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La Signora’s true name is Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter, and she is also known as The Fair Lady. She is Fatui’s eighth Harbinger of the Eleven. She first employs the Cryo element, but her true element is Pyro. The Fatui gave her the Cryo Delusion to help her innate propensity for the art of liquid flame.

Signora is determined to rid the world of disease, even if it means losing her own life in the process. La Signora has led a turbulent existence, but for those who seek her desired prizes, her narrative concludes in a conflict in which our Travelers are forced to participate: the Signora Boss Fight.

Signora (YouTube)
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When players finish Inazuma’s Archon questline, which debuted in Genshin Impact 2.1, they will be able to access the Signora Boss Fight. The weekly domain, like Dvalin and Childe’s boss domains, may be obtained by completing the Archon questline. In addition to the usual Trounce Domain prizes, Signora drops special materials for rising Raiden Shogun and Kujou Sara. Here is our Genshin Impact Signora guide that will help you to beat her.

Genshin Impact Signora Guide: Preparation

Even the most seasoned players should take caution when facing Signora, as the fight is not particularly difficult. Defeating her two distinct phases requires different strategies, but with the right composition, Signora’s fires can easily be put out. There is certainly an interesting boss fight, but it comes at the expense of her riveting story.

When you have enough mitigation or healing, most compositions should work on Signora. Using food consumables or playing Co-op mode is a good solution if you find yourself undergeared or underleveled. Several things are worth noting about Signora, including the Cryo phase and the Pyro phase. 

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The more shielders you have in your team, the easier the fight will be because shields nullify most of the incoming damage. When Signora’s Cryo phase is active, Diona’s Cryo shield will be very effective, while Xinyan’s Pyro shield will be very effective when his Pyro phase is active. Due to its insane durability and fortifying abilities, Zhongli’s shield is also excellent in both phases.

Genshin Impact Signora fight
Gameplay (YouTube)

A “Cocoon Phase” follows the Cryo phase in Signora, where Elemental Reactions affecting Cryo are needed to progress. The cocoon shield will be depleted by picking up and using Crimson moths which will spawn. Bringing in Pyro characters, however, will make this phase easier since you will be able to deplete the shield faster. You can choose from Ayaka, Hu Tao, Zhongli, Qiqi, Diluc, Eula too in your team.

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Genshin Impact Signora Guide: First Phase

As part of the first phase, Signora only targets the player with Cryo attacks. It will accelerate when Sheer Cold accumulates, and Signora will deal Cryo DoT with her attacks. As a countermeasure, Pyro sigils are placed at each corner of the arena, and getting close to them drains the Sheer Cold. These sigils can also be broken by players, which will immediately remove all Sheer Cold and any Frosted Floor in that quadrant. Cryo attacks can be performed by Signora in several different ways, including:

Signora (YouTube)
  • Raining Icicles: Ice begins to fall on the player’s position in a small area.
  • Ice Shards: Calls forth ice shards in a straight line toward the player.
  • Ice Flower Bombs: Summons three ice flowers that explode after a short while.
  • Cryo Wheel: Produces an ice wheel that rolls towards the player.
  • Cryo Spears: Signora fires five spears that follow the player and collide when they reach him.
  • Massive Ice Spear: Players will see a spearhead above them, which will hit them after a few moments and deal massive damage.

It is easy to telegraph and dodge most of these moves, but to mitigate them with Diona’s shield, this phase of the fight is very straightforward. After Signora’s HP is depleted, she will turn into an Icy Cocoon, which has a Cryo shield that needs to be depleted. Pyro attacks are extremely powerful, but if you don’t have one, you can pick up Crimson Moths, which give you Pyro power.

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Genshin Impact Signora Guide: Second Phase

second phase of the fight
Phase two fight (YouTube)

In phase two of the fight, Signora will become the Crimson Witch after she has depleted her Cocoon shield. The player will be affected by Blazing Heat during this phase, and Signora’s attacks will increase the Blazing Heat gauge. A cryo sigil will appear at each corner of the arena, where players can reduce the Blazing Heat by getting close to it. In addition to being broken, the Cryo sigils will also reset the Blazing Heat gauge and cleanse the Embered Ground on that quadrant of the arena.

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A flaming tornado will turn into Signora once her HP reaches a critical level, sweeping the arena and summoning micro-tornadoes that wander around at random. It is just a matter of being patient and dodging the tornadoes or mitigating damage. Once a move is completed, players can begin to finish Signora, and end the fight.

Genshin Impact Signora' tornado
Tornado attack (YouTube)


Once you defeat/survive La Signora, you will obtain materials that can be used to upgrade your character’s abilities. They are Molten Moments, Hellfire Butterflies, and Ashen Hearts. The Molten Moments materials are used by Aloy and Raiden Shogun, and the Ashen Hearts materials are used by Kujou Sara.

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