So here we are, standing against the final boss of Elden Ring. Read our guide that will guide you on how to beat the Elden Beast in the Elden Ring.

In Elden Ring, Elden Beast is the final boss. The Elden Beast serves as the vassal of the Greater Will, residing inside the Elden Throne. Since this is the final boss of the game, it is not optional like other boss fights. Elden Beast appears immediately after defeating Radagon of the Golden Order. 

You will be facing bosses one after another during the final stretch of the game, which features very few mobs. If you are able to defeat both forms of Godfrey and go on to the next one, you will reach the final boss, the most challenging in the game. In this guide, we will not only tell you how to beat the Elden Beast in the Elden Ring, but also how to beat Radagon. Both the bosses are very difficult, so read carefully so that you can beat these two beasts together easily.

Elden Beast Fight (YouTube)
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How to Beat Radagon

Fight with Radagon (YouTube)

Radagon of the Golden Order is a humanoid enemy with many melee attacks that deal Holy damage in the first stage of Elden Ring’s final boss battle. Do not panic in this fight; Radagon uses his hammer to make many delayed swings that will punish you for rolling spam. Wait for Radagon to commit his attacks, then dodge. Only attack Radagon a few times in between his own attacks because he has very high Poise. Be cautious or you may get hit.

You must dodge as late as possible to avoid the hit and explosion whenever Radagon’s feet or hammer glow gold. Be prepared to avoid Radagon’s grasp when his arm glows gold. Radagon will repeatedly smack you with his hammer if you get grabbed by him. Make sure you avoid any lightning spears Radagon might throw at you if you’re far away. Radagon will fall once his health bar is empty. Then comes the Elden Beast. He will emerge from Radagon’s body with a sword, ready to fight you.

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How to Beat the Elden Beast 

A large beast with high mobility, many magical projectiles, and sweeping physical attacks, the Elden Beast is strong and powerful. To avoid the Elden Beast, sprint left or right if it breathes dark yellow flames at you. Avoid the flames by rolling away from them. If you are sprayed with purple mist by the Elden Beast, flee as soon as possible. Streams will explode shortly thereafter, so stay away from them when they happen.

Run as fast as you can if the Elden Beast starts to swirl, creating a large haze of purple mist. It will explode shortly afterward, just as the previous mist did. Try to sprint after the Elden Beast when it flies away from you so that you can dodge the large sweeps its sword makes with its large blade. This is the best chance at avoiding these attacks.

During its sword swipes, the Elden Beast is most vulnerable to damage. You can score a lot of hits before it attacks again between these swipes. At least land three or four sorcery spells or a full melee attack combo during this time. Run away if the Elden Beast stabs its blade into the ground. That spot will explode shortly afterward.

How to beat the Beast
Fight with Elden Beast (YouTube)
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Be aware of the golden rings and orbs

Fly away from the Elden Beast if it flies towards you and leaves golden rings around you. Dodge through the ring that moves towards you and sprint outside the outer ring. You are damaged by the inner ring if it hits you, and you are unable to escape the radius of the outer ring, which explodes after a few seconds.

If the Elden Beast generates a golden orb that follows you, you should flee to the left or right. The orb will begin to fire miniature magical missiles that may be evaded by sprinting left and right. If you’re getting hit by projectiles and aren’t running rapidly to the side, you should start practicing dodge rolls. It will vanish in a short amount of time.

You’ll eventually emerge victorious if you manage to avoid the Elden Beast’s many physical and magical attacks. In addition, you should take advantage of the large damage options you get when he swings at you with his sword. With all this, you have defeated Elden Ring’s final boss and finished the game. So this is all about how to beat the Elden Beast and grab the victory.

Things to keep in mind

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  • In this fight, Mimic Tear Spirit Ash Summon is powerful. You can hit the bosses more easily with this weapon because it has a lot of health, deals good damage when fully upgraded, and is able to distract them.
  • This battle can also be won using Black Knife Tithe Spirit Ash Summon. Tithe’s speed and frequent dodges make him a very effective distraction, even though he doesn’t cause a lot of damage and isn’t very tanky.
  • Radagon and the Elden Beast are both resistant to Holy damage, so be cautious when dealing with them. If you have a powerful Faith build, holy weapons and spells still do solid damage to bosses.
  • On the other hand, both bosses are susceptible to Scarlet Rot, so use weapons, items, or spells that cause it if possible. Over time, Scarlet Rot will deal a significant amount of poison damage, making combat much easier.
  • Additionally, the bosses deal with Holy damage, so boost your resistance to Holy damage if you can. Several spells, including Divine Fortification and Haligdrake Talismans, can help achieve this effect. The Elden Beast can be healed by Faith spells, so avoid using them against it. Buffering spells can be used, but don’t use damage-dealing ones.

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