Love horror and puzzle games? To make sure you get started on the right foot, we have the Hello Neighbor Act 1 Guide for you.

In Hello Neighbor, the player is moving into a new house across the street from a mysterious neighbor who seems to be harboring a secret in his basement and is becoming nervous. The player must break into the neighbor’s house and complete a series of riddles in order to obtain the things required to unlock and enter his basement. 

As the player explores the mystery neighbor’s house, they must avoid being noticed by the mysterious neighbor, otherwise, they will be pursued and captured if they do not conceal or flee quickly enough. To make it simpler to leave, the player can shock the neighbor by hurling things at him. We have the Hello Neighbor Act 1 Guide for those who have just begun the game and are confused about what to do and how to do it.

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Hello Neighbor Act 1 Guide: Use the boxes

Hello Neighbor Act 1 Guide
Hello Neighbor (Image credit: tinybuildgames)

Your primary plan should not be to explore all of the rooms in the home, but rather to utilize boxes to climb to the roof and get access to the top level. Open the closet behind the stairs in your house to receive four boxes for free before going to the neighbor’s house. It’s simpler to get the boxes here than in the neighbor’s yard, where he may see you through the window.

Because of the faulty controls and the ease with which boxes can fall off the roof, it is suggested that you smash out the second-floor window before going up there. Simply take anything off your house’s wall, such as a ball or a strange eye painting, and throw it up at the window from near the fence. After that, double-check that your inventory has at least two boxes and climb up the yellow shelves to the left of the front entrance.

Hello Neighbor Act 1 Guide: Gold Key

Hello Neighbor Act 1 Guide
Hello Neighbor (Image credit: tinybuildgames)

Grab the gold key next to the door in the purple chamber and open it to make it simpler to pass through. Look for a keychain on the wall to your right and take the red key. This one will allow you to return to the lawn and access the trunk of the red automobile. Return to the bedroom window and walk down to the automobile. To obtain the magnet, unlock the trunk and use it to take metal things from afar.

Hello Neighbor Act 1 Guide: Lock pick and Wrench

Hello Neighbor Act 1 Guide
Hello Neighbor (Image credit: tinybuildgames)

A small open window high enough in the ceiling so that you can’t quite reach it is the perfect place to look. In front of the work shed, place a few boxes so you can jump up and look inside. As of now, the wrench can’t be grabbed with the magnet, but you can get the silver lock pick by pulling it from the top left of the shelves.

You may now use the lock pick to unlock the door to the left of the stairwell in the hallway. That door goes to the shed where the lock pick was stolen. Instead of utilizing the magnet, you may now physically grab the wrench off the wall. Return to the location where you created the box tower and took the lock pick.

Hello Neighbor Act 1 Guide: Basement

Hello Neighbor Act 1 Guide
Hello Neighbor (Image credit: tinybuildgames)

After sprinting down the stairs, unlock the old-fashioned washing machine against the wall to find a secret route to the next level. When you open the door, you’ll find yourself in a strange place where a whole artificial world has been built to deceive someone. To depart the false chamber stage and get entry to the remainder of the basement, pull one of the paintings depicting an open window off the wall. 

You can switch off a wall breaker but don’t just yet. Instead, use the adjoining wall switch to open the grating and get access to a huge area to explore. You’re looking for a portion near another grate that has a red light bulb and a marionette.

Now you can enjoy the game as we have covered all the hard parts of Act 1. What fun will it be if we tell you every single thing to do right? 

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Tips that you should keep in mind

Remember that a startling sound and the screen turning dark indicate that your neighbor is approaching. Better flee to your house; you’ll be safe there because the neighbor won’t be able to intrude on your land. When fleeing, be cautious since your neighbor may attempt to slow you down by tossing glue jars at you.

Make use of the hiding spots. After entering the neighbor’s house, you must maneuver between rooms with dexterity while avoiding being detected. When sneaking about isn’t enough, you can hide, for example, inside a closet, when you see (or hear) your neighbor approaching.

It’s important to remember that your character only has three inventory spaces. You can only carry four objects at a time during the game. As a result, consider storing valuables at home, where they will be protected.

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