Are you facing difficulties on how to defeat Hoarah Loux Warrior in Elden Ring? Do not worry. Our guide will help you to defeat this boss easily.

Hoarah Loux, Warrior is an Elden Ring boss. In Leyndell, Ashen Capital, you will find Hoarah Loux. The Legacy Dungeon boss cannot be skipped, as it must be defeated for the player to advance. Godfrey, the First Elden Lord, is revealed to be more than you might expect in Elden Ring. Hoarah Loux, the chieftain of the badlands, has been mentioned throughout the game along with him. Interestingly, Hoarah Loux was the name Godfrey went by long ago.

Toward the end of the game, you begin to learn more about the last few bosses in Elden Ring. The demigods you’ve been picking off throughout Elden Ring are descendants of Hoarah Loux, a powerful human warlord who married the goddess Marika. As you battle Godfrey again, he channels his inner warrior and becomes Hoarah Loux once more. Read our guide that will help you on how to defeat Hoarah Loux Warrior.

Hoarah Loux Warrior's ground attack
Hoarah Loux, Warrior slamming on the ground and destroying everything (YouTube)
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Location of the Boss

Godfrey will be battled in the same arena as you fought Morgott the Omen King. You return to the spot where you previously battled Godfrey, but this time he isn’t bathed in golden light and is more inclined to engage you in conversation. The way you approach the boss battle and when you do so is heavily influenced by your gameplay. What happens to the Erd Tree during the scenario will be a dead giveaway.

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How To Defeat Hoarah Loux Warrior: First Phase

fight with godfrey
Fight with Godfrey, First Elden Lord in phase one (YouTube)

As opposed to the ghostly figure we faced earlier in the game, Godfrey, First Elden Lord will be fought in human form in the first phase. This second battle shows that his move set remains largely the same, but he has a lot more health. In a similar vein to how you’ve handled previous encounters, summon Mimic Tear Ashes at the very beginning and let it take aggro while you sneak behind the enemy for some easy hits. 

It’s recommended that you prioritize Bleed damage, using your Focus Points to trigger the Bloody Slash ability of Ashes of War. Every time it connects, you will be destroying large chunks of its health. Following a cutscene transformation, it’s time to fight Hoarah Loux, Warrior at 50% health.

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How To Defeat Hoarah Loux Warrior: Second Phase

Hoarah Loux Warrior in phase two
Fight with Hoarah Loux, warrior in phase two (YouTube)

The Warrior, Hoarah Loux, takes off his clothing and focuses on attacking with his dagger and bare hands in this second phase. You can be thrown into the air by the boss if he grapples you. Such a move deals massive damage. Additionally, he has a more aggressive area of effect attacks, which cover more of the arena and take a lot more damage. His attacks shoot flames upward once they are activated.

However, it makes little impact on the actual boss encounter. Keep in mind that you only have half a health bar left. You should still have a decent amount of HP in your Mimic Tear Ashes at this point, so let it take aggro while you utilize the same technique you used before: go behind the boss and start slashing. Repeat this technique until the boss is defeated.

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Things to keep in mind

beware of these attacks
Fight gameplay (YouTube)
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  • As far as ferocity and speed are concerned, Horah Loux is completely different from Godfrey. 
  • The biggest attack Hoarah Loux uses is a giant stomp and a lunge which causes massive damage but is easily avoided.
  • Stay on your feet and keep circling him until an opportunity presents itself. The same strategy applies to magic and ranged users, but they must be careful not to get caught by him.
  • You may also hit him a few times before he recovers after each frame since he leaves himself vulnerable for several frames.

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