Want to play a horror adventure game with your friends? This game is for you. To have a good start, read our Devour beginner’s guide with some tips and tricks.

Co-op horror survival game Devour allows 1-4 players to play together. Get to the bottom of a possessed cult leader before she drags you back to hell. Don’t look back. Run. Stay hidden. Stay out of sight. There may be content in this Game that is not suitable for all ages. 

Be aware that the game contains jumpscares if you would like to purchase it or have already purchased it. In the case of health issues, you can disable scream in the in-game settings. To learn more and have a good start, read our Devour Beginner’s guide with some of the best tips and tricks.

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How to start

The first thing you see in Devour is a gated section in front of a creepy house. Your flashlight will be your only light. When you walk forward, you’ll see a barrel and a locked gate. To the left of the barrel there is a piece of geometry you can walk on top of, so use it to get to the top. 

After climbing over the gate, drop down the other side. After you have done so, you will see a pathway to your right. To get gasoline, follow this path to the back of the house. As you walk further back in the backyard, you will see an altar.

Devour Beginner’s Guide: Item Stacking

When engaging in nightmare mode, this is one of the most important concepts to understand. You should aim to gather all the items into one area of the map since they are scattered throughout. Gather enough fuel and drop it near the goat altar. Collect the hay and place it outside in an appropriate area. Alternatively, you can assemble med-kits in an area of your choice. Prior to having a goat sacrificed, it’s best to stack items. That way, she won’t run around too obnoxiously.

Devour gameplay
Gameplay (Straight Back Games)
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Devour Beginner’s Guide: Use UV

Use the UV to knock her out if she charges at you. However, you won’t need to do this because running puts you out of reach. To avoid losing all of your stamina when running, take your finger off the shift key for a half-second before striking it again. If you feel she’s getting too close, go inside the TV room and shut the door.

Hunt the goat

It’s time to go goat hunting once you’ve gathered your stockpile. Have your team look around and they should be able to tell you whether or not there are any. After that, simply drop some hay on the ground. The goat will begin eating when you do that, at which point they become vulnerable. Grab them and carry them to the altar.

Manage your time of hunting

Devour gameplay
Demon attacking (Straight Back Games)

Devour is at its chillest when no goats are being burned, which is why it is the best time to stockpile the hay and medkits. As soon as you start burning goats, you’ll have to deal with demons and possessed Anna. 

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Devour Beginner’s Guide: Multi-sacrifice

This has a stronger impact when employed in the middle of the game than when used at the beginning. When you have four people, make sure two or three of them grab goats and sacrifice them all at the same time. In this manner, you theoretically spend less time in each rage stage than if you did them all separately, as you move right from the 6/10 goat rage state to the 9/10 goat rage state. You’ll have a higher chance of survival.

Devour Beginner’s Guide: Floor Demons

The sacrifice of many spawns a small problem. Burning three goats at once spawns quite a few demons as they spawn every time a goat is burned. Don’t forget to burn all the goats before grabbing more. Otherwise, you’ll be captured and killed. Particularly if you are running away!

The game becomes more difficult as you play further

As you sacrifice more goats, the game becomes more difficult. As more demons appear, Anna becomes more aggressive and faster. Your screen will show a red indicator when you are hurt by demons crawling on the floor. Your UV light should be pointed directly at your feet in the direction the indicator is pointing. As long as you make it to the enemy before they burn you up, you can fight more.

Demon approaching
Demon (Straight Back Games)
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Face to face with Azazel

Before starting the ritual, if you come face-to-face with Azazel, don’t worry. He won’t attack you unless you stare at him for too long. In fact, the odds are extremely slim that he would just start hunting if he didn’t stare.

Get the keys before

Be sure to check every door, cage, and trash can, since it will be a pain to search for a key while being hunted. When the starting event has been made, the keys will appear. The locations of the keys are not completely random. Remember that keys can spawn behind locked doors. Since the names of the rooms are simple, you will remember them over time.

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