For all the Final Fantasy fans, we have brought you the Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin guide with some of the best tips and tricks.

In celebration of the series’ 35th anniversary, Koei Tecmo’s Team Ninja has developed Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. The game will be published by Square Enix. As in the original Final Fantasy game, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin takes place in a dark fantasy world, populated by people drawn from a different world. 

Jack Garland, a man consumed with a desire to destroy Chaos, is the main character. In this case, Chaos refers to the horned Chaos from the first Final Fantasy game, which was both the main antagonist and the final boss. Ash and Jed have recently joined Jack as companions. Here is our Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin guide with all the tips and tricks for you.

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Get used to things

Before pushing too far, players should familiarize themselves with the game’s parrying techniques, blocks, Soul Shield, and Break Gauge. There will be a fighting lesson in a gorgeous wheat field early on in the game that will cover these basic ideas in depth. Those gamers can hone their skills further by returning to the task labeled ‘???’ on the global map.

Improve Defense

Fighters should know when to block and when to escape, and Jack must also possess this skill. You can’t evade every situation, nor is evasion a limitless tactic, so you may sometimes find yourself exposed to a follow-up attack, or surrounded if you try to roll out of the way.

As a result, you must remain vigilant and be ready to block. Patience is the virtue of the day; rather than brute-force your way through every encounter, just know when to soak up attacks and when to choose your moments. Take some damage now rather than a lot later because you missed your attack or because you failed to dodge Jack’s attack.

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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin guide: Soul Shield

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin combat scene
Combat (Square Enix)

The soul shield can temporarily absorb enemy abilities, allowing you to strike back with a vengeance when used on selected enemy attacks. If your explosive foes spew flames at you, those who learned the adage of fighting fire with fire will know that throwing fire back at them can be deadly and control their detonation.

Throughout the Trial Version, you’ll encounter a variety of enemies, but not all fall in the same way. When unleashed, they can inflict damage on Jack and his team within minutes. You can defend yourself against some of these moves, but you can also turn your defense into offense with the soul shield, and kill your enemies with their own attacks.

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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin guide: Jobs

Those unfamiliar with Final Fantasy lingo should know that Jobs are the equivalent of classes. A player can switch between two Jobs in this game by clicking on them at the same time. As long as a player has the required weapon and is unlocked for that Job, he or she can also change Jobs during combat or between missions.

Jack can utilize his three different job roles throughout the trial – swordsman, mage, and lancer, easily switching between spells, greatswords, and lances. Once enough levels have been earned on each of these jobs, they can become warriors, black mage, and dragoons respectively. With these, you can choose to fight at a distance, at close range, or with immense power.

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Equip different clothes

Different clothes in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin
Different clothes (Square Enix)

Explore the Chaos Shrine and you’ll find a wide range of equipment and clothing to dress Jack up in. There will also be properties that change stats or set bonuses that may be included. The result is that there are plenty of excuses for taking a break and trying on your latest spoils.

There are, however, different clothes Jack can wear for each job role, something you may not know. In your role as a mage, you can customize your outfit to be more resistant to magic. On the other hand, if you are a lancer, you can dress to maximize your strength, and as a swordsman, your wardrobe will prioritize defense, so you can use your greatsword confidently.

Learn spells as soon as possible

As Jack learns more about the role of the mage, you will soon learn that spells can also be used against the Shrine. Whenever you break the pillars that lie in your path, you can do substantial damage to the break gauges of your enemies and even kill several enemies at once if they are caught up in it. Water spells are also effective at putting out fire, allowing you to make your way through dangerous flames unscarred and even cause some critical damage if there is a Bomb in the way.

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Guard and Evade the enemy attacks

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin fighting scene
Combat scene (Square Enix)

While there are a few ways to avoid taking damage during a fight, guarding and evading are the two most common. While guarding, Jack stands still while using his weapon or shield to block. Most attacks are blocked when Guarding is active and Break damage is reduced when it is active. Keep in mind that magic attacks will still take damage, but it will be reduced. Parrying will reduce your Break damage further when you guard just before an attack lands, allowing you to attack faster.

So this was all about Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. Follow the tips and make your gameplay even better.

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