In Sound Mind Guide – Everything You Should Know

Are you ready for a psychological horror game? Read our In Sound Mind guide that will tell you everything that you should know before you start playing.

The Living Tombstone provides original music and unique boss fights to the game, ‘In Sound Mind‘, an imaginative first-person psychological horror. The one place you can’t seem to escape is your own mind, a journey deep within the workings of your mind.

The environment takes on a life of its own as you awake in the corridors of an inexplicable building and you discover a series of victims. They have all been exposed to the same experimental chemical. As you search for answers, bizarre visions emerge and reveal an array of frightening horrors…and a cat named Tonia. We have covered everything that you should know in our In Sound Mind guide.

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In Sound Mind Guide: Get lights on

To progress through a dark area, players will need a flashlight as they begin the game. Players can use the flashlight to traverse the darkness and turn on the lights by activating the switch.

In Sound Mind Guide: Collect the pistol pieces 

Grab the key next to the switch after you have turned on the lights. The key will allow you entry into the laundry room. Insert the fuse from the laundry machine that is running into the other washing machine to make it move and reveal the pistol grip hidden in the hole behind it.

On Desmond’s desk, a cat will knock a button to the ground after listening to some tapes. Once players grab the button, they can move on to the next area, which is a long hallway with two paths. The maintenance room is on the left, near the end of the hall. Below the table is a pistol barrel.

In Sound Mind house
House (Sony)

There is a vending machine on the second floor with boxes you can use to reach the top. A gun can be crafted at a table next to the switch that turns on the lights at the beginning of the game if you have all three pieces.

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The Second Tape

The gameplay shows what happens after Desmond encounters the second tape. A strange lighthouse, isolated highways, thick forests, and a deserted coastal area are featured in the second tape. With the second tape, players are thrust into an open-world playground, offering a completely different approach to combat and exploration than the homo mart.

Get the Shotgun as soon as possible

If you play In Sound Mind for a while, you might no longer be interested in the pistol. A shotgun is a logical step if you are looking to expand your arsenal. In Sound Mind’s shotgun can be acquired by completing an optional puzzle, unlike its pistol, which required different parts to be assembled.

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A gas mask will be difficult to achieve

Gas mask
Gas Mask (Sony)

You will come across several puddles of toxic sludge during your journey through In Sound Mind. As soon as you begin a new file, a gas mask will appear through a window, but the door next to it will be locked. This room doesn’t require a key to access. It will take a few hours to get the mask. The first thing you’ll have to do is finish Virginia’s tape, which is the first of the major playable chapters exploring Desmond’s past patients. 

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