We have brought you a Metroid Dread Items guide. You will find out how to unlock the best items in the game.

Finding all of Metroid Dread’s goodies and upgrades may be quite tedious, whether you’re new to Metroid or just trying to achieve that final suit upgrade. One of the finest elements of Metroid is pushing through the aggravation and hearing the magnificent item obtain theme, but getting there may be difficult.

In our Metroid Dread Items guide, we’ll show you how to discover the game’s upgrades and where to look for them. However, proceed with caution: we tried our best to avoid spoilers, but due to the nature of the game, some are unavoidable.

Metroid Dread Items guide: Charge Beam

You may notice that some doors won’t open from Samus’ normal beam shots when you run around Artaria. A charge beam will be needed to open them. You will have to use the powers you have at your disposal as far down and to the left as possible to get the charge beam. However, you must have your first encounter with an E.M.M.I. before you can receive it.

Metroid Dread Items guide: Wide Beam

You can use the wide beam to open doors that require three separate shots at the same time and to push similar-looking blocks. Go down and take left when you reach Dairon. Upon entering a large, open room with many enemies, turn left. Make your way through the dark, open room. You will reach a large room with a pressure plate by sliding through the tight corridor in the bottom-left corner.

Stand on this plate to activate Dairon’s first power generator. Once the gadget is turned on, a number of doors will be able to be opened at once. To exit the chamber, you must get and employ the broad beam upgrade, which is the only way out.

Metroid Dread Items guide: Spider Magnet

Metroid Dread Items Guide
Metroid Dread (Image credit: Nintendo Life)

You may have spotted blue, electric-looking strips strewn over Artaria’s walls and ceilings—you’ll be able to climb across them with reasonable ease once you’ve obtained the spider magnet. You must beat your first E.M.M.I. to obtain this gravity-defying upgrade. To do so, travel to Artaria’s Central Unit, which is located deep within the E.M.M.I. Zone.

After you have fought and defeated this miniboss, you must fire a charged shot into the creepy murderous robot’s glowing red face. You must first break the plating on the face of the creepy murderous robot before you can fire a charged shot at it. From now on, every time you face an E.M.M.I., the game will guide you through how to do this. As soon as E.M.M.I.’s gone, you’ll have the spider magnet.

Metroid Dread Items guide: Phantom Cloak

You’ll need to defeat Corpius, the game’s first boss, to obtain the phantom cloak now that you have the charge shot and spider magnet. If you’re having problems with the fight, we recommend reading our thorough guide to Metroid Dread’s bosses. To find the boss, go to Artaria’s bottom-rightmost room and enter through the entrance that is blocked by a monster. 

You’ll always know you’re near one of Dread’s boss bouts when you see that door-blocking monster. It’s also how the game replenishes your health and missiles before each battle. Get the phantom cloak with a well-timed melee counter. The phantom cloak allows you to go unnoticed past motion-sensing doors. You’ll also become invisible to the E.M.M.I.s. Later on, you’ll be pleased you have it.

Metroid Dread Items guide: Morph Ball

Beat the E.M.M.I. in Dairon to get the morph ball. In terms of defeating this area’s technological terror, the ins and outs are comparable to last time, with the exception that this E.M.M.I. can pass through tight spaces.

Metroid Dread Item: Diffusion Beam

Metroid Dread Items Guide
Metroid Dread (Image credit: Nintendo Life)

You must beat the game’s second enemy, Kraid, an old rival of Samus’, in order to get the diffusion beam. However, once you’ve defeated him, the diffusion beam may be found in the following area. Through a layer or two of armor or terrain, you may damage adversaries and areas of the world with the diffusion beam.

Metroid Dread Item: Flash Shift

You’ll need the flash shift if you want to take down the E.M.M.I. in Burenia. In Burenia, travel as far down and to the left as you can to grab it. When you reach a vast, underwater room with a lot of platforms towards the bottom, you’ve arrived at the proper location. Climb the platforms in the room’s bottom right corner and pass through the morph ball passage above the fourth platform.

Once you’ve made it to the opposite side, keep walking until you reach a missile door. Go ahead and open it. A brief cutscene will occur in which Samus picks up the flash shift. You’re now ready to take out the E.M.M.I. in Burenia! You can utilize the flash shift to make up to three short dashes in a row and pass past doors that detect Samus’ presence.

Metroid Dread Item: Super Missile

Metroid Dread Items Guide
Metroid Dread (Image credit: Nintendo Life)

Head to the right via the data room after your initial journey into the E.M.M.I. zone. Proceed to the left side of the enormous changing platform. The platform will spin, blocking your path back to the entrance. Pass through the morph ball section. Grab the spider magnet strip at the end and turn right when the compartment you’re in descends. In the next room, turn right.

This should place you in a vast area with a giant whale-like monster circling around you. After you’ve gone through the door on the left, blast the floor beneath the door. Get the super missile by sliding through the gap you’ve just created. Green shields can be used to unlock missile doors on the super missile. They also have a higher damage output.

Metroid Dread Items guide: Gravity Suit

You can go almost somewhere you’ve never been able to before with the help of the gravity suit. Return to Burenia’s main chamber, where you discovered the flash shift, to locate the gravity suit. Instead of heading to the bottom, go to the top platform on the left side and utilize the space jump to get there. You’ll be near a door if you do it this way. Proceed to the bottom of the next chamber after passing through the door.

You’ll be inside grappling beam range from there. It may be broken to bring a massive building down and create a new passage. To receive the gravity suit, walk down that road. When you’re underwater, the gravity suit allows you to move freely.

Metroid Dread Items guide: Power Bomb

This is the final ability you’ll gain during Metroid Dread! Enter the E.M.M.I. zone in Hanubia to obtain the power bomb. Unlike the rest of the E.M.M.I. abilities, all you have to do is enter the zone to activate them. After you’ve destroyed the last E.M.M.I. and obtained the power bomb, a brief cinematic will play. You may use the power bomb to destroy yellow power bomb blocks. To activate it, enter your morph ball and hold the R button until Samus begins to glow. Then hit Y and watch as the entire screen is wiped clean.

Metroid Dread (Image credit: Nintendo)

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