How to Complete Patches Questline in Elden Ring – Guide

Don’t know how to complete Patches questline in Elden Ring? We are here to help you complete this quest with our guide.

In this open-world action-adventure game, players take on the role of the Tarnished as they try to become Elden Lord. They must journey through the Lands Between to achieve their goal, where they will encounter formidable bosses wielding the titular Elden Ring shards.

Elden Ring contains many NPCs who have side quests to complete, including Patches.  Elden Ring features him as a recurring character who sells players items, offers helpful information, and yes, even drops them off cliffs. To learn how to complete patches questline, read our guide.

Patches requesting not to kill him
Patches requesting not to kill him (YouTube)
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Where to find Patches?

To locate Patches in Elden Ring, players will have to locate and explore Murkwater Cave in Limgrave first. Murkwater Cave can be reached by following the river north from Agheel Lake and looking to the left for an entrance.

Once near the cave, players will encounter Bloody Finger Nerijus if this is their first time following the river like this. In order to explore the cave properly, players will need to eliminate Nerijus before the cave is blocked. After entering the cave, players will only have to follow the right-hand path from the first chamber after reaching the Site of Grace to reach a boss room. Opening the chest and entering the boss room will cause Patches to attack the player.

After reducing Patches’ health to half, the player should stop attacking him when he asks and, after a short delay, the player should be able to speak to him. If the player continues to forgive Patches and exhaust his dialog, he will open up a shop inside the boss room after a second rest at a Site of Grace or reloading. Patches sell Margit’s Shackle, which temporarily stuns Margit the Fell Omen twice during the first phase of the boss fight.

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Elden Ring Patches Questline: Liurna of the Lakes

After completing the previous steps, the player will enter Liurna of the Lakes and find the patches in Murkwater Cave after defeating Godrick the Grafted. Patches will set up shop again at the Scenic Isle location of Grace.

If the player decides to take his advice, he will take them to the Foot of the Erdtree, where he tells them that he knows of an Abductor Virgin who has the ability to transport them. Following this advice leads to a short dungeon culminating in a boss fight against two Abductor Virgins.

Meeting Patches again

In his next appearance, Patches will be found by the Mt Gelmir Ninth Bonfire Site of Grace. Near the cliff’s edge, players can find a message informing them that treasure is located by following a rainbow stone trail.

Players who continue along the stones will encounter Patches who will kick them down the cliff and tell them to “Stay away from Volcano Manor.” This can prove useful if players survive the basilisk attack that follows. This leaves players at a location that can only be reached by circumnavigating Mount Gelmir and approaching from further south through a ravine.

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Elden Ring Patches Questline: Volcano Manor 

Volcano Manor
Volcano Manor (YouTube)

If the player decides to join Volcano Manor, patches will arrive in the corridor immediately before the Volcano Manor Site of Grace, where they will set their business. He announces you to be his comrade by disclosing his real loyalty to the Manor. You will have to defeat Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, and then exhaust Patches’ conversation.

Elden Ring Patches Questline: Shaded Castle

Patches make his final appearance in the game in Shaded Castle, which is located in the north of Altus Plateau, shortly before the boss chamber. If the region is reloaded after the player speaks to him, he will provide the Dancer’s Castonettes and then vanish. Lady Tannith can be granted Dancer’s Castonettes in the game, however this does not appear to have any effect on the game.

Complete Patches Questline to get rewards
Meet patches to get rewards (YouTube)

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