Gordon Ramsay Twitch situation Explained

We have brought you the full details on the Gordon Ramsay Twitch situation.

Gordon Ramsay recently called out many Twitch streamers on Twitter, including Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker and Felix “xQc” Lengyel.

Gordon Ramsay, a popular chef and long-term judge on the Master Chef US series, joked on Twitter that fans may watch his Next Level Chef series on Twitch if they missed it on Fox and Hulu. The abundance of producers who have been viewing previous MasterChef episodes during their Twitch streams has popularized the new Twitch meta.

Popular creators include Felix “xQc” Lengyel, Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker, and Angela “AriaSaki.” The following story follows the Gordon Ramsay drama as it unfolds in the next few weeks.

What is the Gordon Ramsey Twitch situation?

Most people assumed Gordon Ramsay was making fun of Twitch streamers. Others said that he was only attempting to promote his new program and that he should be grateful for the free attention MasterChef US has received on Twitch in recent weeks. Many prominent streamers, like xQc and HasanAbi, have been viewing previous episodes of the show. Given that Gordon Ramsay has been a judge on the show since its inception in 2010, he appears frequently in these episodes.

In recent weeks, the issue has deteriorated to the point that xQc claims he has gotten hooked on viewing MasterChef episodes. Others, such as HasanAbi and AriaSaki, have spent hours viewing previous episodes together during their Twitch sessions. Ben “Cohh Carnage” Cassell, a Twitch streamer, even asked a staff member if streamers could watch and respond to odd TV episodes on the platform.

Twitch responded that they were not permitted to do so and that the platform will eventually take action against these producers. That hasn’t occurred before. As a result, broadcasters are continuing to use the new meta for the time being. In most cases, the content owner files DMCA strikes with Twitch, and the platform subsequently removes the content and takes action against the artists.

Currently, it appears that MasterChef US is aware of the new meta and has opted to disregard it. Gordon Ramsay mentioned the trend in his tweet, although he may have been promoting his new program. It will be fascinating to see whether Twitch takes any action against broadcasters who clearly do not have the legal right to broadcast random MasterChef US episodes.

Gordon Ramsay got offers to collab

Gordon Ramsay (Image credit: Esquire)

Many prominent Twitter streamers have emerged, providing Ramsay the chance to cooperate on a culinary broadcast with them. xQc, one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, spoke up. When it comes to the internet, and particularly Twitch, Ramsay’s fame for his comically over-the-top and poignant rants cannot be exaggerated. Pokimane, a popular streamer, even said that she had a cardboard cutout of the chef that frequently appeared on her feed. Another renowned streamer, HasanAbi, expressed it best when he said Twitch is just “a platform where we watch you every day.”

Despite Ramsay not having mentioned Twitch in any of his appearances, it’s more likely than ever that he will. In any case, he is more aware of the platform now than he was before, which could mean great things for cooking streamers in particular, but also for Twitch in general. It’s only a matter of time before Twitch reaches the masses, as Xbox’s Twitch streaming integration has recently been available to Xbox Insiders. It will be interesting to watch how Ramsay adapts to Twitch if he does decide to stream at some point.

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