Lush Reed Island in Lost Ark – A Complete Guide

Want to know everything about Lush Reed Island in the Lost Ark? Our Lush Reed Island guide will help you learn everything about this island.

There is an Adventure Island called Lush Reed Island located near Preche (Flecheche) and Anihc. The quest requires players to use a ship to get to the location, and it is a PvP co-op quest. Getting Lost Ark currency and special items from Lush Reed Island can be tricky, but it’s a great location to collect Lost Ark currency. Lush Reed Island can seem difficult to reach and to participate in the events in order to receive its rewards.

Even so, getting to Lush Reed Island and enjoying all that it has to offer can be fairly straightforward with the right approach. Lush Reed Island offers a variety of fun and exciting activities. You may also collect useful or special Lost Ark items as part of the tense and thrilling quest. Here is our Lush Reed Island guide that will help you to learn everything about this island.

island gameplay
Lush Reed island gameplay (YouTube)
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Lush Reed Island Guide: Location

Because Lush Reed Island can only be accessed by ship, players must first obtain the sailing skill. To obtain the sailing skill, players must complete the Set Sail questline as part of the East Luterra questline. Players can keep a watch on Lush Reed Island’s availability with Procyon’s Compass, a tool that lists upcoming events and dungeons.

Lush Reed Island Guide: Quests

The cooperative quest on Adventure Island is a PvP free-for-all, with a deathmatch starting 3 minutes after you visit the island. Kills are worth 10 points, while assists are worth 5 points, and both are depending on the player’s performance during the mission. Each player will have the opportunity to earn 1,000 points before the quest ends. If a player earns at least 30 points and reaches 1000 points within the time limit, they will receive a reward.

Upon completing Lush Reed Island’s PvP quest, players will receive the Reed Field Treasure Chest. The Lush Reed Island Token, Silver, and Protection are all possible drops from this chest. Players may obtain some or all of these rewards from drops depending on their luck.

In Lush Reed Island’s cooperative quest, getting good performance can be quite difficult since it is not equalized. Compared to other players on their server, players should select characters that have gear and levels that are at least above average.

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You can use an assist-based strategy

It’s possible that other players will greatly outmatch you in this task, so choosing an assist-based strategy over a kill-based strategy might be the best choice. Due to the fact that assists are still scoring, you can focus on tagging players that are already dying.

On Lush Reed Island, you can also benefit from a stealthy approach. The reeds will conceal you from players standing outside the reeds, so you can stand inside. Players can also resurrect by spending Phoenix Plumes on their corpses. When you resurrect normally, you’ll spawn on the edge of Lush Reed Island, which is also fine if that’s what you want.

Lush Reed Island Guide: Quest Rewards

rewards is lush reed island
Rewards (YouTube)

Everyone on the island contributes to the ultimate point total, but only those with the most points will win. The prizes for participating in the PvP co-op mission are listed below.

  • If you placed first, you will get Reed Field Treasure Chest and 20,000 Silver
  • If you placed second, you will get Reed Field Treasure Chest and 15,000 Silver
  • For placing third, you will get Reed Field Treasure Chest and 10,000 Silver
  • For participation, you will get Reed Field Treasure Chest and 2,000 Silver
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You can find different Buffs

Players can find many useful buffs on Lush Reed Island. Here are some of the benefits each buff provides:

  • The green buff recovers 25% of a player’s HP.
  • Players will receive a 100% attack buff that will last for 3 minutes if they choose the red buff. It is stackable up to five times.
  • The Player’s movement speed will be enhanced by 40% for 8 seconds with the blue buff.

Lush Reed Island Guide: Chests 

all chest locations
Chests Location (Papunika)

Lush Reed Island has four types of chests players can open. The chests are brown, green, blue, and red. Chests sometimes spawn on Lush Reed Island, and there are specified spawning spots. You will need a long channel time to open a chest, and other players on the island will be alerted. The Lush Reed Island Token can also be obtained by opening a chest, along with other goodies. You will not receive any points by opening these chests. 

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Mokoko seeds location

Lush reed island mokoko seeds location
Mokoko seeds location (Papunika)

Players can pick up Mokoko Seeds at 5 locations on Lush Reed Island. You can gain more Mokoko Seeds by collecting these, which will help you unlock higher-tiered rewards from the Mokoko Seed vendor. Players will need to unlock the Minuet of the Forest Song to access later Mokoko Seed locations.

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