It’s a difficult game at times, that is why we’ve put together a Remnant From the Ashes guide to assist you.

Remnant From the Ashes is a one-of-a-kind beast, sitting between looter shooters like Destiny and tough-as-nails action RPGs like Dark Souls. Even though many of the mechanics are similar, the total of the components is unique. It’s a fantastic horror game with plenty of action, terrifying bosses, and uncommon weaponry. Players will find themselves on a post-apocalyptic planet invaded by monsters from another dimension when they enter this game.

This incredible title has captivated admirers all around the world. Its snappy combat, hard yet fair difficulty, creative co-op elements, and some genuinely amazing bosses all contribute to this. This makes the most of the game’s diverse set of mechanics, which are straightforward yet effective. It’s a difficult game at times, and many players are surprised by how steep the learning curve is to become a great survivalist in this bleak environment. Below is a Remnant From the Ashes guide for you.

This game has two DLCs available

The fact that the game has gotten the second of two promised expansion packs, which have proven to be outstanding in every sense of the term, is the main reason why Remnant: From The Ashes has become such a huge talking point currently.

After finishing the game, players will immediately begin working on the content included in Subject 2923 and Swamps of Corsus, which has proved to be a worthwhile contribution to the Remnant: From The Ashes legacy.

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Remnant From the Ashes Guide: Explore

Remnant From the Ashes
Remnant From the Ashes (Image credit: Remnant on Steam)

In Remnant From the Ashes, each level is different, featuring a variety of randomized adversaries and awards. To get access to potentially advantageous commodities, it’s important to study side paths and track down stray enemies.

It will, at the absolute least, give you experience points and items to aid in the advancement of your character. If you’re experiencing problems with employers, it’s likely that you’re not doing enough exploring and need to go out more.

Remnant From the Ashes Guide: Play Solo

When you don’t have the assistance of another person to revive you and protect your back, solo gaming takes on a whole new meaning.

For players that appreciate spending time with locations, approaching every circumstance with this adjusted perspective will be rather pleasurable. Also, devising successful techniques for coping with any battle situation, particularly bosses and their minions.

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Remnant From the Ashes Guide: Looting

Remnant: From the Ashes is a mash-up of genres in one compact package, and the phrase “looter shooter” may be used to describe it as well. Exploring every part of the world for scrap, iron, and weaponry among other valuable materials is essential for any player who wants to complete the game without losing their mind.

Remnant From the Ashes Guide: Upgrade Dragon Heart

Remnant From the Ashes (Image credit: Remnant on Steam)

One of a character’s most crucial pieces of equipment is the Dragon Heart. It is the primary way of healing throughout the majority of the game, and with just one charge, it may restore a character to full health. The issue is that when the item is initially received, the player only receives three charges, which is sometimes insufficient.

Upgrading the Dragon Heart as quickly as feasible should be a high goal. Simulacrums are scarce, and weapon upgrades are enticing, but when combined with Dragon Hearts, they provide more bang for your buck. Before upgrading weaponry, players should have at least five charges; however, players should preferably upgrade to 10 Dragon Heart.

Remnant From the Ashes Guide: Keep different loadouts

A great tip for surviving Remnant: From the Ashes is to prepare a loadout for each encounter the player is likely to face. Players should be prepared to deal with swarms of weak adversaries, single difficult enemies such as bosses, or a combination of both. This is especially true while playing solo because the player is required to handle each encounter independently. Some players will even create loadouts tailored to certain monsters or worlds. However, even having three to deal with the aforementioned situations will go a long way.

Remnant From the Ashes Guide: Use melee

Remnant From the Ashes Guide
Remnant From the Ashes (Image credit: Remnant on Steam)

In this game, ammo is the difference between life and death, thus it’s crucial to learn how to save it early on for crucial bouts against groups of monsters. Switch to a melee weapon while fighting lesser adversaries to save ammunition for those occasions when a melee isn’t an option.

Putting yourself at risk to conserve some bullets is never a good idea. It’s better to use them on opponents and hurry to a checkpoint for a refill than to perish because you didn’t want to waste your Ruin’s ammo. However, start crushing and slicing as soon as possible to increase your ammunition supply.

Look for the weak spots

Every adversary in this game has a vulnerability, from the tiniest insects to the most powerful bosses, and every weakness may be exploited for increased damage. Learning and memorizing weak points is important for rapidly dispatching difficult opponents, saving ammunition, or just getting rid of annoyances.

The head is a weak area for the majority of monsters, but take some time to experiment with weak points safely and carefully until you’re satisfied you know what to aim for on each adversary you face.

Remnant From the Ashes Guide: Upgrade weapons

You may enhance your existing weapons by spending Scrap and other elements like iron, in addition to discovering new gear. It’s tempting to save these materials for future weaponry, but Remnant doesn’t hold back when it comes to distributing them. It’s critical to constantly use the most powerful versions of your equipped weapons, so make frequent trips to Rigs in Ward 13 and keep your gear up to date. 

Similarly, make sure you’re investigating every nook and corner of each randomly generated level; there are plenty of Scraps to be found in hidden boxes.

Ward 13 guide

Ward 13 is the survivor’s hub; it’s where the merchants are, where you may improve your weapons, stow supplies, and so on. Many players make the mistake of coming there for what they need and without giving it much attention; nevertheless, because this game encourages exploration, Ward 13 is created to be explored.

Players that explore this location frequently during the game can find vital secrets and weaponry. If you’re having problems with a level, have a look around here to see if you can discover something that can help you out.

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