Want some adventure game with lots of action? Then this game is for you. Read our Tunic beginner’s guide to start your game with a bang.

Andrew Shouldice developed the action-adventure game Tunic (originally called Secret Legend). Played from an isometric perspective, Tunic allows players to control their anthropomorphic fox character around a virtual world. There are also combat situations and objects to interact with. Players can switch to top-down views in combat if necessary. Like The Legend of Zelda, the player can only progress through certain parts of the game world until they have collected a new weapon or ability for the fox to use.

The game’s objective and technique of play are oblique; communication with selected characters is frequently in an undecipherable language. Some of the materials the player will uncover are pages from the game’s handbook, and some phrases in the player’s language will appear that hint at puzzle solutions. If you want some tips and tricks about this game, we have the Tunic beginner’s guide.

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Tunic Beginner’s Guide: Explore

Secret passages and hidden places abound in the game Tunic. Finding hidden chests behind waterfalls (classic but effective), behind pillars, along paths hidden by the camera, and other places you cross is routinely possible if you carefully search the places you cross. Tunic offers a wide variety of ways to explore the world, and sometimes you will find shortcuts to reach theoretically unreachable places by taking shortcuts. 

Be sure to use the aim key from time to time to change the camera angle to facilitate exploration. Embark on a perilous journey with your hero by taking him behind the scenes and having him run against walls to find secret hiding spots.

Tunic Beginner’s Guide: Shield

Tunic beginner's gameplay
Cutscene (Finji)

While it is crucial to dodge around in order to avoid trouble, doing so will quickly drain your stamina meter, especially if you are facing more aggressive bosses. Meanwhile, blocking a blow with your shield and then moving out of the way of a follow-up blow will barely cost you stamina, keeping you protected and ready to strike back. Figure out which attacks you can dodge and which attacks you can block, and use them both together since they are most effective when used simultaneously.

Tunic Beginner’s Guide: Stamina

It is always possible to run by holding A, and it does not use stamina. If your stamina is low, you will suffer more damage, so it is wise not to take damage in these moments. Runaway instead, heals if necessary, and plan accordingly for your next move. Block, dodge, and move until you have a comprehensive plan in place.

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Keep reading the manual

Tunic manual guide
Gameplay (Finji)

It is likely that you will encounter Manual Pages frequently during your adventure. These first ones may appear to be just a short tutorial for Tunic. However, it’s really a comprehensive guide full of information and clues to help you learn everything about the game. 

As the manual is written in an incomprehensible language with some exceptions, it presents a challenge to find all the pages. Therefore, the information that is available to you will often be incomplete. Keeping your eyes open, collecting as many documents as you can, and reviewing them carefully is key.

Target your enemies

When moving towards an enemy or performing a dodge roll, make sure you target them. By pressing the corresponding buttons, you’ll always attack and dodge, but where you choose to do that is up to you. As enemies often change positions and present different challenges, this is particularly important when faced with multiple enemies.

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Level up when needed

If you want to power up in Tunic, you will have to find hidden items that can boost your stats. In order to increase your damage, defense, health, magic, stamina, or even the potency of your potions, you will need to spend a fair amount of gold.

There are many respawn points scattered throughout the world where you can do all of this. You can find your inventory by opening your inventory and navigating to the bottom right corner of your screen. Your stat-boosting items will be waiting for you there, and once you sacrifice them with some gold, your attribute will be permanently increased.

It is important to parry your shield

Tunic combat guide
Gameplay (Finji)

You can raise the shield by pressing and holding the key associated with it after picking it up. By exchanging a part of your green stamina bar for attacks and projectiles, it will be very convenient. In order to make certain fights easier, one mechanic must be mastered: the shield parade. Simply press the key briefly rather than hold it down. This will show the hero parrying with the shield. 

This technique can make your enemy more vulnerable for a short while if you use it at the right time! At this time, you are more likely to cause greater damage. The same applies if you manage to parry the first enemy and someone hits you behind you at the same time. This effect will be triggered automatically if you manage to parry the first enemy. 

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Tunic Beginner’s Guide: Accessibility 

When it comes to combat, the game can be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, there is a setting called “Accessibility” that allows you to make the game easier. Enabling Safe Mode is the first option. Consequently, you will no longer lose any life points, allowing you to play without fear of losing your life. 

Another option is to play without stamina limits. In this case, you will not have to consume stamina while rolling or defending yourself against a shield attack. In case the game becomes too much for you, you shouldn’t hesitate to use it. Some people think that using easy difficulty will be a bad thing, as people will make fun of you. You are playing for yourself, for your fun. So just enjoy your game in every way.

Take advantage of the explosives

Tunic cutscene
Cutscene (Finji)

Tunic’s gameplay is designed in a way that rewards players who use their explosive items more with free explosives. This is because of using them more often. Fortunately, these items can be very helpful in Tunic, since enemies usually come in packs. When the situation gets tense, you can swing dynamite if you attract several people! A +x appears above your object.

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Learn about the enemies

Acutely aware of the cute little fox, enemies often telegraph their attack patterns, especially when the gap between them is reduced. When they first begin to attack, be prepared to dodge or block. Knowing their attack pattern will help you engage at the right moment and save your health and stamina.

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