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Genshin Impact is packed with sealed dungeons that contain fantastic prizes. The Cecilia Garden domain is one such dungeon that the player must uncover. It might be difficult to access Cecilia Garden in Genshin Impact because the game does not reveal anything. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this Cecilia Garden Genshin Impact tutorial, we will go through everything you need to know, from unlocking the domain to receiving the prizes.

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Genshin Impact Cecilia Garden

Genshin Impact Cecilia Garden
Genshin Impact Cecilia Garden (Image credit: Youtube)

The entrance to Cecilia Garden may be found in the Windwail Highland sector of the map, west of Mondstadt, but if you don’t satisfy specified criteria, the gate will be closed. If your adventure rank isn’t high enough, you can start working on the puzzle that will allow you to enter the Abyssal Domain. You’ll see a red ring circling the door, indicating that it’s locked, and it will only dissolve and let you in if you solve the problem.

How to unlock and solve the Seelie Puzzle

To unlock the Cecilia Garden, you must locate four spirits and return them to their respective shrines. You’ve undoubtedly met the Seelies, or spirits, before and are familiar with how they work. As of now, the first Seelie is in place, although its destination is covered in stone. When you break it with an attack, a flame is created to indicate that one has been activated.  

The second Seelie is located adjacent to the left entrance, among a small crowd of opponents. Simply cast a wind spell on the pillar to free the spirit and direct it to the bottom left pillar at the entryway.

Third, proceed to the right from the entrance, where you will find another group of adversaries around a spirit. Take them out to allow it to escape back to the pillars, igniting another one.

Genshin Impact Cecilia Garden
Genshin Impact Cecilia Garden (Image credit: Youtube)

The last Seelie is the most elusive of the bunch. Continue through the main doorway to the Cecilia Garden, which is located on the right side grassy area. Look for a four-carrot cluster in the ground and a purple electric crystal on the wall. You’ll notice a broken wall next to the crystal that you can demolish. To unleash the final spirit, smash it down. Unlike the others, you must establish touch with this one before it begins to return to the pillars.

Cecilia Garden in Genshin Impact will be unlocked if all the souls have been freed and guided to their proper locations. There are some valuable incentives to be had when you enter the domain and clear it. To be able to receive these prizes, you must have the Original Resin. You can read our tutorial on how to utilize and recover Original Resin in Genshin Impact if you don’t have enough.

Genshin Impact Cecilia Garden Rewards

The Cecilia Garden provides a variety of prizes that change on a regular basis. This implies that the incentives you receive will vary depending on what day of the week you complete the task. Mora and Primogems are the only prizes that haven’t changed. However, another ascending material continues to rotate.

Genshin Impact Cecilia Garden
Genshin Impact Cecilia Garden (Image credit: Youtube)
  • Monday and Thursday: Debris of Decarabian’s City, Fragments of Decarabian’s Epic, and Scattered Pieces of Decarabian’s Dream Monday and Thursday: Tile of Decarabian’s Tower
  • Tuesday and Friday: Boreal Wolf’s Nostalgia, Boreal Wolf’s Milk Tooth, Boreal Wolf’s Broken Fang, and Boreal Wolf’s Cracked Tooth,
  • Wednesday and Saturday: Chains of the Dandelion Gladiator, Shackles of the Dandelion Gladiator, Bonds of the Dandelion Gladiator, and Dream of the Dandelion Gladiator
  • Sunday: All

It is by far the most optimal time to tackle this Abyssal Domain on Sunday if you really want to maximize your time.

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