There are a lot of things in  Lost Ark Snowpang Island. Do not worry if you are not aware of it. Read our guide to learn everything.

This island, which gets its name from its look, is a beautiful snowy place with various tasks and goodies to reward the player. This island is located in the Guinea Sea. To enter this island, you must have an item level of 250. Because the island is located at sea, it can only be reached by ship. You must first enable sailing in order to do so. Snow-Pang coins may be obtained as a prize for completing certain missions and assignments.

The continents of Lost Ark are dotted with islands, each of which is based on a different part of Arkesia’s rich history. On Snowpang Island, you can find helpful resources, even special items, and have a great time doing so. To know more about the island, read our Lost Ark Snowpang island guide below.

Snowpang island gameplay
Snowpang island gameplay (YouTube)
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Lost Ark Snowpang Island

In Lost Ark, PvP events with unique rewards are also held on some special islands. Lost Ark’s Snowpang Island is an Adventure island that involves a PvP snowball fight and a unique quest chain that rewards your efforts. Snowpang Island is a combination of the brutality of battle and the harshness of harsh winters. 

You may be surprised to find a mystical atmosphere once you reach Snowpang Island. The event is a classification that means the island can only be visited while it’s active. Snowpang Island offers plenty of things for players to see and do, and they can leave the island with plenty of useful items, currencies, and even unique rewards.

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Lost Ark Snowpang Island Location

Before traveling via ship on Arkesia’s World Map, players will need to unlock the sailing ability in Lost Ark. After completing the Set Sail quest in the East Luterra storyline, which is the last quest in that storyline, you will be able to unlock the sailing ability. The Procyon’s Compass can be used to determine Snowpang Island’s availability. There are many scheduled events and dungeons that you can view in this tool.

Snowpang island (YouTube)

Lost Ark Snowpang Island Quests

The PvP quests on Snowpang Island are far more whimsical than expected despite its cold and harsh environment. In order to complete the first quest, players must engage in a snowball fight. The snowball fight is so amazing and fascinating, as everyone loves playing it. Play snowball wars by picking up snowballs from the ground and throwing them at other players. 

As a result of Snowpang Island’s climate conditions, this age-old and beloved tradition becomes more interesting and fun. During the first quest, players must keep their eyes open for spine-chilling threats, such as fierce winds and blizzards. So, it is necessary for players to seek refuge in the safe spots that appear when they are in need.

By completing this quest, a player who placed first will get Fun Snowfight Commemorative Pouch and 6000 Silver. The player in the second place will get Fun Snowfight Commemorative Pouch and 3000 Silver. The Snowpang Island Token can be obtained by completing the first Snowpang Island Adventure quest from the Fun Snowfight Commemorative Pouch.

snowpang island soul
Snowpang island soul (YouTube)
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Other Quests

  • Little Sister’s Wish: Players will receive 15,000 Silver for completing this quest on Snowpang Island, given by Sister.
  • Sister, Have You Grown Up?: Players will receive 10,000 Silver for completing this Snowpang Island quest from Mary.
  • Sister, Are You a Snowman?: After finishing this quest given by Mary, players will be awarded an Offense Battle Item Random Chest. This chest includes many types of grenades as well as a variety of other important fighting tools.
  • Help, Ice Spirit!: You will receive 500 Gold for completing this Snowpang Island quest given by Ice Spirit Enri (Ice Butterfly Cliff).
  • With the Power of Snowflakes: Ice Spirit Enri (Ice Butterfly Cliff) offers this quest on Snowpang Island, and players who complete it will receive a Pink Snowperson Muffler, a Blue Snowperson Muffler, or a Red Snowperson Muffler, as well as Kindness +1.
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Mokoko Seed Locations

snowpang island mokoko seeds location
Mokoko seeds location (YouTube)

The players can boost their Mokoko Seed count by visiting both of the Mokoko Seed locations on Snowpang Island. The Mokoko Seed vendor will be able to reward you with awesome higher-tiered rewards if you have more Mokoko Seeds.

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