Many players of Genshin Impact face problems on how to investigate strange ice quest in the game. Find out the guide to this issue below. 

The free-to-play Action-RPG has exploded in popularity in recent years, and more players than ever are rushing to Teyvat to embark on their trip with the Traveler. But Genshin Impact isn’t as straightforward as it appears. Sure, if you’ve played it for a bit, you’ll grasp it, but there are so many parts that it may be a little intimidating when you first start.

Genshin Impact’s enormous open world, filled with hidden mysteries, riddles, mini-games, and bosses, is one of the game’s biggest draws. However, you will frequently be required to accomplish quests to get access to new material. Genshin’s primary Archon quest, which leads to Inazuma, or the Dragonspine questline, which leads to the mountain’s peak and the Peak of Vindagnyr domain, are two examples.

The Dragonspine area was added to Genshin Impact in Version 1.2. The severe temperature of the frozen alpine wilderness has encased many of its landmarks in ice, which means you’ll have to find out how to warm them. If you’re stuck for what to do in Genshin Impact, here’s how to examine the odd ice.

How to Investigate Strange Ice Quest?

How to Investigate Strange Ice Quest?
The Dragonspine puzzle

Players will encounter a difficult mission when exploring Dragonspine in Genshin Impact, which invites them to “investigate the strange ice quest in the mountains.” Normally, players would approach the mission target and hit the investigate button to complete these sorts of tasks, but in this case, players must solve the enigma on their own.

The odd ice conceals a useful waypoint that will enable you to teleport in and out of the Dragonspine until you’ve explored the entire area and found all the other waypoints. This isn’t generally so vital, but since your team will be continually taking damage from Cold Sheer while exploring the region, having somewhere to teleport to and from becomes quite useful. You can use the Scarlet Quartz to strengthen your character’s assault, which is how you truly break the ice. This is a mechanism that will be used throughout Dragonspine.

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The major topic of how players can investigate the strange ice in the mountains is the treatment for Sheer Cold. Follow the quest marker until you find an icy gem with ice spikes surrounding it. The players must find out how to defrost it.

How to destroy?

Investigate Strange Ice Quest
The Strange Ice

It won’t take long to see that there is no investigate button, and hitting it also doesn’t appear to help. Instead, players will need to locate and destroy Scarlet Quartz, which are crimson outcroppings that resemble a recolored form of Cor Lapis. When you break these and pick up the item they drop, red energy will swirl around your character, and if you hit the crystal, it will now take damage. There are four of these crystals in the region, and players must locate all four.

Head around the rear of the frosty building to uncover the first crystal, which is guarded by a couple of Ice Slimes. The monsters defending the Scarlet Quartz can be disregarded in all of these scenarios if the player so desires. To the left of the odd ice guarded by a gigantic Frostarm Lawachurl is the second crystal. Unless the players want to battle it, it’s better to reserve this one for last because he’ll pursue them about. 

Turn around and walk towards the closest teleport waypoint after you’ve turned around from the odd ice. There may be Scarlet Quartz under the ice. On the cliff to the right are two magical hilichurls guarding the last one. 

After collecting each Scarlet Quartz, players should return to the odd ice and assault it, as this is the only method to harm the structure. The ice around the player will thaw after collecting all four neighboring crystals, exposing the Frostbearing Tree, the Dragonspine version of a Statue of the Seven. As players acquire Crimson Agates dispersed across the landscape, they may utilize this to further develop their character.

Investigate Strange Ice Quest Conclusion

Shatter the Scarlet Quartz

To break the ice, you need to use the Scarlet Quartz to strengthen your character’s attack. This is a mechanism that will be used throughout Dragonspine. To break through the weird ice, just locate a crystal, shatter it with charged assault, then interact with the crystal and apply its buff effect. It will take multiple hits to shatter it, so keep looking for crystals and moving around the area. Naturally, you’ll want to keep warm to prevent being frozen by Sheer Cold. Also, there are a few adversaries in the area to be aware of.

That should cover all the issues players were facing on how to investigate strange ice quest in Genshin Impact.

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