Best 5 Agents in Valorant Right Now

We have brought a list of the best 5 agents in Valorant right now. You can use these agents and win the matches by combining your skills.

Valorant‘s meta has evolved as the game has become a truly competitive tactical shooter. Finding the proper character for you – and your team – has never been more difficult than it is now, with 16 agents to choose from. Fortunately, we’ve already done the legwork for you by compiling this Valorant tier list.

So, if you’re undecided about which agent to focus on or how much time you should devote to grinding, we’re here to assist. We’ve spent hundreds of hours calculating the data so you don’t have to.

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Best 5 Agents in Valorant: Cypher

In the right hands, Codename Gumshoe can be a very powerful agent, but Cypher’s recon can be easily predicted and destroyed if you’re not switching placements every round. Cypher is the best site lockdown tool available in the current market, even compared to Killjoy.

Although the Tripwire is annoying at low elo, it is easily Cypher’s weakest gadget, since it can be avoided with slow walking, giving your team a false sense of security. It either slows an opponent and pings their location, or it forces them to shoot at it so that they reveal their location if it works and is placed at the right spot. Valorant still has this great tool for spotting the enemy team, which is half the battle.

Valorant Cypher guide
Valorant Cypher (Image credit Valorant wiki fandom)

Because it relies on Cypher being near a downed opponent, Cypher’s ultimate is a little more feast or famine. But it may be a round-saving ability if it verifies the site is free for you to plant on or discloses the final few foes lurking in corners ahead of you.

Cypher’s camera lets him keep checking back at a certain angle to see if the opposing side is stacking or spinning. This may also be used aggressively to check corners for adversaries before advancing onto a site, and it’s especially useful in post-plant circumstances when the Cypher can sit somewhere safe and call for the rest of their squad.

Cypher’s Cage

Cypher’s cages are very useful for aggressive play since they delay foes passing through them. They can also be linked together to create massive flanks straight across the sight. The cages also emit a noise when an adversary passes through them, which prevents foes from pushing through the smoke, which may be a problem in Brimstone.

Finally, Cypher’s skills allow you to shift between locations with greater confidence, knowing that you’ll be alerted if the adversary changes tactics. He’s also the only agent capable of holding a site by himself, collecting information with his camera, and slowing down pushes with cages and Tripwires. On defense, he’s crucial, and he’s flexible enough to contribute on offense as well.

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Best 5 Agents in Valorant: Breach

Best 5 Agents in Valorant
Breach (Image credit: Riot Games)

Breach now has more useable utility, and plenty of it for breaking through to the site, thanks to recent improvements that gave him an extra flash, made his flashes stronger while they’re off-screen, and made them faster to launch. Breach’s Rolling Thunder has also been improved, allowing it to deploy faster and, most importantly, its concussive impact will now de-scope players, preventing them from scoping until the effect wears out.

Breach is practically unrivaled when it comes to pushing onto a location using shorter angles. His fatal assaults, flashes, and disruptor skills may make life very difficult for corner-campers, either removing them outright, rendering them helpless when pushed, or driving them out into the open.

Breach’s skills are adaptable to almost any situation, and they perform well as both supporting and direct combat abilities. Aftershock, for example, may be utilized to ensure that a corner is clean on assault or as a simple delaying ability when defending because it deals so much damage that opponents would constantly want to avoid it.

Returning to Breach’s flashes, unlike Phoenix’s bending flashes, his Flashpoint ability is in most cases the strongest flash utility in the game, providing a short but persistent flash effect that’s easy to set up in close-quarters confrontations. However, at long angles, when obtaining the proper geometry isn’t always achievable, this isn’t as effective.

Best 5 Agents in Valorant: Jett

Best 5 Agents in Valorant
Jett (Image credit: Riot Games)

Jett represents athletes that are willing to take great chances yet are confident in their ability to strike their shots. She’s quick, nimble, and can get out of almost any predicament. Jett players that are skilled with her blade-throwing ult, can rapidly explore the arena and can employ the Operator or Judge are the best.

Movement is the key to the kit’s power: she can hover, dash, soar into the air, and set clouds in the air that obstruct vision for a few seconds. A skilled player can use a Jett to sprint straight onto the field, cutting up the defense and allowing the rest of the team to clean it up. You can get a shot in and retreat immediately, so you can play in unconventional and unsafe spots. With a skilled aimer, Jett’s ult can be very effective, especially if used on an eco round.

She doesn’t provide much usefulness to a squad, but her ability to twist the knife while flooding a location is unrivaled. With additional delay utilities entering the game, Jett’s ability to just rush past them provides her a distinct defensive threat.

Best 5 Agents in Valorant: Reyna

Best 5 Agents in Valorant
Reyna (Image credit: Riot Games)

Reyna is essentially a one-woman army. She’s a high-risk, high-reward agent who excels in solitary-rated play. With her breakout in Devour Heal and Dismiss, as well as one of the strongest flashes in the game, she establishes herself as one of the best Valorant agents to play alone.

There are so many great reasons and things to say about Reyna’s potential and toolbox, but she’s also a ‘feast or famine’ agent, which means she’s only as good as the player directing her. She is S-tier in the hands of a highly talented rated player.

To her credit, Reyna’s flashes are extremely effective at peaking and pushing, and her ability to chain frags together makes her the best agent for clinging out rounds. Her ultimate also makes her dominating in 1v1 encounters, making her a dangerous threat in the hands of a good fragger.

Best 5 Agents in Valorant: Omen

Best 5 Agents in Valorant: Omen
Omen (Image credit: Riot Games)

Omen’s ability to travel about the battlefield undetected and execute fake actions makes him extremely difficult to read, causing adversaries to second guess everything you do. He can move fast between cover without exposing himself in the midst of combat, blind and deafen vast swaths of a site with his flashes, and shut off vital Operator angles with his precision smoke placement.

While paranoia is one of Valorant’s lesser flashes, it still provides your squad with a quick and direct way to push a chokepoint. His smokes’ accuracy, along with their ability to be deployed from wherever on the map, means he’s unrivaled when it comes to fast adjusting plans and selling false pushes. You may also produce a number of one-way smokes that enable you to view the opponent without them seeing you, which is extremely useful for preventing site pushes or gaining free kills.

Omen possesses great abilities, but being unpredictable is essential. Standard Omen plays will be known to experienced players, so if you want to get an advantage over your opponents, you’ll need to go inventive. His smokes are useful, and his paranoia ability is excellent for blinding adversaries that are lurking around the corner. Omen is a great agent to check out if you’re new to the game.

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