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In Genshin Impact, the Divine Bridle was a symbol of a Sunchild’s authority. To get this item, users must complete a series of missions assigned by Aberaku. This astral projection is the manifestation of someone who used to be Enkanomiya’s rescuer. Aberaku built a gadget that imitates the force of the “sun” while the people were living in darkness and dread.

Unfortunately, the peace did not endure long. While monsters are no longer a menace in Enkanomiya, the presence of this artificial light has resulted in certain twisted individuals attempting to gain control of the area. They encourage the populace to worship Dainichi Mikoshi as a result of this. Following that, these adversaries would select a youngster to be the “Sunchild,” influencing the child to perform what they wanted. Aberaku, of course, opposes this notion. Finally, Helios Forger was charged with high treason and sentenced to life in prison.

Aberaku’s soul is now hollow since he can’t recall what occurred while he was living. As a result, he requests that the Traveler take three fragments of his soul. Aberaku, on the other hand, determines that the Sunchild Token is useless to him. As a result, he gives the item to the Traveler instead. Players can use this guide to complete Aberaku’s challenges and get the Divine Bridle.

How to obtain Divine Bridle in Genshin Impact

It is advised that you gather at least three sigils of each kind before undertaking Hyperion’s Dirge World Quest, as they are necessary to begin all of the tasks. To begin Aberaku’s mission, Hyperion’s Dirge, players must go to three different sites in Enkanomiya. 

Each of them will have a sigil configuration that may be unlocked using the Key Sigil. Once all seals have been unlocked, an afterimage will appear in the center of the structure. To begin the task and receive the offers, speak with the NPC.

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Before going further, take a look at all Sigil locations below, because sigils give you many things in the game.

Sigil Locations

Finding these uncommon Keys is necessary for moving through Enkanomiya, and they can award players with excellent prizes. Collecting all 59 of these Sigils will lead to a plethora of Primogems and other hidden treasures, so fans should keep a watch out. Enkanomiya is a significant addition to the game, with loads of hidden boxes and loot distributed over its various islands. Players have a lot of lands to travel over here, and there are things around every turn. Rare Key Sigils are one of the area’s newest features.


Key Sigil I and II

The first set of Key Sigils may be discovered in a variety of locations, including the Evernight Temple, Dainichi Mikoshi, The Serpent’s Heart, and The Narrows. There are sixteen of these sigils to gather, some of which come in pairs of two. Key Sigil II may be found largely in the same places, with one of them appearing at Kunado’s Focus. These Sigils have a crashing wave design and may be used to unlock the same symbols that can be found throughout Enkanomiya. There are a total of nine to gather.

Key Sigil III, IV, and V

The eight key sigils III scattered across Enkanomiya are much farther apart. Players should grab the Sigil they find on the open sea before they struggle to find it later on. You only need to find eight of them. 

The Key Sigil IV is found on every island of the first three. It is important for players to keep an eye out for another one in the ocean. All fourteen are required to unlock the hidden markings, so fans should collect them all.

As with the first few key sigils, the final set can be found in the same general areas. Getting the last set of seals requires you to find the final Sigils. In total, there are 12 Key Sigil V to find. 

Divine Bridle in Genshin Impact: First Challenge

Sigil locations
The Narrows (Image credit: Genshin Impact)

Start by teleporting to the waypoint west of The Narrows and heading northeast. Unlock each boulder’s seal using Key Sigils. Start a challenge with Aberaku once it appears. In less than 30 seconds, you must defeat three Primordial Bathysmal Vishaps. You can collect the Precious Chest to receive rewards after completing the challenge. You will then receive an ‘Offering of The Narrows’ from Aberaku once more.

Divine Bridle in Genshin Impact: Second Challenge

The second challenge is found in Evernight Temple. You may teleport to the waypoint north of Evernight Temple and walk northwest until you come upon the sigil boulder. To begin the task, as previously, open each sigil’s seal and interact with Aberaku. 

Divine Bridle in Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact (Image credit: Genshin Impact)

You will battle two Rockfond Rifthound Whelp and one Rockfond Rifthound this round. To accomplish the challenge, defeat all opponents in under 60 seconds. After completing the task, claim the Precious Chest and speak with Aberaku to get ‘Offerings of the Temple.’

Divine Bridle in Genshin Impact: Third Challenge

To complete the last challenge, teleport to the waypoint in The Serpent’s Heart and proceed east. You must beat Pyro, Hydro, and Electro Abyss Mage in under one minute in this exam. After completing the tasks, you will get ‘Offerings of the Serpent’s Heart.’

When you’ve collected all three offers, you’ll be able to enter a hidden area beneath the teleport waypoint in Dainichi Mikoshi. Light the torches using a Pyro attack to reveal the path. There will be three altars where all offerings can be placed.

Divine Bridle in Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact (Image credit: Genshin Impact)

After submitting three offerings, a cutscene will begin, and a Phase Gate will materialize in front of the altar. You may teleport to the summit of Dainichi Mikoshi by passing through the gate. To finish the World Quest and get the Divine Bridle item, you must speak with Aberaku one last time at the summit of Dainichi Mikoshi.

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