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A catastrophic event has engulfed mankind, and a team of elite Valkyries under your command is essential to the survival of humanity. Anime-inspired action RPG Honkai Impact 3rd is available for Android and iOS devices. Stunning hand-drawn art is featured along with fluid gameplay. However, it is not the same as other games from the genre. In contrast to some automatic-play grinders, Honkai Impact 3rd doesn’t provide any fan service or fancy lighting. 

Players are kept on their toes with its unique combat system. Combat effectively by evading and using combos. Additionally, you can equip hundreds of weapons and stigmata. To succeed, you’ll need to combine the right Valkyries and equipment. To know more, read our Honkai Impact 3rd Guide.

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Honkai Impact 3rd Guide: Events 

In order to maximize the rewards you can get from the events tab, you should complete missions there as soon as possible so that you can get the rewards before the events expire. You won’t usually need stamina for the events. In that case, make sure your stamina is prioritized here.

Honkai Impact 3rd Guide: Co-op Raids

Divine Keys are rewarded for completing Co-op Raids missions. By completing these missions, you will be able to significantly increase the power of your Valkyries.

Learn to evade

Honkai Impact 3rd cutscene
Cutscene (YouTube)

One of Honkai Impact 3rd’s unique features is the ability to evade. Evasion functions differently in this game, albeit it is not a novel idea. You won’t be able to dash in this game until you crush the buttons. It will be vital for you to wait for the appropriate time to flee. 

To dodge an approaching attack, press the evade button as soon as you see a faint flash on the screen. Once you’ve completed this successfully, you’ll be ready to unleash a fast counterattack. If you are not confident, you can always run away from the attacker to avoid an assault.

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Honkai Impact 3rd Guide: Character Types

The third installment in Honkai Impact has three different types of characters, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. There are mecha characters, creature characters, and psychic characters. Likewise, there are mecha characters, creature characters, and psychic characters. Gaining an advantage requires an understanding of how they interact. 

Creatures have a difficult time defeating Mecha characters. Psychic characters are strong against Creatures. Mechas are weakened by psychic characters. Your enemies can’t be easily identified based on their character types. The color scheme will dictate how you should approach it. Once you’ve fought a few times, you should be able to tell what type your opponent is right away. This information can help you win the battle.

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Honkai Impact 3rd Guide: Ultimate move

Honkai Impact 3rd gameplay
Gameplay (miHoYo)

In the battle system, you mainly perform combos by mashing the large attack button. By doing so, your ultimate move will be charged up. You can then use it on your enemies. If you have a charged ultimate, you can use it at any time, but saving it until you encounter a boss is best. As you will not always have enough time to charge up another ultimate, keep it tucked away until you need it.

Side Objectives gives you crystals

Despite the fact that crystals are the game’s premium currency, there is a simple way to obtain them without paying real money. You may earn extra Crystals by completing side missions. For achieving each side objective, you will get 5 Crystals. After completing a few tasks, you’ll have enough to access prize boxes. Completing the side tasks will allow you to open more treasure boxes, letting you get more Valkyries, weapons, and stigmata.

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Complete hidden quests

Character’s reflection (miHoYo)

Go to the Help tab and you will find some hidden quests under the Academy tab. Upon completing these quests, you will earn Crystals. These quests will help you learn the basics of the game. These hidden missions are even better because you won’t have to use your stamina on them. Learning more about the game rewards you with free premium currency when you take the time to do so. Don’t miss out on this!

Farm gold coins

You won’t have an issue with gold coins until you reach level 50 or above, when things start to become problematic. Even if you don’t max up the girls’ talents, levelling them up may easily wipe out a million coins in an instant. Not to mention that the stigmas and weaponry must be improved. There are just a few methods for obtaining coins.

  • Look for Homi/Homu goodies when undertaking open world (Sakura Samsara) tasks.
  • Avoid participating in weekday activities or experience stages to save Planeroid Tokens.
  • The weekend is ideal for spamming tokens to unlock the gold coin stages.
  • Every day, you receive a modest quantity of gems for fulfilling chores. You may trade them in for coins.
  • Exchange worthless items for coins.
  • Gold may also be obtained by improving your refinery.

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