Want to use some of the best weapons in Elden Ring to kill the enemies? Read our Elden Ring best weapons guide.

The gameplay of Elden Ring is based heavily on the idea of “building” your character based on your strongest strengths in order to equip better-specialized gear and eventually gain an advantage over your enemies. The timing of attacks is also very important in the game. Unlike fighting games and first-person shooters, “Elden Ring” doesn’t act immediately when a button is pressed. So you need to think very carefully. 

The player selects the weapon based on his or her playstyle. As some of these weapons scale with the tougher enemies you’ll be facing, later on, they might even be worth using for the entirety of your gameplay. To know more, read our Elden Ring best weapons guide.

Elden Ring combat
Elden Ring combat gameplay (YouTube)
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Elden Ring best weapons: Twinblade

Twinblade weapon
Twinblade (eldenring wiki)

Both sides of the hilt are bladed. It requires great dexterity to use this weapon. The weapon’s true strength is unlocked with dual-handed spinning attacks, but it can be wielded with a single hand. Upon being released in the Lands Between, the Twinblade is an incredibly stylish and slick weapon that can be snagged almost instantly. 

Dexterity builds depend on it, but it also has a special utility that makes it particularly useful early on. In exchange for forgoing the shield and two-hand the Twinblade, you can access multiple awesome combos that can slice and dice surprisingly well.

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Elden Ring best weapons: Greatsword

There is something special about this weapon, as it deals great melee damage. These weapons are best suited for players whose builds rely on strength and dexterity. The Upward Cut is a special ability of this weapon. When used, it slices enemies in half from top to bottom. The player should look for the Greatsword in the Rotview Balcony Site of Grace, which is located in Limgrave region. The sword is stowed in the back of this carriage, in a chest, in an isolated carriage.

Elden Ring best weapons: Moonveil

moonveil weapon
Moonveil (eldenring wiki)

In Caelid, you can find this weapon after defeating the Magma Wyrm at the Gael Tunnel. The tunnel is located in the center and south of the Smoldering Church on the border of Caelid and Limgrave.

There is no doubt that this Katana is one of the strongest in the game, and its Ash of War is especially powerful as well. As a result of a heavy attack, Transient Moonlight will blast out a bolt of light, and breaking poise will cause most enemies to be stunned in one of two slashes, granting a critical hit.

Bloodhound’s Fang

fang weapon
Bloodhound’s Fang (eldenring wiki)

Bloodhound’s Fang is a particularly powerful item, especially considering how easy it is to obtain at the Forlorn Hound Evegaol in Limgrave at the start of the game. The Bloodhound’s Fang’s power comes from its ability to deliver two large slashes with a step backward in between. This permits you to keep out of danger while simultaneously delivering devastating punches. Furthermore, the weapon’s blood loss buildup assures that it enters the game’s top tier of weaponry.

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Elden Ring weapon reduvia
Reduvia (eldenring wiki)

This is an exceptional dagger that is fairly easy to find for those who are more inclined toward magic. Its unique ability is often effective, especially when used by early game magicians to expand their arsenal. Reduvia Blood Blade is this weapon’s unique ability. Since it extends far and wide, it is useful in any situation.

Moreover, Reduvia has such low strength requirements that magic-focused builds won’t have to worry about dumping as many points into magic stats as they need. Whenever the need arises, they’ll still have a solid melee option at their disposal. Another great thing about this magical dagger is that it scales with arcane power.

Cipher Pata

Elden Ring weapon cipher
Cipher Pata (eldenring wiki)

One of Elden Ring’s best weapons is the Cipher Pata. You can lunge forward and slice through your enemies with this blade made out of ancient symbols. The game will require you to accumulate 30 Faith, which won’t be easy until late in your first game. However, it does make for a great New Game Plus weapon. Kill Mad Tongue Alberich below the main chamber of Roundtable Hold to find it.


Elden Ring weapon axe
Greataxe (eldenring wiki)

There aren’t many characters created around the Greataxe – it’ll probably only be effective for characters made around it owing to its near-tons of strength needs. It seems absurd that lifting it at this early level of the game would need so much weight and power. You’ll be a real powerhouse if you can achieve those conditions and use the weapon efficiently.

Most enemies will be done in by a single slam, and the ones that aren’t will almost assuredly be staggered by the blow. Add in the Barbaric Roar skill that turns your heavy attacks into combos, and you’ll be a death-dealing machine if you’re able to master the art of harnessing such rash power.

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