What is Stigma in Honkai Impact 3rd? You will need to know all the details about the Stigmas to reach further in the game.

Honkai Impact 3rd is about balancing and improving your Valkyrja squads, then using their talents deftly to keep the upper hand in the fight. This may be accomplished in a variety of methods, beginning with simply leveling them via experience, progressing through upgrading weapons, unlocking and upgrading new talents, and augmenting your team members with various stigma.

Your Valkyries’ Stigmata, often referred to as Stigmas, provide an advantage in combat. Who are these or what do they do? Stigmas exist in a variety of forms, each with its own set of benefits that may be best suited to a Valkyrja with a certain skill set. This article will go through how to best apply various stigmas. Now you may be wondering, “What is Stigma?” We are here to help and answer any queries you may have.

Stigma in Honkai Impact 3rd

A stigma is a non-playable character that offers various buffs (generally attack or health) to the Valkyrja assigned to them. Rather, they are equippable materials that boost the stats of your Valkyries.

Despite what you may perceive, the most important step before making a good selection is to describe your stigmata. There are three elements to every stigma. Understanding the stigma skill, affix skill, and set skill, and assessing each element individually, will help choose a stigma.

What is Stigma
Ana Schariac Stigmata (Image credit: Honkai Impact 3 fandom)
  • Stigmata Skill: A stigma is an individual ability with the same stigma, so it does not change between copies.
  • Affix Skill: This skill carries each stigma individually and varies from copy to copy.
  • Set skills: They are two skills that contain all stigmata, but require a Valkyrie to have equipped two or three parts; Top (T), Mid (M), and/or Bot (B).

Stigmata is usually the strongest skill, so it should always be considered first. Then prioritize if equipping two pieces of the same set is worth it to gain the Set Skill, then the Affix, which is not so important and is rather extra. In the instance of Knight Moonbeam, choose Rinaldo (T, M) since each stigmata’s power is incredible:

The paralysis talent of Rinaldo (M) is ideal for Knight Moonbeam since it obtains a damage boost against immobilized foes. Selecting Rinaldo (T) grants access to the Set Skill of 15% Critical Rate, which is ideal for a Valkyrie that hits quickly and frequently, such as Moonbeam. Choose Attila (B) for Bot because your Stigmata Skill has a greater synergy with characters that can swiftly and easily build a high combo.

How Do Stigmas Work in Honkai Impact 3rd?

Different stigmata offer different types of buffs to valkyries when equipped. There will be different stigmas that are beneficial for different types of Valkyries. So it’s essential to read the effects of each stigma and compare them to the basic style of fighting of the Valkyrie you intend to equip it to. Stigmata can also be matched in sets of two or three on a Valkyrie for bonus effects. To become more powerful, stigmata will need to be enhanced and upgraded. By doing so, they will be graded and become more powerful.

Set bonuses help, but it’s usually better to equip stigmas with higher star ratings. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind each individual’s effects. It’s not all that useful if the stigma’s effects don’t fit with the chosen Valkyrja’s fighting style. On the whole, it’s better to equip stigmata with higher star ratings than stigmata with lower star ratings. If you’re unsure of what’ll work best with your playing style, check out the stigmas and test out a few pairings.

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How Do You Increase the Number of Stigmas?

What is Stigma
Honkai Impact

When you invest in an x10 Supply draw, you’ll likely get a few stigmata. Of course, various Supply draws give you a chance at different goods, so check the specifics to learn which ones give you stigma drops. You may also get them as a prize for finishing certain Story Stages.

If you want to bring a stigma into your Dorm Room, you’ll need to accomplish their Move-in Quests, which aren’t as difficult as they seem. Move-in tasks usually consist of leveling stigmas a particular number of times before they may join the dorm.

What will you do with the stigmata?

Honkai Impact 3rd (Image credit: Official Facebook of HonkaiImpact)

It is critical to understand that Honkai Impact 3rd has many game modes, and each of these game types demands you to adjust to your Valkyries; for example, playing the narrative mode is extremely different from playing in the endless abyss.

When playing the endless abyss, keep in mind that mob damage increases as well as “bleeding,” which gets more hazardous as the combat progresses and the temperature of the abyss rises. As a result, you have two choices: utilize stigmata that do a lot of damage to end the combat fast, or use stigmata that provide resistance and cure. Lier Escarlet is one of the best abyss stigmas; its effect is to mitigate 70 percent of the harm caused by negative effects (like bleeding)

When facing a boss, on the other hand, you may prefer stigmata’s that harm against certain goals or boost a character that is in charge of doing all the damage. However, these are only a few instances. Other game variants will need some ingenuity in terms of stigmata selection. Of course, as time passes and you continue to play, you will get more experience. This is only a preliminary and general guide on selecting stigmas. Each Valkyrie is distinct, with different gaming styles that necessitate different stigmas.

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