The Red Wolf of Radagon is a fast-paced boss encounter that requires players to concentrate and think quickly in order to face this foe. It wields a blazing sword in its jaws and swings it about. This is also one of several creatures that may be encountered multiple times during the game, with each iteration being faster and more agile than the previous.

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Flying Dragon Agheel

Flying Dragon Agheel Elden Ring Boss Fight
Flying Dragon Agheel (YouTube)

While traveling through Elden Ring, players will encounter many dragons including Agheel, the Flying Dragon. A dragon embodies everything we expect from Soulsborne, and Agheel is no exception. From flying through a burnt forest exhaling fire to stomping and tail whipping players, Agheel forces you to charge in and get close. Agheel certainly does not make this easy and is a formidable opponent. 

Cemetery Shade

Elden Ring boss, Cemetery Shade
Elden Ring boss, Cemetery Shade (YouTube)

Cemetery Shade is a gloomy dungeon monster who cuts players with long shadow weapons and travels rapidly. He’s one of the list’s most aggravating employers. This monster has earned a reputation within the community for instantaneously killing players who have been struck too many times due to its bleed stat in its strikes. 

This boss also has multiple skeleton warriors supporting it throughout the entire encounter, which makes it even more annoying as players have to deal with multiple enemies in addition to a boss that deals a lot of damage.   

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Morgott the Omen King

Morgott the Omen King
Morgott the Omen King (YouTube)

In terms of visual design, Morgott and Margit are very similar, however, Morgott is by far stronger and more aggressive than Margit. Morgott’s quick-paced aggressiveness and long-lasting magical arrows make the boss fight extremely challenging. As one of the most dangerous bosses in the game, Morgott is not something to rush through since most of his attacks are capable of one-shotting players, as well as providing players with a variety of combo attacks that spell doom at every turn. 

Godfrey, First Elden Lord

Godfrey, First Elden Lord
Godfrey, First Elden Lord (YouTube)

The First Elden Lord, Godfrey, is one of the game’s most aggressive bosses. He has a large battleaxe that deals a lot of damage to the player, and his shockwave stomping is not only one of his most frequent attacks. His technique is to combine heavy swings with them, causing the players to have trouble reacting. The second phase of this battle features Godfrey abandoning his weapons, charging directly toward the player, and unleashing a series of combo attacks. 

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Maliketh, the Black Blade

Maliketh, the Black Blade boss
Maliketh, the Black Blade (YouTube)

The Beast Clergyman boss battle is divided into two segments, Maliketh and the Black Blade, with a considerable difference between them. Maliketh, in addition to launching a range of AOE strikes, glides around the stage in such a way that players will be overwhelmed and wonder how they will be able to get near enough to hit him.

Crucible Knight Ordovis

Crucible Knight Ordovis
Crucible Knight Ordovis (YouTube)

Veteran Soulsborne players will get a glimpse of a particularly iconic Dark Souls duo in a boss encounter with Crucible Knight Ordovis. In the Crucible, Ordovis and his fellow Knights face off in a dual boss encounter with their unique attack patterns. Regardless of the build they utilize, both knights are highly powerful and can cause massive amounts of damage to opponents. For any build, this makes them exceedingly difficult to take down.

Starscourge Radahn

Starscourge Radahn Elden Ring Boss fight
Starscourge Radahn (YouTube)

The strongest demigod in the world is Radahn, the ferocious warrior. Obviously, the boss fight takes place on a huge battlefield. Immediately after the battle starts, players will see Radahn shooting gravity spell-infused arrows from afar.

General Radahn, the Conqueror of the Stars, is the subject of one of the game’s most unusual and ambitious boss fights (also known as Starscourge Radahn). This boss is one-of-a-kind since it is more of a raid than a regular fight. Elden Ring is most likely the first in the series to do anything like this. Users will be able to summon several NPCs for help during combat.

Malenia, Blade of Miquella

Malenia, Blade of Miquella Elden Ring boss fight
Blade of Miquella, Malenia (YouTube)

Malenia, Blade of Miquella, despite not being the largest boss in the game, seems to be among the toughest. Her second phase delivers attacks with a wide range, and her attacks are often faster than her first phase. Besides producing copies of herself, Malenia also releases a huge rot bloom attack, which takes a lot of time to disperse and can kill players very quickly.

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