Want some of the best characters in your Apex team? Take a look at our top 10 Apex Legends characters list and take the win in your pocket.

Apex Legends is a multiplayer online battle royale game in which squads of three players control predefined characters with unique skills known as “Legends”. Since the game’s debut, new modes have been added that allow players to play either alone or in groups of two. 

To commercialize the free-to-play game, microtransactions and loot boxes are employed. This allows the user to purchase cosmetics like new Legends armor and weapon colors with both real money and in-game cash. However, the most interesting part of the game is its characters. So here are the Top 10 Apex Legends characters.

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Top 10 Apex Legends Characters

1. Bloodhound

Apex Legends Character Bloodhound
Bloodhound (Electronic Arts)

Bloodhound is at the top of our list of the top 10 Apex Legends characters. In Apex Legends, Bloodhound is still the greatest legend. Although their skills don’t deal any damage, their tracking talents are unrivaled, and you’ll be at a disadvantage if you don’t have a Bloodhound in your squad. Despite being at the top of the heap, Bloodhound hasn’t seen any substantial adjustments in a few seasons and remains well balanced. When it comes to squad composition and scoping out adversaries, they’re still as good as they’ve always been.

The Ultimate ability, Beast of the Hunt, transforms Bloodhound into a killing machine for a short period of time, displaying foes in red as if they were a digital danger and allowing Bloodhound to observe enemy movements on the ground. 

The scan is the heart of the Bloodhound’s arsenal, allowing you and your friends to see adversaries in the vicinity through barriers. The sole disadvantage of the scan is that foes will be aware that they’ve been scanned and, as a result, will be aware that you’re around – but the advantage is still in your favor.

2. Gibraltar

Apex Legends Character Gibraltar
Gibraltar (Electronic Arts)

Characters like Gibraltar are referred to as the backbone of a team. In games rated at a high level, Gibby has become a must-have but isn’t used as frequently in games rated lower. It’s possible that he could zone your opponent with his Ultimate ability, and the Dome Shield could save not just you, but the whole team as well. As there is nothing stopping them from entering, you must keep a close eye out for potential opponents who may use it.

3. Valkyrie

Apex Legends Character valkyrie
Valkyrie (Electronic Arts)

From the sky, Valkyrie has the ability to reign fire down on her enemies. She is a high-flying Legend. Your teammates and you are able to launch into the air together with Skyward Dive, which is her Ultimate Ability. Additionally, teammates within your line of sight will be highlighted as you fly.

The jetpacks, her main passive, let Valkyrie get to almost any point on the map. This allows her to gain an instant advantage, but they are very noisy, and this is one of the biggest downsides. The jetpack is also not capable of firing weapons. Using the tactical, enemies are bombarded with an avalanche of mini rockets, which do little damage but stun enemies, allowing them to be easily eliminated.

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4. Wraith

Apex Legends Character wraith
Wraith (Electronic Arts)

With each passing season, Wraith has become one of the most popular Legends in Apex Legends. With her abilities, she is able to cause chaos on the battlefield in large part. At all skill levels, she remains one of the most frequently picked Legends. She uses her passive to let her know when she is being watched, which is helpful, but not particularly fascinating. 

Nevertheless, her tactical and ultimate skills provide her with considerable mobility and utility. As one of the game’s best abilities, the latter grants her invulnerability and a 30% speed boost to aid her in resetting failed fights. When she and her allies are caught in a challenging situation, this portal allows them to reorient themselves.

5. Ash

Ash (Electronic Arts)

The first pilot to participate in the Apex games is Ash from Season 11. Ash’s kit is sure to be a popular pick at launch, based on immediate results. Unlike Wraith, she has a single-direction Ultimate with a shorter range than Wraith. In contrast, the cooldown period is much shorter, and it’s much faster to use. 

Ash’s passive is perhaps her greatest strength. Finding death boxes and then using her data knife to locate enemy squads instantly. The arc snare, her tactical weapon, is probably the weakest part of her kit, but that doesn’t make it bad. The tool can still be useful both in close-range gunfights and for softening up an opponent for an easier push. 

6. Octane

Octane (Electronic Arts)

Octane is one of the most exciting characters to play since he is one of the fastest tricksters in the game. He’s a blast to play since he uses his stim to sprint incredibly fast, soars over adversaries with his jump pad, and heals on the go. 

The jump pad is one of Apex’s strongest moving abilities, and it may be utilized by both teammates and adversaries. Octane’s talents won’t help you win many gunfights compared to the S-tier heroes, but if speed is all you care about, Octane is your legend.

7. Caustic

Caustic (Electronic Arts)

As Caustic becomes more dangerous with his Gas, an experienced Caustic player on your team can make the difference between winning and losing in organized team composition. If he can set up a smattering of his gas traps in a building or other constrained environment, It can be fantastic for area denial. In addition, he can also use his ultimate to push teams out of cover while also providing cover to healers and rezzers.

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8. Lifeline

Lifeline (Electronic Arts)

Lifeline can literally save your life with her supportive abilities, making her a great addition to your squad. Despite being able to revive two players at the same time, Lifeline continues to fight. Her drone has also been upgraded to heal faster, at 8HP per second. 

A huge improvement to Lifeline’s Ultimate also came in Season 9 as it now ensures that your gear will be upgraded. In a lot of Apex matches, capturing a Legendary or Epic piece of equipment can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Lifeline remains one of the best characters to have on your team.

9. Pathfinder

Pathfinder (Electronic Arts)

It used to be that Pathfinder was among the best Legends to play, but successive nerfs have reduced him to the ‘B’ tier. However, he is one of the most enjoyable characters to play, and if you can master his grapple, you can move like none other.

You can still use the Grapple to escape quickly or push up on your weak opponent while they are still vulnerable. He still has unrivaled movement, and his Zipline Ultimate works similarly to the Wraith’s portal, allowing your team to get out of tight spots and to reach hard-to-reach locations.

10. Horizon

Horizon (Electronic Arts)

Horizon has established herself as one of the most well-known Legends since her introduction in Season 7. As a result, her tactical ability resembles a faster variation of Pathfinder’s and Wraith’s ultimate abilities. It will only take her and her team a few seconds to reach high ground. Horizon no longer belongs in the ‘S’ tier, despite the fact that she is still a popular pick despite the current changes.

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