How to beat Mohg, Lord of Blood in Elden Ring – Guide

Facing difficulties on how to beat Mohg Lord of Blood in Elden Ring? Do not worry, read our guide for some best tips to defeat this boss.

The Elden Ring‘s Mohg, Lord of Blood is an entirely optional boss. All of the game’s endings can be reached without beating him. Moreover, Mohg is a demigod Shardbearer, which means beating him will reward you with a Great Rune. However, this Great Rune is really geared toward PvP players, so its powers will not be useful to most PvE players.

In this fight, you’ll experience an unusual gimmick if you’re looking for a challenge. To sum it up, defeating Mohg is a lot easier with the right tools, a good strategy, an understanding of his moves, and patience. Read our guide that will tell you how to beat Mohg Lord of Blood easily.

Mohg, Lord of Blood
Mohg, Lord of Blood (YouTube)
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How to beat Mohg Lord of Blood: Phase one

It is by far the easiest phase of Mohg’s fight. Begin by summoning your Spirit Ash. He has a few attacks during this phase. His trident attacks can be dodged or blocked, as well as delayed. He has two forms of his Blood Claw attack, which is more deceptive. 

Every Blood Claw attack causes an explosion when it connects, regardless of the damage it does. Avoiding one might prevent you from avoiding the other. You should keep your eyes on his left hand. Front-handed Blood Claw attacks are the easiest to avoid since they are slower and more obvious. They are usually followed by a trident swipe.

With the backhanded attack, the trident rushdown follows. Blood Claws with the backhand usually come out faster than those with the front hand. In addition to avoiding the claw attack, if you dodge towards him you can escape the trident attack.

fight scene
Combat gameplay (YouTube)
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Use fewer flasks in this phase

The real fight will begin in the second phase, so try to use as few flasks as possible now, knowing that you’ll need them later. With his left hand, Mogh sometimes reaches up into the air and sprays blood into the air. You can avoid it by moving away from him. Additionally, Mohg will launch two other trident attacks during this phase. He will plant his trident in the ground. 

Whenever you see him doing that, run away from where the trident was planted, because you’ll be damaged when he pulls it out. A blood shower is created for a short time by raising the trident, and it is also buff for a single move. Rolling away is a great way to avoid both. At several points in this phase, Mohg casts a curse mark (red ring) around your body. It’s impossible to avoid this effect, but you’ll hear him yell Tres, Duo, or Unus with each one – and each one represents health.

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How to beat Mohg Lord of Blood: Phase two

Mohg gains the ability to fly and permanently buffs his trident with bloodflame, in addition to all the attacks he gained from Phase 1. A few new moves are also used by Mohg during Phase 2. In the air, Mohg stabs, slashes, and throws bloodflame at you. His trident will slash if he winds it horizontally. 

He will stab you with his trident if he points it at you. Bloodflame will erupt from his left arm if he winds up that arm. You need to dodge all three attacks. Mohg will rain down bloodflame if he reaches his left hand into the air. Avoid this attack at all costs.

Mohg, Lord of Blood has wings in phase two
Mohg can fly in phase two (YouTube)

Avoid Mohg when he strikes the ground with his trident. Shortly after, Mohg will pierce the ground, causing a large explosion. Mohg will perform a large swipe with his left hand once he strikes the ground with the hilt of his trident, resulting in a small explosion. Avoid getting damaged by this attack by either running away or dodging Mohg’s swipe.

Mohg may attempt to charge at you while on the ground while pointing his trident at you. If Mohg is about to impale you, dodge to avoid this attack. If Mohg raises his trident above his head, move left or right. You should sprint to avoid the bloodflames created by him smashing it down towards you. As with the first phase, the optimal moment to damage Mohg is between his melee combinations. When Mohg is flying or bloodflame is raining down, you should avoid fighting him.

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Things to keep in mind

Fight gameplay with the boss
Fight Gameplay (YouTube)
  • Use gear that boosts Robustness to counter Mohg’s attacks, which build up Bleed. You can choose from General Radahn’s armor, Lionel’s armor, the Mottled Necklace talisman, and the Stalwart Horn Charm.
  • The irony is that Mohg is susceptible to Bleed and Scarlet Rot. If you can, use items, spells, or weapons that cause these status effects. With either, you’ll deal significant bonus damage to Mohg, which will help to end the fight quickly.
  • As with many of the major bosses in Elden Ring, Mohg, Lord of Blood delays some of his attacks slightly, though not quite as much.
  • His Blood Claw attacks are the real threat, since one of them is delayed damage, and can be combined into a major trident charge. 
  • The Purifying Crystal Tear, mixed into your Flask of Wondrous Physick, negates Mohg’s blood curse before Phase 2 begins. You will be able to avoid using three healing flasks to survive the curse. 
  • Mohg can be paralyzed twice by the Mohg’s Shackle item found beneath Leyndell, Royal Capital. You can use it during Phase 1 of the game only. 
  • Besides Morgott, Mohg is the only other Shardbearer who is able to activate the Great Rune at the Divine Tower of East Altus. The tower should already be in your possession if you defeated Morgott. You can now power up Mohg’s Great Rune by returning to the top. It is the only Divine Tower capable of activating more than one Great Rune.

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