Here is a Genshin Impact guide that will teach you how to beat the Golden Wolflord in the game. Follow the guide and beat the boss to get rewards.

Golden Wolflord is a big boss in Genshin Impact that may seem great as it glides about the arena like some strange creature, but it has a few irritating elements for players to struggle with. Golden Wolflord is a very difficult challenge if your team lacks a high-leveled Geo member, as it is vulnerable to Geo damage in its second phase.

Genshin Impact introduced Golden Wolflord as the leader of the Rifthounds on Tsurumi Island. Before starting “Through the Mists” and accessing this island, players need to complete the “Seirai Stormchasers” questline. Players can find Golden Wolflord while exploring Tsurumi. The below guide will tell you how to beat the Golden Wolflord in Genshin Impact.

Battle with Golden Wolflord
Battle with Golden Wolflord (YouTube)
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Golden Wolflord location

To the south of the island is an arena in which the Golden Wolflord boss can be found. In Version 2.2, the Shadows of the Ancients event took place in the arena where the Anomalous Ruin Grader battled us. You can speak with the Wolflord by simply walking towards the glowing rift and approaching it.

Golden Wolflord attacks

  • Beam: The Wolflord fires his beam at the enemy.
  • Spin Attack: A quick flick of the tail
  • Vortex: An Anemo Hypostasis-like vortex attack. It is not damageable during this phase, so you should run away. 
  • Wolf Heads: You will be targeted by three explosive wolf heads. 
  • Snake: The boss moves around the arena before falling over on its back. 
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How to beat the Golden Wolflord: Phase one

Golden Wolflord shooting skulls
Gold Wolflord’s skull attack (YouTube)

Gold Wolflord’s first phase consists of five different attacks. Ningguang can dodge or block the golden beam that the boss uses in Genshin Impact. During use of the beam, the Golden Wolflord will move slowly, so players can dodge out of the way and dash at it to score some hits. 

Players can also avoid the boss’s tornado and tailspin attacks by running around the arena quickly. If players stand just outside the arena, the tornado can be avoided. However, they should be careful not to stray too far from the arena, or the boss will disappear. The players will be at risk from Golden Wolflord’s homing skulls and dash attack during phase one. The Golden Wolflord will always use its homing attack with three skulls to dodge, and it will dash a few times as well. 

Because Golden Wolflord floats just out of melee range, players may need to use long-range attacks or wait for it to come down before or after it attacks. Phase two of the game will begin once Golden Wolflord’s health is slightly below half.

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How to beat the Golden Wolflord: Phase two

How to beat the Golden Wolflord in the second phase
Destroying one of the wolf heads around the arena (YouTube)

When the Golden Wolflord summons three wolf heads around the arena, he gains a shield. During this phase, you must disable the wolf heads by dealing elemental damage to them. Meanwhile, corrosive projectiles will be fired periodically at you, and the Wolflord will use AoE attacks on you. Now is the time to use any Geo leveled characters you may have.

You should still be able to smash the wolf heads with a level one Geo character, but be very careful, because one projectile will be the end. Any elemental damage that isn’t Geo will only cause a little damage to the heads. When you destroy them, the boss becomes stunned for a while, which allows you to deal damage and finish it off.


Riftborn Regalia, the boss material you need to level Arataki Itto, is the most important thing you can gain from the Golden Wolflord. In order to fully ascend him, you will need 46, so about 20 battles with the Golden Wolflord are required. Additional rewards include:

  • Three-star Travelling Doctor artifacts
  • Three or four-star Instructor artifacts
  • Four or five-star Wanderer’s Troupe artifacts
  • Prithiva Topaz
  • Four or five-star Gladiator’s Finale artifacts
  • Three or four-star Exile artifacts

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