We have brought you the Genshin Impact Noelle guide. Learn all about her weapons, artifacts, and much more so that you can put her on your team. 

We have fallen in love with a wide range of characters in Genshin’s story. Everyone has their own back story, as well as their own unique talents and skills. The game’s lore has been enhanced since its launch through the addition of more characters and information about their backgrounds through in-game events.

Noelle is a playable Genshin Impact character. Her goal is to join the Knights of Favonius one day as a dutiful maid while she waits for the right moment. Supporting a team with both healing and shielding is one of her strong suits, but don’t dismiss her DPS capabilities, especially at higher Constellation Levels. Noelle’s birthday is on 21st March. Her age is expected to be 15 years, while her height is 158 cm. To know more about her, read our Genshin Impact Noelle guide below.

Noelle (YouTube)
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Genshin Impact Noelle Guide: Weapons

Genshin Impact Noelle gameplay
Noelle gameplay (YouTube)


The fact that Noelle has this weapon at her disposal is arguably the most powerful weapon available to her. Noelle’s DEF% is a crucial sub-stat because her whole kit scales off of it, and her Infusion Blade ability enhances it further. 

Furthermore, Whiteblind can be forged, so it is relatively easy to both obtain and refine. Whenever you use Whiteblind, wait until you have fully stacked Infusion Blade before launching Noelle’s Elemental Burst. Before you activate it, it is recommended that you have all your damage amps active.

Sacrificial Greatsword

This is another good weapon you should look out for. Whiteblind’s innate DEF% scaling is not present in Sacrificial Greatsword, but the Energy Recharge can be used as a substitute. Breastplate’s cooldown can also be reduced by “Composed,” as “Nice and Clean” further decreases its cooldown. For a support or healer build, it is great, and not bad for a DPS build either.

The Unforged

The 20% shield strength boost from Golden Majesty boosts the Breastplate’s power and smooths out some of its flaws. The Unforged revolves around Noelle shielding herself, then staying shielded so that she can benefit from the enormous damage boost provided by the weapon while shielded.

As a DPS choice, consider running full Retracing Bolide as an artifact set to maximize her DPS uptime and focus on the shields as the best damage strategy. C6 again emphasizes the importance of this choice.

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Skyward Pride

Look no further than Skyward Pride if you want an aggressive DPS build. The Energy Recharge stat still has some utility, but Sky-ripping Dragon Spine makes Noelle’s Elemental Burst extremely powerful. Watch the vacuum blades at work after setting Breastplate and Sweeping Time. While she is in the middle of wailing on enemies, she can still provide good healing. With Noelle at Constellation Level 6, this build becomes a lot more important as her DEF to ATK conversion increases.

Genshin Impact Noelle Guide: Artifacts

Noelle combat style
Noelle gameplay (YouTube)

Full Maiden Beloved

When you need a supportive, shielding Noelle, Full Maiden Beloved is the way to go. With Noelle, you maximize healing output, which sometimes requires a little boost, and takes full advantage of the 50%+ chance to heal on hit with the breastplate in use. Using “I Got Your Back” makes use of Noelle’s 100% chance to heal on hit when both her Elemental Skill and Burst are active at once if you have Constellation Level 1 or higher.

 Defender’s Will 

Two pieces of Defender’s Will plus two pieces of Maiden Beloved are also good options. In exchange for higher defensive stats, it sacrifices some healing power, which results in stronger shields and higher DPS when Sweeping Time is activated.

Retracing Bolide

Retracing Bolide can be substituted for Defender’s Will for more reliable healing on the field. Stronger shields mean less chance of them getting broken, so more healing is possible. However, such effects only apply to the person who wears the artifact. When Noelle is not on the field, the utility of Breastplate is greatly diminished, and you don’t have the raw healing stats of straight Maiden Beloved.

The benefits of having Noelle on your team

importance of Noelle
Noelle gameplay (YouTube)

It’s not difficult to get the most out of Noelle. Her Elemental Skill and her Burst are most valuable when she is on the field. If you need healing for your team, activate Breastplate. If not, switch to another character so they can benefit from the shield while putting out damage. Furthermore, if you want to maximize the damage and healing output of Noelle, activate Sweeping Time as well.

Bear in mind that Noelle only heals when Breastplate’s shield is active. Once the shield breaks, you can no longer heal. So, if you want to ensure maximum healing, you have to be careful not to play Noelle too aggressively. While it’s less of an issue if you prioritize her for DPS, it’s still something you should keep in mind.

With her Constellation Level 6 ability, “Must Be Spotless,” Noelle’s DEF is converted into ATK by an additional 50% with Sweeping Time. With the appropriate setup, Noelle becomes a powerful DPS machine. You can watch heads roll with the appropriate setup. Team comps with Elemental Reactions already in place would benefit from her presence since she doesn’t add much value on that front as a Geo character. Noelle is a worthy candidate for healer and shielder roles.

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