We have brought you the Rune Factory 5 guide with some of the best things that you should know while playing the game.

Marvelous developed and published the role-playing simulation video game Rune Factory 5. When a hero loses their memory, they join a group of rangers in the small town of Rigbarth. As a hero, you are expected to tend the land as well as fight monsters to keep the peace. Each player controls either a male or female character named Ares or Alice. 

The gameplay of this game features farming and taming monsters, as with previous entries in the series. The game also allows players to develop relationships with its townsfolk, including ones that lead to marriages. To know more about the game, read our Rune Factory 5 guide.

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Rune Factory 5 Guide: Harvest Report

Inquire about the weekly harvest report if you want to know which crops will be abundant and which will have low yields. Crops with a high yield will yield more crops per plant, whereas crops with a low yield will yield fewer crops per plant. If the crops are bountiful that week, you will receive up to two harvests more than normal, however weak crops will give only one or two crops.

Rune Factory 5 Guide: Pickled Turnip

You’ll grow turnips as one of your first vegetables. During the early hours of Rune Factory 5, vegetables such as these can be turned into a dish called Pickled Turnip, which restores 100 RP. Get a Cooking Table from Studio Palmo in order to make a Pickled Turnip. It’s actually free to take this piece of furniture when you visit Studio Palmo. You can collect it by asking the people working there on the wooden platform near the door. To unlock the recipe, make sure to pick up some sweet hearth bread from Sweet Hearth.

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Rune Factory 5 Guide: Seed points

female character in the game
Female character (Nintendo)

After completing the story, you will unlock new directives from Eliza at Rigbarth Outpost. Some of these are very handy, but they cost quite a bit. Therefore, only use seed points for things that you really need such as expanding your bag or storage and any festivals that you can’t miss. A lot of seed points are provided when completing wanted monster quests but you don’t double-up on them if you complete the same wanted monster quest multiple times. Consider saving at least 3000 seed points for post-game fun.

Plant in vertical lines

During the early gameplay stages when you don’t have an upgraded watering can, you might grow impatient watching every single square’s animation. You can, however, till the soil and water plants faster. First, plant in vertical lines then press the interaction button at just the right moment. Do this right before the animation is finished. 

By completing the animation faster and moving your character to the next square automatically, you will be able to accomplish your task in half the time. You can also use your sickle on plants, harvest plants, or hit rocks or wood that happen to be in a line.

cropping in rune factory 5
Crops (Nintendo)
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Save items

It may appear enticing at first to sell every item you wind up acquiring. However, you should avoid doing so, especially if your items are stone or timber. Never undervalue the importance of these items, whether you’re creating furniture or cooking a meal. Weeds may even be used to make fertilizer!

Splitting item stacks is useful

The process of separating items from a stack is actually pretty straightforward. Press A again once you have interacted with the item in your inventory (on Switch). In this step, one item will be removed from the stack and placed in a separate slot. From now on, instead of shipping or gifting the whole stack of items, you can select only one.

Use the Magnifying Glass

The magnifying glass may be used to check your crops and the soil’s condition. The magnifying glass may be obtained from the General Store, but switching between your instruments and the magnifying glass will get tiresome. With the magnifying glass, you may enhance your tools in the game’s crafting system.

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The game includes same-sex marriage

You can marry the same sex in Rune factory 5
You can marry with the same sex (Nintendo)

This is the first Rune Factory game to feature same-sex marriage. Hence, if you are worried about whether you will be able to get a character that catches your eye as a male or female, then you can marry him/her.

A sickle is a great help to harvest and get high-level seeds

You should harvest your crops with a sickle rather than by hand. By doing so, you’ll get seeds that have a higher seed level than what you planted. Seed level one is the starting point for the seeds sold at the shop. Therefore, if you plant seeds with a seed level of 4, their crops will turn into seeds of a seed level of 5. 

Signposts can guide you

There are signs dotted across Rigbarth that make it easy to check instructions that you may have forgotten during tutorials or information that you might not have known. Near the Rigbarth Outpost is the closest signpost to your farm.

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