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Genshin Impacts should not worry anymore. We have brought you The Chi of Yore Quest guide so that you can complete it with ease.

The Chi of Yore is a long mission that Genshin Impact players must complete in Liyue. It’s known for having a difficult boss encounter at the end of the quest, which features three waves of relatively powerful monsters. Not only that, but participants must also prevent the destruction of a Qingce Cache. Players must first obtain some quest items before they can do anything else.

Yore’s Chi was once known as Guyun’s Chi. In Genshin Impact 1.6, its name was altered again. Its original name had nothing to do with the Guyun Stone Forest, but it did have something to do with the Chinese phrase for old stories. There is no need to replay the original version because nothing has changed.

The Chi of Yore Quest: Location

Speak with Yan’er at the area marked on the map below (a fast travel point is also nearby). Yan’er does not have a blue mission icon over her head like the other quest givers. Simply go through all of her dialogues to begin the quest. This can be done at any time, including during Act 1.

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The Chi of Yore Quest: First Fragment 

The Chi of Yore Quest
Ruins (Image credit: Genshin Impact)

Go north-east of the quest giver to the ruins. After finding and interacting with three stone statues, a chest with the first fragment spawns in the middle of the area. There’s also a large flying enemy in the middle called “Ruin Hunter” and a light beam on the floor called “Incomplete Writing,” but those are optional and you can go right to the statues. They’re all at the search area’s edge, where some orange glowing crystals can be spotted. You’ll simply find it if you look for the orange crystals. The three statues are listed below:

  • First Statue – Located south of the search area.
  • Second Statue – A Level 18 Geo Slime guards this statue in the northeast section of the search area.
  • Third Statue – Located northwest of the search zone, protected by Level 18 Hilichurls.

A chest will appear in the search area after all three statues have been activated. To progress the mission, open it. If you haven’t yet defeated the large Ruin Hunte foe, now is the time to do so, for he’ll be in your way if you don’t. Ranged attacks are simpler to hit him with. A ranged character with a level of 18+ is strongly advised. The next quest objective can be found by opening the chest. 

Then you must travel to Qingce Village and speak with some of the locals. They’ll eventually speak with Granny Ruoxin. For The Chi of Yore, they must now locate two more Collected Fragments.

The Chi of Yore Quest: Second Fragment 

The Chi of Yore Quest

Because there is no waypoint on the in-game map, searching for the fragments near the Geo Statues is one of the most difficult sections of the mission. The fast travel point in the west of Qingce Village is where you need to go. A hill with a shrine place sits just south of the quick travel point. Interacting with the Incomplete Writing (glowing beam) shows the order in which the statues must be activated. By interacting with the five statues, you can access the chest containing Fragment #2. See the statue order below:

  • North
  • South-East
  • North-West
  • North-East
  • South-West

The Chi of Yore Quest: Third Fragment 

Genshin Impact
Third fragment map (Image credit: Genshin Impact)

‘Go to the highest point in Qingce Village,’ says the third section. The location is on the eastern side of Qingce Village, on the top of a mountain. Before you start climbing, make sure you have enough stamina and don’t do any fast jumps (just keep climbing slowly, it consumes less stamina and gets you further). At the very top are eight statues, four of which must be activated and the remaining four must not be touched. 

  • The first statue has a modest northeasterly inclination.
  • A big amber crystal is near the second figure, which is pointing southeast.
  • The third statue is the one immediately to the right of the previous one.
  • The final statue stands alongside Decode the fragment another enormous amber crystal, pointing west.

If done correctly, players should now be 3/3 with collected fragments after collecting the loot from the precious chest. To decipher the fragments, speak with Granny Ruoxin. An entry can be found to the right of the waterfall. Enter it and proceed down the trail. Use all three pieces on the gate when instructed, and the player will reach the end of the Chi of Yore quest.

You must defeat the wave of enemies

Genshin Impact enemies
Enemy waves (Image credit: Genshin Impact)

You must now fight five opponents in three waves. It’s a difficult battle. Everyone on your team should be at least level 20. 1-2 characters should have freeze elemental skills (e.g., Kaeya, who you should have by this stage in the story) and 1 ranged attacker who can hit the enemy’s eyes with precision zoomed shots (Amber, with her charged burning arrows, works well).

You can’t let the opponents destroy the altar that launched the challenge in addition to defeating them (also called Qingce Cache). The percentage of HP will appear in the left corner of the screen. If it reaches 0%, the battle will end and you will have to restart all waves from the beginning! If your entire squad dies, you will be transferred out of the cave and will have to kill all opponents all over again.

Wave 1

One Ruin Guard of Level 18. To keep him frozen, for the most part, lure him to the water and employ freeze elemental abilities.

Wave 2

Ruin Guards (three) (Level 18). You are fighting three Ruin Guards at the same time in this game. To divert their attention away from the Qingce Cache, rush up to each of them and strike a few times. Then, to keep them frozen in place for the majority of the fight, attract them all to the center of the pool and employ freeze elemental skills to keep them there. Lisa’s Electro strikes, on the other hand, deal good area damage because the sparks leap between all three foes if they’re close enough together.

Wave 3

One Ruin Hunter of Level 25. You’re down to one opponent now, but it’s a formidable one. He’s Level 25, and with a few moves, he can instantaneously kill a Level 20 character. You’ll want to entice him to the pool’s edge, away from the Cache. Then try to keep him as frozen as possible! He can’t attack while frozen, so you can keep doing damage while he can’t hurt the Cache. If he floats in the air, use a charged arrow from Amber to shoot at his eye – a single eyeshot will bring him crashing down.

Then freeze him again and continue until he’s dazed and just lying on the ground. If he launches missiles at you from the air, circle the arena, and hide behind a wall where the homed missiles can’t hit you (they can kill a level 20 character in one hit with 3000+ damage). Before the explosives he tosses on the floor land, a red circle will appear on the floor, so keep an eye on it and get out of there before they impact.

After the enemies are destroyed, a cave area becomes available. It houses a lavish treasure chest. Open it to receive the next objective as well as some 3- and 4-star loot: Martial Artist’s Feather Accessory, Traveler’s Handy Sword, Hero’s Wit, and Mystic Enhancement Ore.

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