Are you having difficulty with how to beat Malekith The Black Blade in Elden Ring? Do not worry as we have a guide to help you.

Elden Ring contains fewer compulsory bosses than previous Soulsborne games. After you light the kiln in the Forge of the Giants, the adventure will lead you to Crumbling Farum Azula. If you are unable to fight the area’s final boss, Malekith, the Black Blade, you will be unable to proceed in the tale.

Maliketh, the Black Blade, is Elden Ring’s one of the toughest boss fights, a fast and agile warrior who attempts to overwhelm you with a barrage of rapid attacks. There are two phases to the boss fight, and each is challenging in its own way, making it challenging to get through. Here is our guide that will teach you how to beat Malekith The Black Blade.

Combat gameplay
Combat gameplay (YouTube)
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How to beat Malekith The Black Blade: Phase one

Phase 1 of Maliketh has Maliketh in the form of a Beast Clergyman, similar to the Gurranq NPC from Dragonbarrow that you give Deathroot to. In this phase, Maliweth mainly attacks with rapid slashes and thrusts from his dagger, so you shouldn’t be greedy. Most of the time, you will have no more than a couple of seconds before he attacks again.

You can expect Maliketh to hurl rocks at you or create magical claws that tear through the ground toward you from a distance. Dodging is a must. Your guard will be instantly breached if you try blocking these ranged attacks.

Keep an eye out for Maliketh’s dagger attack. He drags it through the ground before using it to uppercut you. The move does high damage, so it should be avoided at all costs. Maliketh launches several boulders into the air whenever he digs his claws into the ground. Observe the boulders’ landing spot and take care to avoid them, if necessary.

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Maliketh will throw a volley of sharp stones at you shortly after dragging his claw through the ground and moving away from you. The best way to dodge Maliketh’s stones is to run towards him when he throws them so you can get in melee range again.

If you need to heal or are having difficulty avoiding Maliketh’s projectiles, you can find a temporary cover under the large pillars in the arena. The cover gives you just enough time to heal if you need it before Maliketh gets to you. A cutscene will play once Maliketh reaches 50% health, and he will use the power of Death Rune, which initiates the second phase.

How to beat Malekith The Black Blade: Phase two

Malekith The Black Blade in Phase two
Maliketh going in phase two (YouTube)

He becomes more agile and uses a huge greatsword in his second phase. Maliketh’s attacks are slow in this phase, but they also do more damage over time, and they also have additional damage over time effect. Dodging them is imperative since they can be extremely punishing. Shield blocking is not recommended during this phase.

You will be blasted with energy projectiles by Maliketh when he jumps into the air. Avoid these projectiles as much as possible. In addition to hitting hard, they spread Maliketh’s damage over time, so you must avoid them at all costs. Roll away from Maliketh if he stabs his sword into the ground.

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Keep your distance from Maliketh if he starts roaring. Maliketh’s roar will knock you down and leave you immobile for a few seconds, leaving you vulnerable to his follow-up attacks. If you hit Maliketh enough times, you can stagger him in this phase. If you are successful in landing a critical strike against him, you will deal massive damage. Using the arena’s pillars as a temporary cover is similar to what you could do in Phase 1. In this phase, Malytheth gets around them more quickly, so heal up quickly.

Things to keep in mind

Fight scene with Malekith The Black Blade
Combat gameplay (YouTube)

Avoid falling into the shallow chasms by taking extra care at the arena’s entrance. It’s very advised that you dash into the room a good amount before engaging Maliketh.

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It is advantageous to have access to an improved medium or great shield during Phase 1. You may also make use of the Mimic Tear Spirit Ash Summon.

Wear the thickest armor you can, but avoid carrying a heavy load.

You can also call the assistance of other players. It will heal Maliketh, but skilled players will most likely be able to avoid it more effectively than if a Mimic Tear was summoned. Sorcerers admire anybody who can withstand long durations in melee combat while absorbing the boss’ rage.

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