We have brought you the Free Fire Max guide with some tips. Also, know the difference between Free Fire and Free Fire Max in the end. 

Free Fire Max is nothing but a better version of the Free Fire. The Free Fire Max has great graphics and visuals, realistic animations, more difficulty, and much more compared to the normal Free Fire. If you are a new player, you might get confused and face a few difficulties while playing the game. Keeping all these things in mind, we have made a Free Fire Max guide for you. This guide has some of the best tips and tricks that you need to know. 

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Free Fire Max Guide: Explore and Learn 

If you are new to the game, it is recommended that you start playing and learn more. You don’t have to win all the matches at the beginning. It is fine to lose too. In Garena Free Fire MAX, maps are not randomized like in most battle royale games. 

Therefore, the more you explore and immerse yourself in it, the more familiar you will become with its layout and terrain. Even if trying to memorize this enormous map is tough, identifying key areas bit by bit will lead to greater success in searching for resources or strategizing around engagements.

Free Fire Max Guide: Characters

As a starting character, you have access to two default characters in Garena Free Fire MAX. You can unlock other characters to use their skills in combination with the passive traits of your character. The process of racking up shards and unlocking or upgrading characters will take some time, but they are all better options than the default characters.

You’ll be able to determine the one who is most suited to you if you have a good grasp of each of your characters’ distinct characteristics. Knowing how to use each character does not entail only knowing their strengths and weaknesses. Both for cooperative and competitive reasons, it would be advantageous for you to have a solid idea of the special traits of each character.

New characters
Free Fire Max Characters
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Sounds will help you in the fight

This is a very basic thing that you must do in every battle royale game. There are many different sounds that you will have to focus on in the game. If an enemy shoots you with a sniper, the sound will be different from a normal gun. You will have to quickly spot the sniper or just hide somewhere for the time being. The other sound you have to keep in mind is footsteps. When an enemy is running close to you, you can hear the footsteps. This can be very beneficial to be prepared to attack first. 

Danger Zone

A bit of a change was made to the Danger Zone compared to the original Free Fire, where it appeared to be easier to identify. When playing Free Fire MAX, the giant blue portal leading to the DZ can be difficult to spot at first. This version of the game has a bit more clarity, so you’ll need to be more alert when it is closing in. Since you can see lightning, you can recognize it more easily.

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Go for the guns that suit your gameplay

It is always recommended that pick the guns that are best suited for you. Don’t try to use guns just because everyone is using them unless you are perfect with them. You might play great with some other gun that all players are not using. This is completely okay. So try out all the guns at first and then decide which one is the best for you.

Free Fire Max Gameplay
gameplay (YouTube)

Free Fire vs Free Fire Max

There is not a big difference in both the games. Read the below to know the difference between Free Fire and Free Fire Max.

New features, characters, and customization

A number of features are included in Free Fire Max, such as new characters, abilities, and more. Garena Free Fire Max also allows players to customize maps that they play on. The feature is called Craftland.

Free Fire Max craftland Gameplay
Craftland gameplay (YouTube)
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One of the most important reasons Free Fire Max was made is to improve the graphics. It includes ultra HD texture and better visual graphics compared to the normal Free Fire.

Draw Distance

In Free Fire Max, higher draw distances are achieved by using high-end devices. It is the best news for you if you are a sniper. This is because snipers can have a great chance to snipe out the enemies from long distances because of the draw distance. With this, it becomes more real and easy for you to spot the enemies.

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