Genshin Impact Bennett Guide – Tips, Tricks, Weapons, Artifacts, and more

Here is the Genshin Impact Bennett guide with all the tips and tricks to help you understand the character more.

Bennett is a Pyro in Genshin Impact with a 4-star rating. He is without a doubt one of the game’s greatest supporting characters. He not only heals your warriors, but he also increases their assaults! However, in order for him to perform properly, you must carefully select his equipment.

Bennett is a good supporter, caring for and motivating his teammates at the same time. He is a natural fit for practically any squad. You can profit from the elemental resonance Flames of Fervour by playing another Pyro hero, which decreases Cryo effects by 40% and raises ATK by 25%.

Bennett (YouTube)

A member of the Adventurer’s Guild in Mondstadt, Bennett leads Benny’s Adventure Team. Having been left an orphan by his parents, he was raised by a group of elderly adventurers. Bennett suffered misfortune throughout his entire life, and everyone around him also suffered. Despite these setbacks, Bennett remains passionate about helping others and seeking adventure, no matter the risks.

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Genshin Impact Bennett Guide: Strike of Fortune

Strike of Fortune, his normal attack, deals with 5 consecutive hits at an enemy. He produces average damage in comparison with other sword users. As a support build, Bennett’s normal attack isn’t viable enough to justify its inclusion. If you plan to use him as a DPS unit, it may be worthwhile to level him up.

Charge multiple attack with the Elemental skill 

Genshin Impact Bennett combat
Bennett gameplay (YouTube)

Bennett’s elemental skill, Passion Overload, allows him to strike his enemy with a swift and fiery attack. There are multiple levels to this attack. A fire strike is triggered by holding the button down. Depending on the level, holding down the skill button will cause him to strike 2-3 times. Depending on his charge level, his cooldown will also vary between 5 seconds and 10 seconds. This elemental skill allows him to replenish his elemental burst with energy. 

His ascension talents further reduce the cooldown of the ability. Using his Level 2 charge has a drawback, as Bennett and every enemy hit will be launched back after using it. While being launched back, Bennett doesn’t suffer any damage. However, the drawback is minimized by Bennett’s Ascension 4 talent.

The elemental burst is the best among all his skills

Fantastic Voyage, Bennett’s elemental burst, is going to be the focal point of most of Bennett’s build. Initially, he will create an initial Pyro burst, which will last for 12 seconds. As long as a player’s health is above or equal to 70%, every ally within this field will gain an ATK bonus. Bennett’s base ATK and HP will be used to determine the HP regeneration and ATK bonus. There is a 15-second cooldown, but 60 energy must be expended. 

Bennett’s elemental burst can be difficult to use without his first constellation because you have to watch your HP%. As a result, his C1 will remove the requirement for HP to calculate his ATK bonus so he can always support his team. The elemental burst that Bennett possesses also allows him to function as a sub healer to restore teammates’ health to 70%. However, your health can never be restored to 100%, so you’ll need a second healer to get your health back.

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Great for Co-op

Genshin Impact Bennett's basic strike
Bennett gameplay (YouTube)

The ability to buff teammate attacks and heal them simultaneously makes Bennett an excellent choice for co-op play. With his elemental skills, he is also capable of providing reliable support for pyro attacks to break shields. While it might be a hassle to your teammates if he keeps launching back.

Bennett’s passive talents are not of much use, but you can still go for it

The two ascension talents Bennett possesses boost his elemental skill, Passion Overload. He can build up more energy to fill up his elemental burst with the reduced cooldown of both of these talents. The first passive talent of Bennett, ‘It Should Be Safe’, speeds up his expeditions in Mondstadt. If you don’t plan on going on expeditions, this skill isn’t useful because it doesn’t help you in combat.

His second passive talent, Rekindle, reduces the cooldown of his elemental skill and is useful to gather more pyro energy for his burst. His C4 effect also pairs nicely with this talent to increase his damage output.

Boost elemental skills with ‘fearnaught’

fearnaught passive talent
Fearnaught (YouTube)

Bennett’s Ascension 4 talent, Fearnaught, reduces the cooldown of his elemental skill even further when inside the radius of his elemental burst. It will also prevent his elemental skill Level 2 from knocking him back inside his field. Like his Ascension 1 talent, this talent greatly boosts the power of his elemental skill, allowing you to use it more often without the drawback of him being launched.

You will need Constellation 1 

As a result of C1:Grand Expectation, Bennett’s ATK boost will be removed from its HP restriction, and allies within the field will still be able to receive ATK bonuses beneath 70% of their HP. Bennett can provide more stability in his field to teammates with low health, so they can deal more damage and recover health at the same time. The ATK of all units inside the field will also be increased by 20% with this constellation level.

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Convert attack into pyro damage

Bennett’s constellation 6, “Fire Ventures with Me,” converts normal and charged attacks into Pyro DMG, and grants everyone in his elemental burst to gain 15% Pyro ATK. In such a constellation, normal attacks might be rendered ineffective against pyro enemies. However, his skill transforms Bennett into a powerful DPS unit with the ability to provide support for himself. Additionally, it will boost the attacks of other pyro users.

Genshin Impact Bennett Guide: play style

Bennett gameplay
Bennett gameplay (YouTube)

It’s now becoming more apparent how Bennett’s play patterns fit into the Genshin Impact metagame. The majority of what he does involves his ridiculously powerful Elemental Burst. By applying Pyro, Fantastic Voyage cleanses negative elements from teammates and deals damage, healing, and buff to their attack. 

Bennett is a viable option in any team composition. His Burst team competitors are the only ones who really care about it. Among other great weapons, you can choose from are the Flute, Lion’s Roar, and the Sacrificial Sword. You can also try Prototype Rancour and Skyrider Sword if you’ve been unlucky with your gacha rolls.

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