Hearthstone Arena Tier List – Tips and Strategies (July 2023)

We have brought you the Hearthstone Arena tier list along with some best tips and strategies that will help you to win the game easily.

Hearthstone Arena is a card game. This free-to-play game supports cross-platform play by using the same lore of Warcraft characters, elements, and relics. This allows the players on any device to compete with one another. The only restriction is the geographical region accounts.

It features a variety of game modes in which players can battle each other and enjoy the game. The game modes come in two forms: single-player solo experiences and multiplayer matchmaking modes. Single-player game modes include Adventures, Missions, and a Practice mode. The multiplayer modes include Arena, Battlegrounds, Duels, and Tavern Brawls. In this Hearthstone Arena Tier List, we will be focusing only on the Arena game mode.

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There are lots of game modes in Hearthstone Arena. In these game modes, the players can battle against one another. There are two forms of game modes: Single-player and multiplayer. However, to enjoy the game at its best, you will need to know the best things about it. For that, we have the Hearthstone Arena tier list for you. Our tier list will rank the best class and cards from S to D tier. 

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Hearthstone Arena Tier List: S Tier

WarlockLord Godfrey, Fire breather, Ring Matron, Cascading Disaster, Demonic Assault, Entitled Customer

Hearthstone Arena Tier List: A Tier

Demon HunterExpendable Performers, Ysera the Dreamer, Alexstrasza the Life-Binder, Venomous Scorpid, Illidari Inquisitor
WarriorDeathwing the Destroyer, Sword Eater, Outrider’s Axe, Venomous Scorpid, Dragon Roar, Livewire Lance
MageGrand Finale, Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron, Firework Elemental, Reckless Apprentice, Flamestrike, Fire Sale
PaladinTruesilver Champion, Wrapped Golem, Hammer of the Naaru, Seedcloud Buckler, Venomous Scorpid
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Hearthstone Arena Tier List: B Tier

ShamanHex, Tiny Toys, Ysera the Dreamer, Earth Revenant, Whack-A-Gnoll Hammer, Varian, King of Stormwind, Fire Elemental, Venomous Scorpid
HunterVenomstrike Bow, Rinling’s Rifle, Imported Tarantula, Rats of Extraordinary Size, Desert Spear, Baited Arrow, Pack Kodo

Hearthstone Arena Tier List: C Tier

DruidPark Panther, Arbor Up, Druid of the Plains, Oasis Surger, Greybough

Hearthstone Arena Tier List: D Tier

RogueSI:7 Agent, Silas Darkmoon, Enthusiastic Banker, Pharaoh Cat, Oil Rig Ambusher
PriestSerena Bloodfeather, Elekk Mount, Blood of G’huun, Holy Nova, Shadow Word: Death
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Hearthstone Arena Tips and Strategies

Mana cost

If you want to win Arena easily then you have to build a deck that is capable of being played on a curve. This means that you will have to get a deck that can give you the max value out of your mana each turn.

Know your Cards

You will need to have some good knowledge of the class and its specific cards. Just choosing randomly any class or cards won’t help you. You will need to have good knowledge about its powers and abilities. Learn how you can take advantage of the situations with your class or cards and take control over the board. When you understand this, you will surely be at the top of the game. 

Gameplay (Blizzard)

Choosing the right minion

You should constantly keep in mind the impact a minion has on the board. Now, the most important thing you have to keep in mind about the minions is to give priority to the HP over their attack. Yes, high attack power will be very appealing and you will feel that you can attack more aggressively in the Arena. 

Everyone loves to attack. However, high attack power means low health. If the health of the minion is low, it might not survive for that long in the game. What will be the use of all that attack power where you don’t have the minion to use. Therefore, when you use a minion who has a good HP, the opponents will find it difficult to remove them. 

Cutscene (Blizzard)
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The synergy between cards is very beneficial for you. It increases the individual value of a card and sometimes it makes some amazing combinations too. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind about synergy. Never ever take a card that has a synergy with a card that you don’t have. 

If you are blindly taking it thinking that you might come up with a card from the draft to match this synergy, then this is a very high level of risk. Always, try to pick cards based on the individual value they have. A good choice is also to pick a card that will form a good synergy with cards that you already have with you.

So this was all about the Hearthstone Arena tier list and some tips and strategies that you should keep in mind while playing the game. You can totally go with your own choices of classes and cards. The tier list is just based on the overall abilities in the game. This might be different for every individual. So, you can always do some experiments and find the best choice for yourself. 

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