Love Pinball games? Demon’s Tilt is just for you. To have a good start in the game, read our Demon’s Tilt guide, which will help you learn a lot of things.

This game takes place mainly on a pinball board with three sections, each with its own screen: Lilith, Zodiac, and Hermit. A multiplier score is based on the players’ achievement of specific objectives or items. Four pairs of flippers allow the player to move the ball around the board with three balls per game. 

The Nudge feature in the game helps the player control the ball by adjusting the trajectory of the ball by shaking the table. Throughout the board, there will be enemies, obstacles, and boss characters that can cause the player to lose a ball. To know everything, read our Demon’s Tilt guide.

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Demon’s Tilt Guide: Scoring Events

Any event that increases your score is a scoring event. From hitting a kicker to winning a jackpot, every interaction with a table feature counts as a scoring event. The score is represented by little numbers that float up from the position of the ball whenever a goal is made.

Listed here in ascending order according to amount are the four tiers of scoring events: Normal, Jackpot, Super Jackpot, Ultra Jackpot. Since multiplier plays a role in determining all scores, high scoring events with a high multiplier will show exponential returns. For more information on how to trigger jackpot scoring events, please consult the guide properly.

Demon’s Tilt Guide: Base Multiplier

Multipliers are acquired from multiple sources and appear as floating green coins on the table. The most common way players get multipliers is to forge at the anvil (1 multiplier per charge), to defeat bosses (variable), or complete rituals (3 multipliers per ritual letter, retained through ball loss). The maximum multiplier is 99x. 

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Demon’s Tilt Guide: Global Multiplier

Demon's Tilt gameplay
Gameplay (FLARB LLC)

Global multipliers are applied after regular multipliers, and they are the second tier of multipliers. In other words, the quickest way to gain huge scores is to increase your GX. GX can only be gained through Wizard Mode.

Take advantage of Combos

Combos reward players who play aggressively. A combo meter is incremented whenever a scoring event is triggered. Combinations can only be used to the fullest extent if you play confidently and aggressively. Whenever you hit a bullet, the combo will be incremented and the timer reset, but your ball may also be knocked off course. 

You will almost certainly lose a combo if you take your time to line up a shot. The place and method in which you hit your ball must be known before it reaches the flipper.

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Bullet Conversion is Crucial

There are sometimes gold, polyhedral bullets used when enemies shoot regular bullets – fancier bullets, like pentagrams or stars, don’t do this. Once collected, these bullets turn every other bullet on the board into a gold coin, which can be collected by the claw on Tier 1. Chimera Ultra Jackpot’s base value is increased by every coin you collect. Following the claim of the Chimera Ultra Jackpot, the bank will be returned to its original value of 100k.

You can put a lot of points on the board by converting bullets, especially when the multiplier is high. You get a significant boost to your combo, and those annoying, momentum-killing bullets are removed from the board. Furthermore, you are also given a higher chance of winning the easiest Ultra Jackpot.

Hermit Ritual

Demon's Tilt gameplay
Gameplay (FLARB LLC)

Hermit Ritual activation takes place when the mini-ramp is hit directly above the right flipper, then it feeds through to the top flipper. Each ritual has its own set of objectives you must meet in order to complete. After you complete all rituals once, the order is randomly generated. You need to complete the below objectives.

  • Kill 10 gore demons
  • Kill 5 blood bats
  • Hit 5 tiles
  • Kill 5 Mastroshka
  • Spin slots
  • Flip 4 cards

Your ball will bounce away from some enemies

The ‘enemies’ and objects in the game will fire projectiles at you after you have hit them. These pink projectiles are worth some points whenever you hit them. Whenever you hit them, please take care, as they are solid, so your balls will bounce off of them, unlike some of the smaller enemies. A gold projectile or multiple gold projectiles are almost always found in pink explosions. For each pink projectile you hit, you will receive score bonuses!

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Demon’s Tilt Guide: The Anvil

In Demon’s Tilt, you gain a multiplier by using anvils. Anvils charge when the Priestess casts magic. A charge is applied to each casting. The Priestess can be identified by green flame rings ascending into the sky, or the phrase “pachi reward” in the bottom left. Her casting starts when you enter her cup while on a green magic charge.

As a ball is being forged, these charges are converted to multipliers. Thus, returning to the anvil periodically to raise your multiplier is much more efficient than completing rituals. With effective use of the anvil, you can get twice as many multipliers!

The Green Magic Meter

Demon's Tilt gameplay
Gameplay (FLARB LLC)

Tier 2 grants you a green magic meter when you kill enemies and interact with the board. The meter is visible at the bottom left of Tier 2. As soon as you have green magic, you will see green flames traveling to the meter. In the absence of recent purchases or expenditures, green magic will start to decay.

The Priestess will begin casting portals around the board when you enter the cup, which will consume all green magic and add to the Anvil’s charge. It will increase the Priestess’ casting frequency if you kill soul demons during casting to add to the meter. She will cease casting once the meter is empty. Hit the Priestess a lot, as this will spawn some soul demons, and you can use green magic for funding. You get lots of green magic from killing soul demons with your ball.

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How to unlock the Scorpio Multiball

Blue flames will be scattered throughout Tier 3 as you play. After collecting all the seance bonuses, the Outer Loop ramp will display a bonus. The Scorpio multiball is unlocked by claiming this seance bonus. By hitting the relic below the Priestess, you can release the multiball once you’ve locked three balls. With retractable spikes, the multiball is released and the Tier 3 drain blocked.

Gameplay (FLARB LLC)

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