Don’t know which class to use in XCOM 2? Read our best XCOM 2 classes list that will guide you to pick the best class.

In the ongoing alien occupation of Earth, you are the commander of the XCOM military. This turn-based game is from a top-down perspective. Command a squad of soldiers to kill the aliens. Ranger, Grenadier, Specialist, Sharpshooter, and Psi operative are the five character classes in the game with their distinct soldier abilities. There are some other classes in the game as well that were added through the DLCs. Below is the list of the best XCOM 2 classes.

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Best XCOM 2 Classes


Templars usually attack with their shard gauntlets. They are melee-based soldiers who wield an auto pistol. However, it is not that powerful. The reason they are among the best XCOM 2 classes is because of their ability to retreat. This is very beneficial for your team. They can easily eliminate the weak enemies to gain their focus meter. 

Templar class
Templar (YouTube)

Psi Operative

The major problem with this class is that they are not available at the beginning of the game. In addition to that, you will need to have Dr. Richard Tygan to build a Psi lab that will train the Psi Operatives. This is very time-consuming, and many players will try to avoid it. However, it is really worth your time. Training this class will definitely not be a waste of time. They can control the enemies’ minds and protect their teammates. Additionally, Psi Operative can remotely detonate grenades and grant a bonus action to the team.

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Sharpshooter comes with two builds: Sniper and Gunslinger. If you love sniping then this is the best option. Go to rooftops, stay far away and snipe at aliens. If you choose gunslinger, you will have a pistol that will help you to shoot multiple times in a round. 


Grenadier class in XCOM 2
Grenadier (YouTube)

The name itself says everything. This class believes in explosions. They are the most dangerous of the classes since they carry a minigun cannon as well as a grenade launcher. They are a crucial element of the team. However, the only problem is their ammo is limited in the early game. 

You can ignore this because the Grenadier can do lots of things for you, like, destroying the enemy armor, and their covers, doing AoE damage and dealing major damage to a single target. This is the go-to class if your enemy has high HP, or they have armor. Grenadiers have a large variety of grenades to use.

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If you want to rush forward and attack the enemies, the Rangers is for you. They are one of the best classes on the frontline. They have great offensive attacks with their shotgun and other melee combos. If you like to play offensively, this class is for you.


Specialists can help you get into restricted locations and do more damage to robotic enemies. Not only that, but they can also heal their injured teammates. You can heal them multiple times in a single mission. Specialists can also reveal hidden enemies. This class has lots of abilities that you can benefit from.

So these were the best XCOM 2 classes according to us. You can always try to experiment with each class to know which suits you the best. 

Specialist is the Best Classes in XCOM 2
Specialists (YouTube)

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