The Parametric Transformer is one of many gadgets and items you can use in Genshin Impact, and its ability to transmute gives it the utmost power.

Aside from the major story objectives and character quests that contribute to Teyvat’s plotline and mythology, other game elements compel you to farm for stuff. Those with numerous characters will have their job cut out for them between the experience materials, ascension materials, and Mora.

MiHoYo developed the Parametric Transformer to solve this problem. You will receive the Parametric Transformer gadget after completing the Tianqiu Valley puzzle in Genshin Impact. Through the use of this device, appropriate materials can be transformed into beneficial ones. You can use the Parametric Transformer by following these pointers.

As Genshin Impact introduces new characters and weapons, the quest for resources continues. Because of the many teams, many individuals have goods in their bags that they don’t use, either to level their character or to improve a weapon.

You’re likely to have gathered several hundred random things if you have daily to complete, hilichurls to kill, and domains to vanquish. For example, mint masks or masks that have been damaged. With the Parametric Transformer, you can turn some of these into useful objects. In Genshin Impact, we have detailed instructions on how to use the Parametric Transformer.

Why Is The Parametric Transformer Important?

The parametric transformer accepts elements that are common or rare up to a value of 150 points. More common items are worth fewer points, whereas those that are uncommon are worth more. It then combines these components into five to ten “bundles.” Usually, you’ll get a score of five to seven, with eight to 10 being unusual. One of the following will be included in each bundle:

Parametric Transformer
Mora (Image credit: Genshin Impact fandom)
  • Mora — 20,000
  • Ascension Materials for Three-Star Characters — A random fragment
  • A random guide-level book from Three Star Talent Level-Up Materials
  • Material for Three Star Weapon Ascension — Drops from all level 40 mobs
  • Ascension Materials for Two-Star Characters — Two slivers of a random element.
  • The Three-Star Talent Level-Up Materials include four teaching-level books
  • Materials for two-star weapon ascensions — six materials at a base level
  • Character EXP Materials — Wit of Two Heroes and the Experiences of Three to Four Adventurers
  • Weapon Enhancement Materials — Nine Fine Enhancement Ores and Four Mystic Enhancement Ores

The Parametric Transformer, like other useable gadgets in Genshin Impact, has a cooldown time. It lasts seven days, which is longer than most.

Teyvat resets every Monday morning, allowing you to try the boss domains once more for the following week. It will not, however, reset the Parametric Transformer. The gadget’s cooldown duration is always seven days in actual time from the last time it was activated. Using the Parametric Transformer on Sundays might help you prepare for the next week based on boss drops and how many domains you intend on farming for the week.

How To Use The Parametric Transformer

How To Use The Parametric Transformer
Parametric Transformer (Image credit: Genshin Impact fandom)

It is easy to use the Parametric Transformer, but it does require a few steps to complete. Here are the steps you need to take.

Locate an Appropriate Location to use the Parametric Transformer

To initiate the transition, you must employ an elemental talent, as seen in the image above. This implies that you should not do this at an inconvenient location. Nothing is more frustrating than being assaulted while attempting to convert goods. Unlike some other devices in Genshin Impact, the Parametric Transformer has few constraints on where it may be used. Because monsters do not spawn in these regions, Springvale, Mondstadt, Liyue Harbor, and Qingce Village are suitable places to transmute.

In your inventory, look for the parametric transformer

Parametric Transformer
Parametric Transformer gadget. (Image credit: Hritwik/miHoYo)

As with the Serenitea Pot, you will find the Parametric Transformer in your inventory’s gadget section. Simply click its icon and then the put button to bring it up in front of you, ready to interact with.

Choose the items you want to change

To conduct a transformation, you’ll need things with a value of 150. The rarity of an item determines its worth, and points rise with each level.

  • Items that are commonly used (grey background) a single point
  • Unusual Objects (green background) Two Remarks
  • Items that are very rare (blue background) Three Remarks
  • Exceptional goods (purple background) There are four points
Parametric Transformer gadget
Parametric Transformer gadget. (Image credit: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Mint, berries, and sweet flowers are all excellent transmutation possibilities. Each of these creatures respawns every day across Teyvat. You might potentially be sitting on 300 berries at any given time for the sole purpose of transformation.

Using rare items or ascension materials won’t work in your favor when using the Parametric Transformer because it’s a bit of a gamble. The fourth berry on Valberry bushes is rarer, but it only respawns after 49 real-time hours. The game’s daily reset, however, yields just three lower-quality berries from normal berry bushes. Select the items you want to transmute, then click on initiate transmutation.

Make use of your elemental abilities

You must utilize Elemental Skills to power the Parametric Transformer to use it for transmutation. The transmutation process will be finished once the Parametric Transformer reaches 100%. All Elemental Skills increase the Parametric Transformer’s energy meter by about 5% to 6%, regardless of how charged the skill is or how long its cooldown is. Use characters with low Elemental Skill cooldown times to accomplish it faster.

The type of elemental skill used does not affect the results of the Parametric Transformer, a common misconception. According to players who track their results each week using one elemental type at a time, they have not found a pattern suggesting this.

Earn Rewards

According to our previous discussion, the Parametric Transformer produces five to seven bundles of items most of the time.

In the Parametric Transformer, Use Common Items

By experimenting with different versions, those who keep track of their weekly development haven’t discovered any trends or consistently positive results. Using 100% of an elemental type or all 150 transmutation slots with Cor Lapis will not produce better results than using all those mushrooms you don’t need. Rather than sacrificing ascension and talent material, it’s wiser to take a chance and feed the Parametric Transformer with common, daily respawn goods.

Gather everything you can

You can transmute once a week using the Parametric Transformer, but if you’re utilizing common goods, you’ll need a lot. With this in mind, it’s worthwhile to gather whatever you come across on your travels. Although you may not require all the berries, the products that may be made from them are significantly more valuable.

Mix and match different items

You can utilize more than one sort of object with the Parametric Transformer. If you don’t have enough of one of the transmutation materials, you can split them amongst mint, berries, and sweet flowers. Players haven’t reported a pattern for splitting transmutations so yet. Players do not appear to be penalized or rewarded for utilizing the Parametric Transformer in this manner, so take whatever garbage you have and change it into gold.

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