Do you want to know everything about Lagoon Island? We have brought you the Lost Ark Lagoon Island guide that will tell you everything you need to know.

While Lost Ark Lagoon Island is a short and sweet island, it comes with a lot of rewards. Island Token collectibles can be earned by completing varied quests and objectives throughout Lost Ark. Our Lost Ark Lagoon Island guide will tell you everything you need to know about the island, such as its location, its Island Token, and its other rewards.

island gameplay
Island gameplay (YouTube)

Lost Ark Lagoon Island Location

For players to travel via ship on Arkesia’s World Map, they first had to unlock sailing in Lost Ark. As part of the East Luterra storyline, the Set Sail quest unlocks the sailing ability. Short distance south-west of Bern, across the ocean, lies the island of Lagoon. The island lies at the western end of the Lost Ark Tooki Island, just past Ister Island. 

There is no guarantee that it will appear every day since it’s an adventure island that only spawns at certain times during the week. The alarm clock on the top left of the minimap can be used to check whether Lagoon Island is up, or you can directly use Procyon’s Compass. To access this island, you should have a combat level of 50 and equipped item level of 250, as the boss on this island can be quite challenging. 

Lost Ark Lagoon Island quest

Island quests
Island quests (YouTube)
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A co-op mission, similar to many of Lost Ark’s Adventure Islands, will begin 3 minutes after players drop anchor and visit Lagoon Island. In this mission, players must assassinate the island’s boss, Iar Kaya.

When players arrive to Lagoon Island, they may begin a quest line by conversing with the NPC Boatman. Players will acquire various helpful engravings as well as Lost Ark Pirate Coins as a reward for finishing this questline.

About Iar Kaya

Located in the depths of the deep sea, Iar Kaya is the self-proclaimed mistress of Lost Ark. It turns out, however, that she is a powerful witch who was brokenhearted by a frigate captain. Despite swearing to love her and never hurt her, he turned on her by instructing his sailors to catch her wand in a net. Iar Kaya was able to escape, but she grew hateful of all surface dwellers and vowed to drive them from the oceans.

Thousand of innocent sailors were killed as a result of one man’s actions and betrayal. For this island, players should have a Combat level of 50 and an Item level of 250 at the very least, as taking down this boss is quite a challenge:

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To prepare to fight this boss, you will need about three minutes, and to complete the objective will take approximately 30 minutes. Once you defeat this boss, a bid for three items will begin.

quest gameplay (YouTube)

Lagoon Island Rewards

In addition to some useful Lost Ark items, players who complete the Lagoon Island objectives and questline may also receive some rare and valuable drops. You can find special collectibles and even high-end items to enhance your skills and abilities.

Lagoon Island Token, or Island Heart, allows players to represent their acceptance into the island. With Opher on the Lonely Island, you can exchange these tokens for awesome rewards. Iar Kaya, the island’s boss, drops the Lagoon Island Token as a random drop. The Lagoon Island Token can only be obtained by defeating the boss. Due to Iar Kaya’s random drop, players may need to defeat the boss multiple times in order to obtain it.

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Lagoon Island rewards
Island rewards (YouTube)

In addition, players have a chance of receiving an epic and powerful Skill Rune Effect named Wealth after defeating Iar Kaya. Lost Ark has a special type of rune, Wealth Runes, which increases the player’s identity gauge upon skill hits, depending on how rare the rune is. 

Although the Identity Gauge is unique to each class, any boost in your identity is extremely valuable no matter what your class is. Iar Kaya drops the Epic Wealth Rune, which will grant players a 30% Identity Gauge boost. Skills generating plenty of Identity are best suited for these runes.

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In addition to the rewards that can be acquired by completing the Lagoon Island objectives, players can also obtain useful items from the Lagoon Island merchant by purchasing various clams. According to the rarity of the clams, players will receive Ability Stones.

Lost Ark Lagoon Island Mokoko seeds 

Laoon Island mokoko seeds location
Mokoko seeds location (YouTube)

Only one Mokoko Seed location is available on Lagoon Island, where players can get awesome rewards from the Mokoko Seed vendor. See the above image for the location.

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