Are you facing difficulties on how to beat Kuroki the Artist in Sifu?  Do not worry. We are here with a guide to help you out.

Kuroki is a well-known artist as his name indicates. In the detective board of the player character, Kuroki is Japanese but was exiled for unknown reasons, and now lives in China. It is generally easier to complete Sifu’s third level, The Museum, than The Club. 

However, up until this point, you haven’t faced anything as challenging as the boss, Kuroki the Artist. The trick to avoiding her moves is to parry and dodge her moves at the same time. Additionally, she moves differently from the first phase to the second phase. Here is our guide that will tell you how to beat Kuroki The Artist in detail.

How to beat Kuroki The Artist
Gameplay (YouTube)
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How to beat Kuroki The Artist: First Phase Attack Patterns

The first is the most basic: Kuroki swings her bladed staff left then right, then two downward strokes, then she leaps forward or retreats. Her movements are among the slowest, so it is easy to avoid. It is recommended for players to avoid all the swings within this pattern. Finally, players can dodge Kuroki’s leap one last time and retaliate with their own attacks.

Kuroki’s second attack pattern entails her swinging her staff rapidly whilst approaching the player. The player cannot do anything until the attack has finished if they are caught by this attack. Due to Kuroki’s movement towards the players, dodging to the side or doing a backflip is unlikely to work. The best thing to do is dodge first, then punish.

The third attack pattern for Kuroki alternates between low and high attacks. After swinging low and high, she will swing a few more times afterward. By keeping a distance and then running in after the last attack, the player can easily avoid and punish this attack. Dodging the highs and lows and then punishing will be a bit more challenging, but it will lead to a better punishment. 

As with the previous patterns, the player must dodge high attacks in order to avoid them. The player will get hit if they use the wrong dodge. The player can punish Kuroki after the fourth dodge before he or she continues attacking. 

The Fourth attack pattern ends the phase one

Fighting Kuroki The Artist
Gameplay (YouTube)

The fourth Kuroki pattern is the most difficult. Attacks vary between high and low, but they are more challenging this time. Kuroki in Sifu will perform a stunning performance of martial arts choreography, beginning with a high-level strike and swinging low, high, low, and high. Furthermore, determining whether she is employing the high-low-low-high-low rhythm or the low-high-low-high pattern might be difficult. Injuries might occur if one is mistaken for the other.

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Keeping a distance and noticing whether the first attack is high or low are the best ways for the player to avoid this mistake. The low-high-low-high pattern will be used if the attack is low. High-low-low-high-low is the pattern of an attack if the attack is high. The player will have enough time to react if they keep their distance. As well, the player doesn’t have to dodge the whole string of attacks to punish Kuroki. Just making it past the last attack will give them an opening.

How to beat Kuroki The Artist: Phase two

Kuroki attacking with kunai
Gameplay (YouTube)

Sifu’s exciting brawling will continue in Kuroki’s second phase after she has received enough punishment. It will be necessary for the player to learn a completely new set of moves in phase two. There will be three moves in phase two. First up is the flurry attack of Kuroki. A string of five attacks is delivered by her kunai, ending in a double slash. After the fifth attack, the player is able to dodge all these attacks with the L1/left stick down. 

Kuroki will attempt to kick the player in the air if he fails to punish. In addition to knocking the player back, this will damage the player’s health. The player can dodge this by pressing the L1/left stick down, or they can dodge to the side by pressing R2. Once the kick has been delivered, the player can punish.

In the second pattern, Kuroki throws kunai. There are two ways Kuroki throws kunai at a player: he can jump and throw a wave of kunai, or he can stand in place and throw two or three kunai one after another. Despite being able to dodge all kunai attacks with the left stick down, there is another strategy the player can utilize. 

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You can catch the Kunai

Catching kunai
Catching knife (YouTube)

A player can catch a kunai if they have the weapon catch skill unlocked, whether it is one of Sifu’s permanent upgrades or a temporary one. Afterward, the player can throw the kunai at Kuroki. Staggering her can be useful in order to continue to press for damage, but it can also be used to leave her vulnerable to attacks.

Kuroki’s rush attack is the last attack pattern. When the player is far away from her, she will dash forward to slice at them with her kunai. She uses two variations of this attack: in the first, she stands still then charges forward; in the second, she moves left and right before charging forward. Whenever she charges forward, the player will see the shine. It is possible to dodge the rush with L1/left stick down and then punish it as before.

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Sparing Kuroki’s life

Kuroki (YouTube)

She can be taken down fairly easily by punishing. Nevertheless, the player must play a little more dangerous if they wish to spare Kuroki’s life before her health is depleted. During the second phase of the game, if a boss’ health is depleted, the player will automatically kill it. Sparing a boss requires breaking the boss’ structure twice and then selecting the ‘Spare’ dialogue option. Parries are the best method to ensure this. 

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They break the structure of the enemy without impacting their health. Further, if the player has collected the Parry Impact reward from shrines around Sifu, their impact is even greater. Flurry and rush attacks by Kuroki are the best attacks to parry. The player can parry all five of her attacks consistently due to her flurry’s slow speed. Players who parry should be especially careful with their ensuing kick, since it will more likely break their structure. Parrying the rush attack is easier because it is well telegraphed. Whichever ending the player wants, with maneuvers like dodging, punishing, catching, and parrying, it will not be hard for them to defeat Kuroki.

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