Which Keepsake Should You Pick? Do not worry, we have brought you the Elden Ring Keepsake guide to help you choose.

Despite being a new item, the Elden Ring Keepsake should be familiar to gamers who are experienced with From Software games. If you want to create the perfect visual representation of yourself or your preferred hero, you have a wide range of options at your disposal. However, that choice is purely visual. Before you arrive in The Lands Between, you will also have to decide which Keepsake you will use as your starting Keepsake.

The Keepsake item resembles a Gift in Dark Souls, giving you something (or a stack of things) to take with you on your journey. Although some of them will be extremely valuable, there are others that will not. It’s possible to skip the Keepsake altogether if you’re hardcore. For those who want the keepsake, we have the Elden Ring Keepsake guide that will help you with which keepsake you should pick.

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In the character creation process, there are ten Keepsake possibilities, although technically there are only nine because one of these options is to have no Keepsake at all. The most crucial thing for new players to grasp about Keepsakes is that they aren’t unique items: they’re rather common in-game resources, and you’ll wind up accumulating a lot of them during the game.

Keepsakes in Elden Ring

Golden Seed: From the Lands Between, a golden seed washed ashore “Sacred Flasks are thought to be strengthened by this. “This Keepsake improves your healing flasks, letting you utilize them for longer.

Cracked Pot: At first, you are given three cracked pots. These pots are actually crafting ingredients that are used to make projectiles.

Stonesword Key: To begin, you are given two sword-shaped stone keys. Each key is single-use and breaks when the seal is broken, so it cannot open an Imp Gargoyle Lock.

Crimson Amber Medallion: An amber medallion that increases your maximum health. While similar to Keepsakes, this is a Talisman, not a consumable, which gives a permanent buff when worn.

Fanged Imp Ashes: This Keepsake is made out of the ashes of little, miniature golems that are “supposed to carry spirits within,” allowing you to call a ghost to battle alongside you at specific spots in the game. The usage costs MP.

Lands Between Rune: “The people of the Lands Between are enlightened by the gold of grace.” This item can be consumed to gain Runes.

Shabriri’s Woe: “A crazed likeness of a noble with two eyes that have been crushed.” Increases enemies’ madness and aggression.

Bewitching Branch: You begin with five holy branches imbued with seductive power “Miquella, a demigod, is thought to be the source of this. “Consume this item to charge your melee weapon with a magical enchantment that charms the target of your strike. The usage of MP costs MP.

Boiled Prawn: Prepare five portions of meat from boiled crayfish. Their consumption increases resistance to physical damage.

None: No keepsake. The past has been well and truly forgotten. The game starts with your character without a Keepsake.

Which Keepsake Should You Pick among the 10
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Which Keepsake Should You Pick?

The Cracked Pot and the Golden Seed are the best keepsakes according to us. The Cracked Pot is a great Keepsake because it can be used to make thrown projectiles with a variety of devastating elemental and status effects on the target. This is definitely one to save for a later playthrough, as this type of crafting is a little more advanced than you’ll be prepared for in the first hour or two of your first run.

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The Golden Seed will grant you one additional Flask usage – either to restore your HP or FP. Survival is crucial at the start of the game. Many Golden Seed sites may be located in Elden Ring, but it will take some time to find them all. This is a wonderful idea for providing you with an advantage right at the start of the game.

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