We have brought you the Bloodborne weapon tier list. Learn which is the best weapon in the game and use it for your victory.

Bloodborne is a game that you can play from a third-person view. This action role-playing game features elements that are found in Souls games. In the game, you will play in different locations and fight different types of enemies and bosses. There are lots of things that you can do, like collecting items, interacting with NPCs, and more.

The game has many weapons that you can choose from to defeat the enemies and the bosses. Each weapon is unique in its own way. All of them have their own abilities that will help you. But which weapon is the best? What weapons should you pick? The answer is in our Bloodborne weapon tier list. Our list will rank the weapons based on their overall performance.

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Bloodborne Weapon Tier List: S Tier

  • Whirligig Saw
  • Hunter Ax
  • Ludwig’s Holy Blade

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List: A Tier

  • Holy Moonlight Sword
  • Kos Parasite
  • Rakuyo
  • Burial Blade
  • Blade Of Mercy

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List: B Tier

  • Chikage
  • Simon’s Bowblade
  • Church Pick
  • Bloodletter

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List: C Tier

  • Beast Cutter
  • Beast Claw
Gameplay (YouTube)
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It is not necessary that the weapons in the lower tier are bad for you. It’s possible that the weapons in the lower tier might be the best for you according to your play style. You can always try different weapons and keep experimenting to know which one is the best for you. Below, we will be explaining some of the best weapons in Bloodborne. 

Ludwig’s Holy Blade

This weapon is super fast and its combos are deadly. If you have a playstyle to rush forward and start attacking enemies, then Ludwig’s Holy Blade is best suited for you. 

Whirligig Saw

The name itself is self-explanatory. This saw can simply grind through enemies and kill them all in a matter of seconds. It is one of the most deadly weapons available in the game.

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Gameplay (YouTube)

Blade Of Mercy

Blade of Mercy is one of the best weapons that is somehow underrated. This short dual blade will help you to attack quickly and will also help with defense. A high-skill pro player will surely know how to use this weapon at its best. 

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