Want to use Xiangling but doesn’t know much about her? Do not worry. We have brought you the Genshin Impact Xiangling guide with some tips and tricks.

As Teyvat’s very own Master Chef, Xiangling is probably too young to run her own restaurant, but she’s happy to cook a storm at Liyue’s premier establishment, the Wanmin Restaurant. Because of her mastery of the stove, she is also adept at handling high temperatures and pointy objects, giving her excellent combat potential. The below Genshin Impact Xiangling guide will give you some of the best tips and tricks about her.

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Genshin Impact Xiangling Guide: Best Artifact

When only focusing on the Crimson Witch of Flames, you are taking advantage of its specific Pyro-boosting abilities, along with some surprisingly high stacking damage increases. Xiangling will gain a 15% elemental attack bonus when she equips two pieces, and she will receive a suite of frightening benefits when she equips four pieces: 

DMG from Overloaded and Burning are both increased by 40%; DMG from Vaporize and Melt increases by 15%. Using her Elemental Skill adds 50% additional DMG on top of what she gains from the two pieces for a 10-second period.

Genshin Impact Xiangling Guide: Constellations

  • Crispy Outside, Tender Inside (C1): For 6s, enemies hit by Guoba’s attacks have their Pyro RES lowered by 15%.
  • Oil Meets Fire (C2): The last attack in a Normal Attack sequence gives the adversary the Implode state for 2s. When this period expires, an explosion will erupt, dealing 75 percent of Xiangling’s ATK as AoE Pyro DMG.
  • Deepfry (C3): Increases Pyronado’s level by 3. The highest upgrade level is 15.
  • Slowbake (C4): Pyronado’s duration has been boosted by 40%.
  • Guoba Mad (C5): Increase Guoba Attack’s level by three. The highest upgrade level is 15.
  • Condensed Pyronado (C6): All party members gain a 15% Pyro DMG Bonus for the duration of Pyronado.
Gameplay (YouTube)
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Use her as a Sub-DPS

A sub DPS like Xiangling has a lot of power. Her elemental burst triggers a lot of elemental reactions, which make her one of the best 4-star sub DPS. As a quick swap team with Dragon’s Bane and another hydro sub DPS, she will destroy anyone she comes into contact with.

You can create dangerous elemental reactions

As you play Xiangling, you will feel like you are playing a hybrid of Zhongli and Amber. As well as her own adorable mascot to take into battle, she is a quick-attacking spear user. The right build allows her to be the main DPS, but using her as a support with the right characters can result in dangerous elemental reactions that can eliminate your opponent. She is also capable of being both a DPS and a support character due to her constellations.

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She is easy, so take advantage of her speed

Xiangling’s constellation layout is among the most versatile in the game. With her skill and burst, she can easily deal major damage to your party or aid characters such as Razor while they fight. With her normal attacks, Xiangling is an easy character to manage, and she has a lot of speed over claymores, which makes her appealing to players who enjoy speedy attacks.

Xiangling Talents
Xiangling Talents

Use Guoba wisely

The Guoba Attack is an elemental skill used by Xiangling to summon a friendly red panda, who deals base AoE damage to Xiangling while he’s out. While some players find Guoba’s inability to direct her attacks frustrating, others prefer to focus on Pyronado Elemental Burst. This is because it leaves Xiangling free to unleash flaming chaos upon her enemies.

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Best team for Xiangling

  • Main DPS: Xingqiu
  • Sub DPS: Xiangling
  • Healer: Bennett
  • Support: Sucrose

Xiangling’s combination with a Hydro DPS allows them to repeatedly apply the Vaporize elemental reaction, a powerful effect that boosts incoming damage significantly. Although like Xiangling, Xingqiu is really better suited to sub-DPS duties, he is the best 4* character for this role.

Bennett is always an excellent healer, but in a party with Xiangling, he’s even more effective because he automatically triggers the Fervent Flames elemental resonance, which increases all party members’ attack by 25%.

A second 4* character of the highest tier joins Sucrose in the party. Combined with Hydro or Pyro, Sucrose’s Anemo powers trigger the Swirl effect, which enables the team to deal elemental damage to multiple targets at once.

Keep control of the field

Genshin Impact Xiangling gameplay
Xiangling gameplay (YouTube)

Keeping control of the field is important when playing Xiangling, especially when using Guoba to deal pyro damage. Guoba also has a punch, but only when he hits the enemy. When he hits the enemy, he does not turn or move. Upon being thrown out, he will face in a single direction and spit out fire after two seconds. In order to be hit by the fire, enemies need to get close to Guoba.

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Genshin Impact Xiangling Guide: Engulfing Lightning

With this weapon, the ATK is increased by 28% over the base value of 100% Energy Recharge. A maximum bonus of 80% can be earned. Utilize an Elemental Burst to gain 30% energy recharging for 12s.

Make Banjo-Kazooie combo

Combination attacks are also appealing to Xiangling. You may make a “Banjo-Kazooie” combination using Fischl. As a result, gamers must fight adversaries in one location, then send out Oz and Guoba. Xiangling will have time to recover in addition to doing tremendous amounts of damage to foes. It comes in handy, especially while battling bosses.

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